Summer 2011 fanfic recommendations

Sep 02, 2011 16:27

Long stories, WIPs:

Dust by knifeedgefic
WIP, 29 chapters, PG so far, NC-17 later. Alternate season 4. Buffy wakes in a Sunnydale that went utterly wrong... Everybody's asleep; the phones are dead; and there is no way out of the town. Buffy's only hope is a certain vampire who managed to stay awake and who was persistent enough to wake her up. Intriguing premise, genre storytelling par excellence, witty dialogues, funny insights into Buffy's and Spike's minds, overall creepy atmosphere -- the story's vitality and finesse make "Dust" one of the most exciting and gripping stories of the year.

Embers by Coalitiongirl
PG-13, Completed, 62,000 words. Buffy is a waitress in a gay bar, and Spike is a dashing captain of a space ship... and it's not an alternate universe. It's a current canon, and the story develops the outcome of season 8. Somebody or something attacks and kills slayers - and nobody knows if it's a virus, a spell or a demon. Complex Spuffy dynamics and twisty narrative perfectly complement each other.

Green Card-verse by Brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, AU since Something Blue; season 6 has ended so far. "Green Card", the Spuffy way. The Initiative plans are different in this verse and involve conditioning of their selected victims. The chip is giving off different code at a specific point each day - it should be connecting with something at the Initiative and cumulatively affecting Spike's brain. So it's much more urgent to the Initiative to get Spike back - he's not just a loose hostile who knows about their work, he is effectively transmitting a portion of their plans on a daily basis. Because Spike is essential for Scoobies' stand against The Intitative, they have to keep Spike around. Giles offers Buffy to marry him. Since then characters face the same problems as in canon, but the story develops a bit differently. The outcome of season 5 is Dawn becoming a vampire. In season 6 Buffy has to face the consequences of her decision...

My Immortal 2 by Elisi
PG-13. WIP, 4 chapters and an interlude so far. Crossover with "Torchwood". The Immortal, Buffy's mysterious lover in TGIQ, is Jack Harkness, famous alien hunter. In the new installment, the year is 2008. Buffy and shanshued Spike meet Jack and Ianto in Cardiff. Elisi continues to toy with different mythologies and different attitudes to life and morals. The result is fascinating.

The Girl With Flaxen Hair by Unbridled_B
PG-13, WIP, 13 chapters so far. It's alternate 1880; William Pratt whose mother died recently meets a strange girl, Buffy Summers. She rides to his estate by horse, spends an evening with him and then she has to go back... where? Intriguing plot, a wealth of period details as well as great character voices make the story a must.

Home Is Where They Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly
R, completed, ~58,000 words, post-Chosen, not comics-compliant. After relocating to London Buffy buys there a house that was once William Pratt's family's property. One day she discovers that there is a vampire in her shed. He saves Dawn and Buffy decides to help him. He is so badly burned that even his voice sounds like a rasp; he doesn't remember anything about himself; he only knows that something attracted him to that place... Author takes the characters through the usual hurt/comfort tropes, but she informs the scenes with delicious ambiguity. Fairy tale ambience combined with cunning use of clueless narrator type of storytelling (Buffy's POV) makes the story fascinating!

Marking Time by Annapurna_2
Completed. Post-series. Buffy gets a mysterious summons from Giles that takes her to his estate in England. There, she finds Spike who, along with Illyria, was teleported out of the NFA alley in the midst of the big battle. Only hitch is, he’s in an unexplained comatose state, which may or may not have something to do with the infamous Shanshu prophecy. Buffy finally figures out the quickest way to wake him up - but later her decision bites her in the ass... Epic adventure, started in 2005 and completed several days ago.

After the Deluge by Gillo
R, WIP, 21 chapters so far. Post-TV series, not comics-compliant. As Spike struggles in LA against newly-risen The First Evil, Buffy find out about him being alive. Plotty ensemble piece. Spuffy-centric.

Coming Through by hulettwyo
NC-17, Completed, 30 chapters. Post-Dead Things. Frustrated, Buffy attacks a demon who transports her into another dimension. Meanwhile, Dawn finds beaten Spike and invites him to Casa Summers.

Behind the Scenes by sweetprincipale
R. Season 6. Completed, ~380,000 words.
Writer's summary: "A working relationship turns into friendship and love. The relationship of Spike & Buffy is mirrored by the actors portraying them, so that Spike & Buffy can find true happiness. Complete with real life difficulties and alternate dimensions." Interesting attempt to combine RPF and traditional fic; not for everybody's tastes, but definitely worth checking.

You an' Me Against The World by Sweetprincipale
R, season 4, during and after "Something Blue". Completed. ~85,000 words.

Steps Taken by the Heart by tennyo_elf
PG. Completed, 3 chapters. Between the scenes of season 8 and snippets of season 9.

Spuffy short stories:

Getting Back In Touch by Stormwreath
PG. Post-season 8. How has Spike found out that Buffy is in San Francisco? Funny, clever, inventive construction of the narrative and character voices through the prism of modern communication techniques.

All Quiet on the Northern Front by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-series. Prompt: 4th July. Buffy and Spike in a mysterious Scottish castle over July.

That One Time by exposeyou
R. Pre-series. Spike/Angel, Spike/Buffy.
Buffy finds out about "that one time" between Spike and Angel during s6 of Btvs/s3 of Ats.
Interesting historical background (this is the first fic I read in which Spike works for the Russian secret police :) and unusual -- but very effective! -- composition.

Extinguished by anviloverheaven
R. Alternate Wishverse where Buffy and Spike are frenemies and lovers. Powerful, heartbreaking and utterly brilliant.

Getting Across the River by Quinara
G. Post-series. Buffy, Spike, Dawn and cookies - irresistible combination!

Unexpected Assignment by Hello_Spikey
PG-13, BtVS, post-season 5. Lydia Chalmers gets an assignment as Buffy's watcher and arrives to Sunnydale where Scoobies try to pass Buffybot for Buffy. Hints of Spuffy, Spike/Lydia friendship.

The Feeling of Being in Motion Again by bayloriffic
R, post-season 8. After a rough year, Buffy’s living in San Francisco with Xander and Dawn, working in a coffee house by day and patrolling with Spike by night.

Faster or More Clever by Redreh_esila
Spuffy one-shot, PG. Spike POV of his last moments in Chosen

More Moments by Coalitiongirl
PR-13, Spike and Buffy, snapshots of a year gone wrong.

Everything Turns to Gold by smells_corrupt
PG-13. Prompt- Stairway to Heaven. Post-series, after a battle that brings Spike and Buffy into to contact again.

Reverence by Angearia
PG, end of season 5. "She trusted him now."

Baptism by Eilowyn
PG-13, season 7. Missing scene in the basement. Bittersweet.

Lovers Walk by Angearia
PG. What if Angel never showed up at Buffy’s house in “Lovers Walk”?

A Thousand Ships Have Sailed by Quinara
'Distractions, Segues and Metafantasy' by Quinara
PG, post-series. Phone conversations between Spike and Buffy during/after AtS Season 5, where they're trying to build some sort of long distance relationship.

You Can't Always Get What You Want... by anviloverheaven
Post-series. R. Shanshued Spike is miserable - at least when Buffy isn't around...

Afterdeath by Shapinglight
PG, start of season 6. Drabble. Prompt: Knocking on Heaven's Door.

Inside by ljs
PG-13, post-series, Giles-Anya. Giles will do anything to bring Anya back.

Hers by gryfndor_godess
PG-13. Post-season 8. Buffy invited Spike to a party. (Canon!) Buffy got drunk. (Canon!) In two months we'll find out what happens next - and, so far, the situation begs for a fanfic. Gryfndor_Godess writes vintage Buffy -- funny, poignant, a bit obnoxious in her possessiveness yet incredibly touching and sweet in her insecurities. Seriously, even if season 9 canon will turn out as a big disappointment, it will be worth waiting for because it produces fics like this.

Silence in the Gardens by Quinara
PG, post-series. Buffy and Spike having a relationship by phone.

Mine by Terapsina
PG-13. Post-series. Spike had a lot of reasons to avoid Buffy - but she can't remain oblivious forever.

All About the Outfit by Angearia
G, start of season 9. Buffy invites Spike to the party. Based on the first preview page of season 9.

Some Other Things by Anviloverheaven
PG, Something Blue fill-in-the-blancs.

In Sickness and In Spells by Brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. Alternate season 5. Ensemble, Buffy/Spike.

As Long As You Both Shall Live by Brutti_ma_buoni
R, alternate s4. Buffy/Spike.

Awake and Asleep by Brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. Alternate s5. Buffy/Spike.

Romance 101 by Rahirah
G. Barbverse, very shortly after A Parliament of Monsters. Buffy and Spike's Valentine Day. Little lovely scene.

The Volatile Vampire Venture by Beer_good_foamy
PG-13. Post-series. Ensemble, Buffy/Spike. Just as it seems that things are starting to run smoothly in Cleveland, the Slayers have to face a brand new enemy. Also, Spike is in mortal danger from... Buffy? And what's up with Dawn's secret weapon? And what happened to Buffy's face?!? Find out what happens when vampires stop sucking and start blowing. ...Up. Brilliantly funny.

Choker by Norwie2010
R. Season 6. "There were the three of them here, now. The woman in his head, the woman under him and he with his hands on the scarf around her neck." Very dark.

Candles Are For Wishes by tennyo_elf
PG. Post-Chosen. For Buffy's birthday Willow makes a gift - a candle that once blown out brings happiness to the person who blew it out. Hijinks ensue.

Eternal Vow by tennyo_elf
PG-13, future!fic. Tissue alert!

Something New by itsayamsham
PG, post-Something Blue. Little funny ficlet.

First Dance by Shapinglight
PG, BtVS season 4, the Wedding From Hellverse version. Anya's take on the vampire/slayer wedding is a howl.

The Last Dance by Hello_Spikey
PG. Spuffy wedding. Deliciously funny and schmoopy.

Till Death by Brutti_ma_buoni
Pg-13. Post-Chosen. Could Buffy trust Spike to kill her?

Not Your Average Superhero by Abelina
NC-17, during Superstar, after Buffy and Jonathan encounter Spike. Hawt! :)

A Matter of Taste by Quinara
PG. Season 7. “Do you really think Wind Beneath My Wings is that bad a song?”

Oldies are goldies: The Dating Game by Msclawdia
R, season 5. To drive Spike off, Buffy decides to go to a date with him... After all, boys run away as soon as they get to know her better - don't they?

Other characters and couples:
Shades of Grey by scribesds
PG. Post-series. In the post-apocalyptic world, Angel is completely alone... is he? Scribesds managed to find a typically Jossian combination of epic and intimate, sad and unexpectedly funny. You can hear PTB cackling around the corner as Angel gets a companion...

For Grace by Coalitiongirl
PG-13. Post-season 8. Buffy/Angel; Buffy and Spike friendship. Buffy doesn’t forgive because she needs to, or because it’s deserved. She does it because she’s Buffy.

Leather and White by storm-brain
G. Spike's coat POV.

Five Superpowers Xander Is Not Sorry, Upon Reflection, That He Doesn't Have by shadowscast
G, Gen. Xander. Funny and charming "5 things" story.

Reason for Being by angelus2hot
PG-13. Giles is a vampire turned by Drusilla.

The Four Horsemen by Ares132006
PG, Buffy and Angel fight the good fight.

Rope Burns by Samsom
NC-17, Cordelia/Angel.

Ex-pats United by lilachigh
G, drabble. Perfect threesome: Spike, Giles and football.

Collateral Damage by Ares132006
R. Post-show. Buffy and Angel in a bleak post-apocalyptic world.

You’re Batman! by salvage_5x5
PG-13, post season 8. Angel/Faith.

Lifeline by il_mio_capitano
G. Buffy, Giles

Closure by Local_Max
PG. Season 7. Willow visits Warren's mother.

Much Better Than This by angelus2hot
PG-13. Alternate Becoming. Buffy/Angel. Tissue warning!

Moving On by Samsom
G. "Angel", season 2, Cordelia. "He. Fired. Her. She shook her head, unable to get the words to make sense."

Signal Jam by readerjane
G, "Angel" season 5. Angel, Harmony.

What Do You Want From Me? by salvage_5x5
R. Angel/Faith. AtS season 2. Faith stayed with Angel Investigations in season 1. When Angel fired everybody, Faith refused to leave.

Can't Go Back Again by samsom
R, Angel and Darla in season 2.

A Woman's Work by Samsom
R. Cordelia discovers Angel with Darla. Intense and chilling.

The Problem with Kindly Interventions by Quinara
G, post-series, Andrew, Dawn. "Now that's someone who needs more Trek porn in their life." Fun!

This is Me, Being Brave by Anviloverheaven
PG, post-series. Buffy and Dawn's confrontation on the eve of Dawn's wedding.

Three Ribs by Readerjane
G. 3 drabbles. Prompt: rib. Ensemble.

rec, fic

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