The LiveJournal Mobile portal provides users of mobile devices (mobile phones, smart phones, mobile PCs, PDAs, etc.) with access to LiveJournal. Portal services are provided by LiveJournal free of charge on an "as is" basis. The user agrees not to present any claims in the case of incorrect portal work, the absence of some functionality, or program failure. Authorization is required for most operations involving entry and profile updates. Log in with your LiveJournal username and password. If you are not a registered LiveJournal user, please visit to register. Nonregistered users can read all journals and communities with public entries and their comments, but cannot post entries or leave comments. Use of LiveJournal through mobile devices is subject to all of LiveJournal's terms of service.

Most of the services provided on the mobile portal are free of charge. However, users should be aware that they will be charged traffic WAP/GPRS fees according to the chosen tariff of their mobile service provider. You can find more information on fees and tariffs on your mobile provider's website.

If you have a question or bug-report, please submit it to Support through this form.