Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed - a Damon/Elena meta

Jan 07, 2012 17:29

This is yet another spontanous TVD meta. Because I have feelings about the last episode, and I have FEELINGS about what I currently see all around the internet. So, you know, it's either writing a meta, or spontanously growing a set of fangs and eating random people. This meta is a pitchfork in the hand of an angry God ( Read more... )

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goldy_dollar January 7 2012, 16:55:21 UTC
Meta! \o/

Ugh it seems like Elena haters are everywhere lately. :| It makes me want to stan her extra hard, sorry internet.

He is the key violator of free will in this show, and Elena is teaming up with him to send Jeremy away. And she knows it's wrong on the every possible level. Elena is pretty smart and self-reflective. She knows she's done a terrible thing, and you know what's worst? Damon understands. He is such a terrible person himself he can actually understand Elena at her lowest.

Ooh, nice insight. I like the idea that the lower Elena sinks, the closer she gets to Damon lol.

Basically, this kiss makes the Top Ten Damon Drama Queen Moments list.

lol Damon.

It's because this moment on the porch is her most vulnerable moment. She's just done something horrible, and she knows exactly how horrible it is, because she had had the same thing done to her in the past. She knows she is spiralling. And she knows Damon sees it. She is so exposed she can't even get her defences up in time.That's sort of awful in a way, though, ( ... )


upupa_epops January 7 2012, 17:20:35 UTC
Elena haters really are everywhere :(.

Oh, I definitely agree that Damon was totally selfish in this scene! Typical Damon crap, just like s2. I was even going to write about it in the post, but it slipped my mind when I decided I wouldn't focus on Damon. Thanks for bringing it up!

One day you must share your thoughts on Damon erasing his "I love you" in 2x08 which has always seemed like the ultimate selfish moment to me rather than him being all noble as some fans paint it


Damon/Elena Fandom: "OMG, this scene was so awesome!!!"
Me: "OMG, this scene was so awesome!"
Damon/Elena Fandom: "OMG, it was SO ROMANTIC, what do you think Elena will do when she finds out? WILL SHE FINALLY SEE SENSE AND LOVE HIM BACK?"
Me: "Uhm. She will kick his ass six ways to Sunday for being such a self-centred dick and messing with her MIND?"
Damon/Elena Fandom: *vomits rainbows*
Me: *IDEK*

So, yeah. I love the scene from Rose to bits, but, for God's sake, in which universe is Damon ( ... )


eowyn_315 January 7 2012, 21:28:19 UTC
I love the scene from Rose to bits, but, for God's sake, in which universe is Damon being selfless?

I think the selflessness is in the sentiment of letting her go - acknowledging that he doesn't deserve Elena and that she's better off with Stefan? But Damon being Damon, he needs the selfish indulgence of TELLING HER ABOUT IT.

(And, let's be fair, it's not actually all that selfless. I mean, what's he saying? "I'll stop harassing you and let you date my brother in peace." YOU'RE A CHAMP, DAMON.)


upupa_epops January 7 2012, 22:16:22 UTC
Agreed! Letting it go was actually fairly decent... but I don't think we should congratulate people on stopping harassing someone XD. I guess many people in fandom are still under the spell of Damon saying that he can't be selfish with Elena. And, at the same time, they blisfully forget that he also said: "What I'm about to do is probably the most selfish thing I ever did in my life".

I guess I don't only agree with you, but also with your Katherine icon XD.


lunatics_word January 7 2012, 17:08:13 UTC
upupa_epops January 7 2012, 17:34:15 UTC
You are adorable.

Hmm, interesting question. We'd have to assume that compelling Jeremy is a breaking point for Elena. In this case, I could imagine Elena living a double life, all Jekyll-and-Hyde, keeping up a facade during the day and acting out in shadows. They would still be friends and behave like friends, and Elena would be all responsible and adult, but from time to time things would get out of control with Damon, Elena's equivalent of Damon's random kills in s2. And, strangely, I think he would go for it, and maybe even make it his own way to act out? Something like friends with benefits, only it would be more about painful levels of honesty than just sex. Sex would only be a result. What do you say?

No binary oppositions will survive in this show ;).


lunatics_word January 7 2012, 17:44:39 UTC
upupa_epops January 7 2012, 22:31:34 UTC
Granted, there will be a bigger breaking point. I just made an assumption for the sake of an argument.

Yeah, it's the talking that's really dangerous. It can expose things. And Damon would go for it. He is weak, that one.


intrikate88 January 7 2012, 17:32:37 UTC
Good god you are brilliant ( ... )


upupa_epops January 8 2012, 00:44:15 UTC
I haven't thought about Elena's other dark mirrors! But I absolutely agree: Elena can understand all messed up people (well, she can't understand Tyler, but hybrid!Tyler is a completely different type of messed up, so even though it would make sense or me if she could empathize with him, I can also buy the scenario in which she doesn't). I wonder how she would live her life if the supernatural never happened to her.

something I find really refreshng on this show, that attraction and chemistry doesn't lead to automatic sex

YES! Sex drive is powerful, but it's not some ultimate power that cannot be controlled.


slightly off topic perhaps novin_ha January 7 2012, 17:37:07 UTC
out of curiosity: does any of the criticism refer to the fact that Damon's a rapist, Elena knows, how come that doesn't make her avoid him in general? :|


Re: slightly off topic perhaps upupa_epops January 8 2012, 00:46:50 UTC
I'm pretty sure you could find something about it at 12-12-12's. If not regarding the latest episode, then certainly some of the previous ones.


Re: slightly off topic perhaps novin_ha January 8 2012, 09:59:07 UTC
Oh, she does mention it regarding the last episode. She makes excellent points, thanks for the tip.


eowyn_315 January 7 2012, 20:57:43 UTC
I love this meta beyond coherency.

Sexual attraction is never a cause of anything; it's a result. It's like speculating about the future Damon/Elena: I will never believe that having a sexual relationship with Damon will lead Elena to isolating herself from her friends and family. In fact, a reasonable Damon/Elena scenario can only go another way round: Elena won't have sex with Damon, UNLESS she's already feeling so detached from her friends and family she has nothing to lose.


He is such a terrible person himself he can actually understand Elena at her lowest. And I think Elena knows what does it say about her (she seems to be asking this question awfully often, doesn't she? “What does it say about me?”).

YES. This is them in a nutshell.

AWWWWW I GOT QUOTED. *feels special*

She can't reject Damon, because at the moment she let him come so close she can't deny that she is overidentifying with him. Rejecting Damon would be literally rejecting herself.


There is nothing wrong in ( ... )


upupa_epops January 8 2012, 00:51:02 UTC
I wanted to write something smart about Damon, but I couldn't think of anything smarter than what you wrote! So, basically, I OWE YOU ALL THE COOKIES!

*sends cookies*


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