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Fanfiction - polski

Masterlista fanfiction na multifandom-pl zawiera pełną i (mniej więcej) aktualną listę fików napisanych po polsku, zamieszczonych zarówno tutaj, jak i na community.

Meta - polski


Buffy Wielki Rewatch, masterpost notek rewatchowych
spike-daily zawiera wiele przemyśleń różnorakich autorów różnych, z pewnością warto zajrzeć (są obrazki!)

The Vampire Diaries

Bracia Salvatore, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x08
Alaric Saltzman, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x11
Caroline Forbes, dziesięć kluczowych scen z odcinków 1x01-2x11


Donna Noble vs Agatha Christie, krótka refleksja na temat pojedynczej sceny

Fanfiction - English


Daisies, TVD/Buffyverse crossover, Spike, Drusilla, Damon, PG. Pre-series. Paris is full of drunk Americans. General spoilers to flashbacks, 350 words.

Downton Abbey

Nothing to Hide, Mary/Matthew, PG. Mary doesn't need to hide anything from her husband. Early s3 spoilers, 200 words.
Between, Sybil, Thomas, PG. Sybil needs this every now and then, needs air that doesn't smell like blood, sweat and dirt. S2 spoilers, 350 words.

Game of Thrones - ASoIaF

As Good a Place as Any, Jon & Sansa (very sight shippy undertones), Future!fic. Sansa visits her King once every few years. Spoilers up to Dance with Dragons, 760 words.

The Vampire Diaries

Darkship Prompt Meme, Damon/Elena, a set of 12 ficlets, future!fic, various ratings, Damon comes back to Mystic Falls after a few years of absence, 3700 words.
To remember, Caroline/Damon, NC17, mentions of past sexual abuse, psychological abuse nad mind control, spoilers up to 2x16, 1200 words.
They live like a big, happy, dysfunctional family right now..., Caroline, PG, crackfic, spoilers up to 2x22, 700 words.
It's simple like that: Caroline Forbes pushes him onto the bed... , Caroline/Tyler, NC17, spoilers up to 3x03, 300 words.
Chicago, the Salvatores, 1920s, spoilers up to 3x03, 300 words.
Normal Again, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena's moved on, and her life is all normal now. See? All normal.Spoilers up to 3x09, 470 words.
Stuff of Legends, Katherine, Elena, PG13, Katherine really doesn't mind that she's wearing somebody else's face; spoilers up to 3x09, 660 words.
Be Careful What You Wish For, Damon/Elena, NC17, It feels all wrong, almost peaceful, spoilers up to 3x09, 300 words.
The Better Man, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena tries to figure out who Damon really is. It doesn't work so well. Spoilers up to 3x09, 700 words.
Anger Management, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena has no reason to be angry right now; she just can't be angry. Spoilers up to 3x09, 1000 words.
Not Much of a Difference, Damon/Katherine, NC17, They end up on the floor, because beds aren't really their scene, not any more, not ever. Spoilers up to 2x22, 670 words.

Simplicity, Damon/Rebekah, NC17, This is probably the worst idea Damon Salvatore has ever had. Spoilers up to 3x14, 400 words.
On the House, Damon, Elena, G, There is a tiny voice in Elena's head telling her that she's going to want to repeatedly bang her head against the nearest wall once she sobers up. But, well, that's hours from now, so what the hell. She is alive, again, and apparently, survivors are supposed to celebrate. Spoilers up to 3x15, 900 words.
Happily Ever After, Damon/Elena, NC17, They have sex. Oh, and there's a piano. AKA the piano porn. Spoilers up to 3x16, 1500 words.
Something Nice, Damon/Elena, PG13, Damon has feelings, and it's disgusting. Vaguely prompted by 3x19 promo, 400 words.
Saying Her Names, Katherine, Elena, G, So, what's the name now? No particular spoilers, 400 words.
Porn. With Petticoats, Stefan, Elena, Damon mentioned, G, Stefan and Elena discover Damon's numerous works of Rhett/Scarlett fanfiction. General s3 spoilers, 500 words.
All He Ever Wanted, Damon/Elena, PG13, Elena likes it slow. No particular spoilers, 300 words.
Back Against The Wall, Damon/Elena, NC-17, violence, blood, vamp!Elena, emo, wall!sex. Future!fic, 300 words. Flocked, because I have shame.
Tell Me You Don't Love Me, Damon/Elena, NC-17, “Tell me you don't love me,” he demands when she starts unbuttoning his shirt, trying to not make it sound like a challenge, failing. Spoilers up to 3x19, 550 words.
Wrong, Stefan/Elena, PG-13, Elena learns about love the hard way, exactly like she should. She's a grown-up now, and she can't give up on things just because they're difficult, she can't act on a whim, and she can't be selfish. Love is patience and love is effort, love is strength and love is forgiveness. Love always gives a fair chance. Deals with consequences of unaddressed abuse, written after 3x20, 1300 words.
Clumsy hands in a dark room, Damon/Elena, NC-17, “You can't kiss me now,” Damon tells her when she starts unbuttoning his shirt, but she meets his gaze and laughs, what an amusing thing to say. Spoilers up to 3x22, 400 words.
Nothing to Write Home About, Elena Gilbert (Elena/Damon, Elena/OC), NC-17. Elena knows that her story is terribly written. It goes in circles, and no matter what she does, now matter how hard she tries to move on and have a normal life, Damon is a recurring theme. Written after s3, but not fully canon-compliant. Written for heroinebigbang, 6800 words.
All my change I spent on you (snippets), Damon/Elena, PG-13, Damon Salvatore gives up on Elena Gilbert on a Wednesday afternoon, while doing dishes after dinner. Which probably means that he's growing as a person. Spoilers up to 3x22, 500 words.
Rules, Damon/Caroline, NC-17, Now, she plays by the rules. Past abuse and rape (all canon). Spoilers up to 3x22, 400 words.
Indulgence, Damon/Elena, NC-17, She sinks her teeth in his shoulder without warning, the way she always does, spoilers up to 3x22, 500 words.
Slow, Damon/Elena, NC-17, He's smarter now, doesn't give big speeches or make somber declarations, but, apparently, he still needs those little shows he arranges all for himself. Elena decides to let him indulge, spoilers up to 3x22, 700 words.
Watch, Elena[/Damon], NC-17, She thinks of Damon standing in the shower, getting himself off gracelessly, his head resting against the cold tiles. (Set right after TVD 3x19), 400 words.
Complicated (snippet), Elena, Damon, PG-13, They come back after a fight, and Elena knows what she's supposed to do. She doesn't even think twice, just grabs some towels and starts helping the wounded. AU set somewhere in s3, 560 words.
Want, Damon/Elena, NC-17, Damon and Elena deal with life by taking turns in being submissive in bed. For a given value of “bed”. rough sex, dirty talk, power play. There might be some dubcon, but I really hope it doesn't come out that way. Spoilers up to 3x22, 1100 words.
Nobody has to Stay, Elena, Bonnie, Damon with some Damon/Elena on the side, NC-17. Things used to be much simpler before. The good guys were always stalwart and true, the bad guys were easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats (BtVS 2x07, Lie To Me). But now Elena is a vampire, and Bonnie just saved Klaus of all people. There are spells to break and problems to solve, urges to control and decisions to make. But, first of all, there are friendships to fix. Written for tvd-bigbang. Spoilers up to 3x22, 14,000 words.
November Girl, Damon/Elena, NC-17. It's time to leave Mystic Falls, and everyone else already did, but Elena and Damon decide to stay for one last winter. Future-fic of a fluffy sort. Spoilers up to 3x22, 2500 words.
I Want More, Damon/Elena, NC-17. The first time she slams her body into his, she doesn't even look at him. Written for tvdfic-exchange. AU after TVD 4x03, inspired by 4x04 promos, 2300 words.
On Her Knees, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Whenever Elena does that, stretches comfortably on the couch and puts her legs in Damon's lap, she has a strange impression that he's about to do something melodramatic. Spoilers up to 3x22, 300 words.
Focus, Stefan/Elena[/Damon], NC-17. Elena is with Stefan, but she's thinking about Damon instead. Very slight Damon/Stefan undertones. Written after 4x06, 400 words.
All Art Is Quite Useless, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Future!fic. He finds her in Europe, in a small town he's never heard of before, and doesn't care to hear about ever again. Spoilers up to 3x22, 1000 words.
Same Time, Same Place, Damon/Elena, PG. Damon can hear Elena's steps as soon as she enters the bar. He orders her a drink automatically, like it's any other day. Spoilers up to 3x22, 300 words.
I Hold You Close To Help You Give It Up, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Damon isn't sure who kisses whom first. Spoilers up to 4x07, 1500 words.
Haunted, Damon/Elena(/Stefan), NC-17. Elena is with Stefan, but she's thinking about Damon instead. Spoilers up to 4x01, 1200 words.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Damon/Elena, Katherine. Elena spends a lot of time thinking about Katherine. Spoilers up to 4x05, 500 words.
I'm Just Trying to Stay Blameless, Elena, Damon, PG-13. Basic facts of her life shift at some point between lunch and dinner, but it's hardly the first time. She can adjust. Spoilers up to 4x07, 1300 words.
Six in a Row, Caroline, Rebekah, PG-13. Caroline Forbes is a fun drunk. General s3 spoilers, 250 words.
Something Important, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, PG-13. Bonnie's hands always look like they were holding something important. Spoilers up to 3x22, 750 words.
Daisies, TVD/Buffyverse crossover, Spike, Drusilla, Damon, PG. Pre-series. Paris is full of drunk Americans. General spoilers to flashbacks, 350 words.
Good, Elena, Rebekah, PG-13. Elena undaggers Rebekah for the hell of it. Spoilers up to 4x06, 400 words.
I'll Pay Any Price It Takes to Keep You, Damon/Elena, NC-17. After everything fails, Elena gets back together with Damon. There's sex despite the sire bond, so definitely dub-con in my books. This shit is dark. Spoilers up to 4x09, 500 words.
You Are The Space in My Bed, Damon/Elena, PG-13. Damon's always been trying to get into her bed. It's quite literal, actually, because Damon being in her bed always was absurdly non-sexual. She learned to associate it with dumb jokes, with waving teddy bears or waking her at 6am. Spoilers up to 4x09, 1100 words.
Sugar, Damon/Caroline, NC-17. Damon can be very sweet if he wants. Non-con (this is a s1 gap-filler, so Caroline's been compelled). S1 spoilers, 180 words.
First, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Later, there will be time for kissing, time for indulgence and exploration, but there's something she needs done first, she isn't even sure why. She just needs it done. Rough sex and general angst. Spoilers up to 4x09, 900 words.
Catch Her, Damon/Elena, NC-17. “Don't you ever die on me again,” he says without really intending to. Discussion of death and suicide. This is a canon-compliant story that goes from 3x22 to 4x07, 1500 words.

You Are the Hole in My Head, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Every morning Elena sits in front of her vanity and focuses solely on brushing her hair. There is sire bond and sex. Yes, at the same time. Some stuff could be read as allusions to self-harm. Spoilers up to 4x10. Written for PORN BATTLE, 1600 words.
On Top, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Sex with Elena was nothing like he imagined, mostly because Damon isn't a complete masochist and he never actually let himself imagine it in detail. Spoilers up to 4x10. Written for PORN BATTLE, 300 words.
Nice, Damon/Rose, NC-17. Rose knows she's going to die. Set in s2, 250 words.
Cut Open, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Elena looks good with a knife. Knives, general blood and gore. Set somewhere in s4, no sire bond, 300 words.
In The Eye of The Beholder, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Damon can feel Elena's eyes follow him around the room. Written for badboy-fangirl; this is a rewriting of her story Size Matters. AU after 4x05, 1100 words.
Mind Games, WIP. 1. Damon/Elena (also features Bonnie, Jeremy, Shane, Rebekah and Stefan), NC-17. Shane is leading them God knows where, things with Elena are problematic at best, and on top of that Damon's head is filled with absolutely inappropriate Lost jokes. Goes AU in 4x13, 2500 words so far.
Now, Damon/Elena, PG-13. She loves the way he loves her. AU after 4x07; sire bond never existed and no one even thought about it, 300 words.
I don't know, Damon/Elena, PG-13. Elena feels calm. 4x08. I'm working under the assumption that the sire bond doesn't exist. 700 words.
Forgetting, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Elena doesn't feel a thing. (Damon and Elena have sex after she “turns it off”. Elena's POV). Spoilers up to 4x15, 500 words.
Breathless, Damon/Elena, NC-17. After Jeremy is safely tucked into his sleeping bag and Bonnie is done tying Shane to the nearest tree, Elena drags Damon to her tent as soon as she can. Goes AU in 4x13, 1300 words.
Not Myself, Bonnie, Elena, PG-13. When Bonnie thinks back to their last few years in Mystic Falls, she doesn't actually remember much. S4 spoilers, 250 words.
Not Nearly Drunk Enough, WIP. 1. Alaric, Damon, Elena, Jeremy, PG-13. Whoever planned Alaric's life was drunk. Set between s2 and s3, 1000 words so far.
Just Like You, Tatia, PG-13. Tatia always had vivid dreams. Mentions of death. S3 spoilers, 750 words.
Little Secret, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Damon is good at keeping secrets. Spoilers up to 4x15, 700 words.
Eyes Closed, Damon/Elena, NC-17. She never gave herself a chance to experience it before, not in the frenzy and anticipation of their first night, and not in the lazy happiness of the morning. But things are different now. Her head is clear and there's blood buzzing under her skin instead of feelings, so when Damon responds to her kiss, warm and eager, she sucks at his bottom lip and lets his hands take over. Spoilers up to 4x16, set in a nearish future, 800 words.
Close, Damon/Alaric, NC-17. It was close. General spoilers, 250 words.
No Tricks, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Damon isn't sure why he gives Elena the addresses. Goes AU in 4x17. Written for love-bingo, 1200 words.
Except It Isn't, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Elena thinks about the future. General spoilers; set in an imaginary (nearish) future in which s4 didn't happen, 1000 words.
What To Do, Damon/Elena, NC-17. The strap-on is waiting on the bed, and Elena half-expects Damon to chuckle, to mock her mercilessly for not being able to stop glancing in that general direction. This is possibly the most explicit thing I've ever written. Set in alternative s4 in which the sire bond never existed, 1600 words.
Five Minutes, Damon/Elena, PG-13. She certainly didn't expect things to be so strangely peaceful. It's a game, of course, a game Damon plays with her (a game he invites her to play with him). Time out. Five minutes. We don't have to have this fight tonight. Set in imaginary s4 in which sire bond never existed. Written for love-bingo, 500 words.
Then I Set Fire to Our Bed, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Elena wakes up on fire. Non-graphic violence, multiple allusions to trauma and torture, general creepiness, sexual situations. Spoilers up to 4x21. Written for Elena Gilbert Fanwork Exchange at ialwayssurvive, 1000 words.
Avoidance; Damon, Alaric. PG. Damon simply shows up, works like clockwork, always between second and fourth drink (except that one time after Florida, when he showed up after fifth, and things got ugly, they really should stop drinking so much, how about next week). Set between s2 and s3, 400 words.
One Foot in Sea, One on Shore; Elena, Alaric, Jeremy. PG. Alaric remembers Elena's laughter. Spoilers up to 4x23, 300 words.
Unfinished Business; Katherine, Elena. PG-13. She looks in the mirror to reaffirm, and she sees herself exactly as she is: her name is Kate Pickens, she's twenty seven years old, and eight months pregnant. Spoilers up to 4x23. Written for love-bingo, 1300 words.
Bubbles, Stefan/Mermaid, PG, crackfic. Stefan learns to like his box. Spoilers up to 4x23, 400 words.
You Are The Silence In Between, Damon/Elena, NC-17. Damon closes his eyes before he bites down. Post-s4. Written for love-bingo, 500 words.
I Love You Never Felt Like Any Blessing, Damon/Elena, NC-17. So when words get too smooth, and smiles so stiff they make their teeth hurt, all they can do is step into a room, lock the door, and face each other for real. THIS SHIT IS DARK. Contains rough sex, pain, pegging, domination, hints of sadism and masochism, allusions to past trauma. Spoilers up to 4x23. Written for love-bingo, 1900 words.
Hands, Damon/Rebekah, NC-17. Rebekah is good with her hands. Spoilers up to 3x14, 200 words.
Blue, Damon/Elena, NC-17. When Elena bites down, she doesn't feel anything. Loads of blood, and also some violence. Spoilers up to 4x23, 450 words. Help, I'm Alive; Elena, Alaric, Damon. NC-17. Goes AU in TVD 3x11. Stefan feeds Elena his blood, and drives her off Wickery Bridge. But everyday life has to go on. Somehow. Contains major character death; allusions to mental illness and self-harm. Written for heroinebigbang, 5000 words.

Meta - English

The Vampire Diaries

Miss Caroline Forbes Presents: Character Development, Caroline, character development in seasons 1 & 2, written for womenlovefest
The Show Must Go On, “The Show Must Go On” is definitely a Caroline song, written for womenlovefest
You help your friend. That's what you do, Caroline and her friendships in seasons 1 & 2, written for womenlovefest
Caroline Forbes ― top 10 season two scenes, written for womenlovefest
The Awesome Thing Elena Gilbert Did In TVD 2x20 The Last Day, written for womenlovefest
The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it, I ship Damon/Elena for all the wrong reasons (in this case in seasons 1 & 2; in season 3 it got even worse), written for womenlovefest
Damon, Elena, Stefan - the question of narratives, spoilers up to 3x04; Damon is Byronic, Stefan is Manicheic, Elena is Love Conquers All.
Lexi the Savior, about Stefan's friendship with Lexi, spoilers up to 3x07.
It's All About Brothers, a spontanous Salvatore meta written after 3x08.
Damon Top Ten Drama Queen Moments, in which I'm being all academic. Totally. Spoilers up to 3x09.
Love Always Wakes the Dragon, A Big Damn Damon/Elena Meta written after 3x09. Longish, darkish, the usual stuff.
Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed, yet another Damon/Elena meta focused on the episode 3x10 (could be treated as an appendix to the previous one).
What's wrong with Damon Salvatore?, the post in which I talk about human Damon, and also about Romantic narratives. Written after 3x13.
Here Is The Repeated Image Of The Lover Destroyed (A Doppelganger Meta), in which I discuss doppelgangers, dychotomies, and binary oppositions. Yes, I know, I'm not creative with my titles. Written after 3x15.
TVD fanfiction has it all wrong, not much of a meta, but a very interesting discussion in the comments. Flocked.
Loving Damon is a terrible thing, Why does Elena act like falling in love w/ Damon is the worst thing she could possibly do? Written after 3x19 webclips. Flocked.
Clumsy hands in a dark room. Crossed out, A Damon/Elena 3x19 meta.
I Take The Parts That I Remember And Stitch Them Back Together, an Elena meta written before 3x22. Deals with the infamous "choice".
Do I do what I want to do? Or do I do what I should do?, some 3x22 thoughts.
I don't love you, but I always will: Part 1, Part 2, a Damon/Elena shipper manifesto. Why would anyone want to ship something like that? Written after 3x22.
You want a better story. Who wouldn't?, Damon/Elena Top Ten Scenes, s1-s3.
Fireworks and rocket's red glare, Ten Most Stunning TVD Lines, s1-s3.
"Mister, I'll make a man out of you", Damon Salvatore and gender performance, written after 3x22.

30 Days of TVD, a meta meme, WIP. This is the link to the meme tag; the list of days can be found here (there is no meme masterpost, but there might be).
The Owl Diaries


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