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This list is partial and will be fixed when LJ edit stops hating me. updated 7/17/2012, sorta.

OH MY GOD, ME TOO: The Unusual Opinions Amnesty Post. In my unbiased opinion, the best comment thread ever in the history of ever.

Battlestar Galactica
Laura Roslin: the Woman of Noble Character Short form posted at idol_reflection
long form can be found here: Part I and Part II

Lee Adama:
he's been everybody else's girl: the gendering of Lee Adama
the story of how hard they tried: a defense of Lee/Dee
Lee and clinical depression
human doesn't mean just being: becoming Lee Adama (tl;dr warning!)
the razor

Cally, Dee, and Ellen: on the Reviled Feminine in BSG (for womenlovefest)
Day 1: what gender-neutral society?
Day 2: why these ladies?
Day 3: Ellen Tigh
Day 4: Dee
Day 5: Cally
related: the utter screwing of Kara Thrace
another Ellen appreciation post
and the honor killing of Ellen Tigh

D'Anna Biers
Admiral Cain
Buffyverse (BtVS & AtS)

buffy, angel, and the opposite of destiny
Darla and self, religion, motherhood, and Angel
Faith, the Vampire Slayer
Kendra, the Vampire Slayer

The Mission is What Matters: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Part 1 (BtVS S3)
Part 2 (Parting Gifts -Untouched)
Part 3 (Dear Boy-Fredless)

The Astronaut and the Caveman: Wesley and Spike
oh, don't deceive me - decoding TGiQ
She's in Trouble - Pregnancy on Angel
Tara Maclay: Strong Like an Amazon
the source of our finest moments - thoughts on passion and crush
thoughts on the end of Buffy S4

Adelle DeWitt
body issues on Dollhouse
Queering the Dollhouse - Kilo
Do you trust me? Dollhouse and the problematized protector


falling is like this: Sam from AHBL-S3 finale (part 1, AHBL) ( part 2) ( part 3 - Mystery Spot) ( part 4)
Sam in mid-S4
Sam in S6
Sam and Dean in 6x1
Sam and trauma (early S7)
Sam and relationships (posted as of 8x1)
Sam and Cas as parallels (S6-8)
Sam and gender roles (as of S8)
Sam's POV as of Sacrifice

Other characters:
Behold, the Handmaid of the Lord: my Mary Winchester manifesta
Ruby as thrill-seeker
John Winchester
Dean in mid-S4
MBTI typing (various)

angels and consent
the angels in mid-S4
my Chuck theory!

the heroic arc of S7
S8 and authority, authorship, and free will
sociological difference on SPN (spoilers through S8)

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

MBTI types (various)
Elijah as of S4 of TVD
the Petrova doppelgangers as femininity metaphor
birth mother trauma on TVD (as of S3)
the werewolf curse as the cycle of abuse (as of early S3)

You people and your quaint little categories - positive portrayals of male sexuality on Torchwood, Psych, and Castle
Sorkinits (oh shit. Major spoilers for AtS and West Wing; minor spoilers for Chuck and various crime procedurals, major spoilers for BSG are marked off)
THE MANLIEST PAIN OF ALL (marked spoilers for BSG, Mad Men, and AtS)
my three-step guide to character analysis (spoilers are cut)
the author is boxed
Strong Female Characters(TM)
care and justice ethic (focuses on Buffy, BSG, and Supernatural)

btvs/ats, btvs/ats: spike is love's bitch, me me me, bsg, bsg: lee adama why are you like this, bsg: laura roslin is my favorite, dollhouse, btvs/ats: wwp is my boy

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