OH MY GOD, ME TOO!: The Unusual Opinions Amnesty Post

Aug 13, 2011 20:13

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I keep sort-of reading tumblr, and the "fandom secrets" are kind of cracking me up. Some of them are really moving Post Secret-y type things, and some of them are Insta-Flame-War topics and I don't blame people for keeping it on the dl. Then some of them are totally uncontroversial statements, like "I love Cordelia Chase/Hermione Granger/Katherine Pierce and I think she's pretty!" Without disputing either clause there, part of me still thinks, OH, YEAH, YOU'RE FOREVER ALONE.

Then some of them are...not unpopular opinions in the sense that people would see attacks on them, but they're a little unusual in one way or another, and I end up wondering why they're secrets just because, WHY? Are people that determined not to show enthusiasm about anything? Because the knowledge that somewhere on the internet there are some people who disagree is that much of a deterrent? Sometimes I think it's just that there's never a good moment to mention something.

And that, my friends, is what we are going to fix.

So! FANDOM SHAME MILD-TO-MODERATE AWKWARDNESS AMNESTY POST. Something you keep quiet for one reason or another but it's not really a big deal? Something you see and go "OH MY GOD ME TOO"? Rare ship? One-off episode that gets ignored/eyerolled-at? Character who may or may not be hated, but doesn't get a lot of love? This is the place.

  • Discussion of other people's comments is fine, as long as it is positive. Variations on "OH MY GOD, ME TOO" are encouraged. But not argument. If it's here, someone is probably assuming you disagree, so don't bother telling them.
  • Mild-to-moderate apathy toward something is okay ("why do people bother to buy a U? If they ask for it, they already know it's there. Meh"), but no hatin.
  • However, all levels of love are acceptable. And if you wish to ENLIGHTEN us about something obscure, do it! Including self- or others-promo (if you have an epic manifesto for Hooch/Grubbly-Plank, YES, you should link it).
  • Be cool. If something might go into massive, clearly triggery territory, it's probably outside the parameters here.
  • Logistics: there are threads for a few bigger fandoms already set up, but if you don't see yours, go ahead and start a thread, or just spit it out. Probably put the fandom in the header if you're just going to post a comment, so like-minded folks can find it. Or don't, whatever.
  • Wanky threads will be frozen or deleted at my discretion, by which I mean, if and when I feel like it. #capriciously dictatorial #SHRUG
  • Anonymous comments are screened; consider them OFF. This is for the sheer fun of OWNING OUR SHIT.

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