Spring 2010 fic recommendations

Jun 01, 2010 16:35

Spuffy long stories, WIPs:

The Rose by Coalitiongirl
WIP, 17 chapters so far. NC-17 for sex and violence. Buffy/Spike, Spike/other. The complete list of pairings beyond Spike/Buffy is here:
What if Buffy's slayer potential has been discovered by The Watchers Council in due time? What if she'd been sent to The Watchers Academy where the potential slayers get education and training? What if The Council had caught the members of The Fanged Four and kept them as prisoners and sparring partners for future slayers?
There definitely are some elements of Hogwarts template in the set-up, but the story itself is fresh and original. This unique AU-verse based on the premise that in the middle of XX century The Watcher Council and The Initiative joined forces, and one of the consequences was the modernization of the Slayer system. (Curiously, the last season of "Lost" with its "side-flashes" used the same narrative technique: writers put the characters we alredy know and love in a different surroundings to delve into their psyche.) Complex, inventive plotting, spot-on voices, fast-moving narrative, paradoxical morality and fascinating choices characters face make "Rose" a must-read.

Under The Influence by NautiBitz
NC-17. Completed. Post-Something Blue. Spike has decided to get rid of his chip with the help of a demon Sa'Q So-lat (say it quickly). His plan seemed to work: Buffy was affected by a demonic mist and Spike was the only one who knew the antidote. But... it was the best plan Spike ever botched.
With this story, Nauti proves again that she's not only a queen of Spuffy porn, but also a queen of Spuffy snark. Her new story is irreverential, naughty and wickedly funny.

Crave by Nautibitz
NC-17. WIP (almost completed) 42 chapters so far.. Human AU. Spike is a monster of a man. Buffy is his headstrong new daughter-in-law. Cat, meet mouse. This won't be an easy chase... I have to confess that I usually don't read all-human AUs. But this one is an exception. Incredibly well-written, funny as hell, the fic explores the familiar Buffy/Spike dynamics from a different angle - and it works perfectly. For detailed analysis, read Shadowkat67 's musings on "Crave" here:

We Will Remember Them by Lilachigh
NC-17. Completed, ~84,000 words. In the middle of season 6 Quentin Travers sends Buffy back to 1943 to get the Slayer of that time out of Nazi prison. Her partner in this mission will be one William the Bloody. Time-travel thriller deftly combines kickass action and hard moral dilemmas characters face. Winner of several awards.

The Writing on the Wall by hollydb
NC-17. Post-The Gift. WIP, almost completed. Spike embarks on a journey through the Gates of Hell to rescue Buffy, but in order to save her, he must risk losing himself. Epic tale of love and sacrifices.

This Be the Verse by ghostyouknow27
Completed, ~37,000 words. R, alternate season 7. Spike returns to Sunnydale to find Buffy pregnant. And there is a lot of medical and magic clues that he is the baby's father. Plotty, inventive, great character voices, the story is distinguished by an unusual combo of snarky, almost flippant style and dark substance. And - I bet the final twist will surprise you!

Destiny by Coalitiongirl
WIP, post issue#35. A brave attempt to figure out what the hell is happening in comics and how the action will develop.

Look Who's Stalking by candysays (former Buffyprof)
WIP, 9 chapters so far. PG-13. Post-series. Buffy finds out about Spike being alive and not contacting her. She goes to LA with secret mission: to check the Spike sitch. The story was on the hiatus for 2 years, but now the writer is back. Hopefully she'll continue.

Strangers by Lusciousxander
Completed. PG. Starts in the eighth season of BtVS, in February 2005. Buffy, Xander and their Slayers are living in a castle in Scotland. Grief pushes Buffy and Xander to do something really stupid: they have consolation sex, Buffy ends up pregnant and eventually gives birth to a girl. Things get more complicated when she discovers that Spike is no longer dead. Earnest, detailed exploration of Buffy's dilemmas in season 8.

Normal is Just a Word by slaymesoftly
R. Completed, ~33,000 words. Post-season 5. Buffy has spent her 147 days in a special kind of heaven - a world where she is a normal girl who dates one William Pratt... Ingenious premise provides an interesting, clever rewrite of seasons 6-7.

Aftermath by slaymesoftly
PG-13. WIP, 19 chapters so far, post-Something Blue, Spuffy-friendly rewrite of season 4. On the patrol in a demon neighborhood Buffy and Spike stumble on a woman who writes a research paper on vampires. She gives Buffy a new perspective on the demon culture... Apt, clever reinvention of the canon in the post-Twilight culturological landscape.

To Apprehend Air by Quinara
PG-13. Completed, ~19,000 words. Two days after LMPTM, Spike’s soul is stolen. But that’s OK; they can get it back, right? Simple. How hard is it to hop dimensions, anyway? Or storm a castle. Plotty, quick-paced adventure story with emotionally satisfying ending.

Tell Her This by Eowyn_315
PG-13. Completed, AtS season 5, post-Damage. “What are you so angry about? Isn’t this what you always wanted, for Buffy to come chasing after you?” Insightful, poignant and - the most important - very balanced depiction of Buffy, Spike and Angel; the story has an open ending that gives them the chance to stay epic heroes.

Holiday on Helarth by dawnofme
WIP, 2 chapters so far. PG so far, NC-17 in the future chapters. Post-Chosen. Buffy refuses to leave Spike to die in the high school basement. When she takes the amulet off, they end up in another dimension by falling there through "earthmouth" as the people down there call it... Intriguing, imaginative adventure story.

Unexpected by passion4spike
WIP, NC-17, post-Becoming 2. Spike helps Buffy defeat Angelus and he ends up staying in Sunnydale. Season 3-7 rewrite, Spuffy-fied. :)

Out Of the Grey by amyxaphania
Completed, NC-17, post-Chosen. A series of apparently random decisions bring Buffy to the coast of England, where she has to deal with the possibility that Spike might not be so dead after all. Thoughtful, sweet reunion fic.

Apokalypsis (Revelation) by Lady O'Neill, AKA Laure Alexander
PG-13, post-NFA, Completed. 30,000 words. BtVS/AtS/Supernatural crossover. Spike/Buffy, Angel/Lindsey, Dawn/Connor, Lilah/Wesley, pre-Castiel/Dean, hints of Robin/Faith, Willow/Kennedy. There's an apocalypse and the Slayers are being kept out of it. When they find out that Lucifer's risen and a bunch of angels want the world to end so they can have paradise, Buffy and friends don't take it so well. They team up with the only people in the world who seem to be fighting for humanity--the Winchesters, Bobby and Castiel--and drag in Angel, who remained in charge of Wolfram & Hart's L.A. branch.

Spuffy one-shots:

A Romantic Notion by Angearia
PG, post-NFA. A counterpoint to current arc in season 8 comics, the fic reinventsits global set-up - "Buffy, her lover and infinite space" - as a small, simple, self-deprecating moment. The moment that shows how human Buffy and Spike are; the moment that highlights that the ultimate power isn't in ruling the world, but in shaping the attutude of people who love you. This Buffy is epic because she doesn't realize how epic she is; she is funny, snarky and irreverential.

Those Who Favor Fire by Angearia http://angearia.livejournal.com/129605.html
PG-13. Spike, Buffy and ice skating. "Fire and ice, they are. And yeah, it’s a lovely way to burn." Angearia wrote several wonderful metas on Spike's voice
and Spike's defiance
and this fic is, in a way, a continuation of that meta: the author applies her ideas to the new fic she wrote, with fascinating results.

Spike/Buffy Manifesto by Angearia
G. Fandom asks they why they love each other. Buffy and Spike answer...

A Warm and Fuzzy Tale by penny_lane_42
PG. Post-"Angel". Buffy/Spike, Illyria, Dawn. There is a third party in Buffy and Spike's bedroom, and Buffy is not happy about it. Panny_Lane_42 uses a funny situation to reflex on serious questions: how our prejudices are born? how we hate? how we love? Delightful yarn - sweet but not saccharine.

Basiare by penny_lane_42
PG, post-NFA. Buffy and Spike's journey towards each other. Sweet, poignant, beautiful.

Why Some Slayers Need Time, & Stupid Vampires Who Don’t Contact Them Are Just Going To Have To Wait by deird1
G, AtS s5. One of the most graceful and elegant Spuffy short stories. The combination of MTV editing style (so-to-speak) and scientific precision of time stretches creates a terrific effect - funny and poignant.

Mixed Up by Bogwitch
PG. Season 6. Buffy finds a mix-tape Spike made for her as a birthday gift. Adorable.

Daddy’s Girl by Bogwitch
PG-13. Post-Chosen. Spike has discovered that he's a father of a Gaxin demon (he supplied her mother with a DNA many years ago). Now his daughter is a bride... Hilarious subversion of the baby!fic genre.

Ars Amatoria by ladyanne04
PG. A "missing scene" from Triangle, Season 5 - just after Olaf returns the land of shrimp or no shrimp. A moment of reflection for a vampire.

The Other Woman by redeem147
PG, post-As You Were. Buffy sees Spike with a beautiful woman... Intriguing twist on Buffy and Spike's relationship, expertly plotted and executed.

Traditional Love Stories by tashlae
PG, post-NFA. Spuffy journey, told as a fable.

Bedtime Story by deird1
PG, post-series. Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Why have Spike's looks changed after season 5? Blame it on Dawn! Fluffy fun, ingeniously written into canon.

Winner Take All by unbridled_b
PG, season 6. "Why there’s an ostrich in our basement?”

And Round Again by amyxaphania
PG-13, early season 6. Spike and Dawn manage to persuade Buffy to go with them to a local fair. Badness ensues... Sweet, funny and hopeful.

Five Times Buffy Didn't Say I Love You (And One Time She Did) by coalitiongirl
PG. Season 7. Title says all.

Crossing by Brutti_ma_Buoni
R, Spuffyfied AtS season 5. Part of Brutti_ma_buoni's Rulesverse

The Smell of Summer by garnigal
G, The beginning and the not-the-ending of Spuffy. Powerful, insightful and bittersweet. The writer managed to imbue a short story with so many telling details it became the quintessence of Spike's journey.

Bathtime by gillo
PG-13, post-Something Blue. Spike is in denial...

Words for the Girl by waddis
PG-13. During NFA, Spike reads poetry about Buffy and meets someone from his past.

Facets by Rahirah
Future!fic. R. Many Facets of Spike - Buffy's take. "Her body's tides rise and fall and rise again to the surging cadence of his voice: brown velvet and burning coals, broken glass and dark honey."

A Real Boy by Rahirah
PG. Future!Verse. Buffy talks with her son about love.

Take Five, Everybody by stultiloquentia
NC-17, post-series, Buffy and Spike attain the bedroom, with mixed results.

Common Usage by lilachigh
Drabble. Spike, Buffy, Dawn.

Summers' Cooking Adventures by Angearia and Penny_lane_42
PG-13, post-BtVS. Buffy/Spike, Dawn. Buffy promised to cook, Dawn had promised to clean up. Adorable fluff.

Twilight by Amyxaphania
PG, Buffy/Spike drabble. :)

Poetry In Motion by crackers4jenn
PG. Snippets of Spike and Buffy through the years, from beginning to end.

Love Will Find A Way by debris4spike
PG, post-series. Buffy gets a phone call from Giles. Buffy, Spike, Dawn.

Worth by musicbitch
PG, season 5. Spike/Buffy.

Song Remains the Same by Ruuger
G. post- "Angel". Spike faces the consequences of the apocalypse the morning after the final battle.

Sweet, Sweet Medicine by peroxidelove
One-shot, PG, post-Showtime. Buffy adds a not-so-secret ingredient to Spike’s dinner...

Terms of Endearment by gillo
PG-13, post-Chosen. Poignant insight into Buffy's state of mind.

Surprise by sxymami0909
PG, middle of season 6. Buffy gets a surprise birthday party.

Poker Face by deird1
G, middle of s6. Spike and Dawn play poker. Kitten poker. Buffy watches. Adorable fluff.

A Funny Thing Happened by Gillo
One-shot, PG-13, post-NFA. Spike has a surprise in Rome. Enjoyable yarn with a couple of twists.

Bashful Beginnings by peroxidelove
One-shot, PG, later season 7. Beautiful, sweet snippet of Spike and Buffy's reconnection.

Just Add Destiny and Stir by Rahirah
G, Barbverse. Buffy and prophecies are unmixy. :)

A Slayer and Prophecy - "The Amor Powers" Spuffy Editions Fan Fiction Comic Book Text: Maryperk73703 Graphics: nmcil12
Buffy looks for her true love. Funny romp in pictures.

part 1 http://nmcil12.livejournal.com/28098.html
part 2 http://nmcil12.livejournal.com/28331.html
part 3 http://nmcil12.livejournal.com/28585.html
part 4 http://nmcil12.livejournal.com/28695.html

Other pairings - as well as threesomes:

Because Cavemen Have Fire. Sequel. by Elisi
R. WIP, 5 chapters so far. Post-NFA, Buffy/Spike/Angel. Chronicles of Buffy's life with her vampires. Elisi has turned The Triangle into The Threesome; but Buffy's, Spike's and Angel's insecurities, frustrations and past baggage are still there... Compelling read; powerful emotional drive pays all the three protagonists their dues. A must for those who love Buffy, Spike and Angel.

Welcome to the Hellmouth by Antennapedia
PG, season 3. Giles introduces Wesley to Sunnydale High library policy. The story makes it especially clear that Giles learned from Buffy and Willow as well as they learned from him (Willow taught him computers; Buffy - irreverence.) The ending is a killer: Giles' attitude to Wesley's cluelessness echoes creepily in Giles' own cluelessness in the last paragraphs.

Pancakes Again by Deird1
G, Season 7 Willow reminisces about Tara.

No Words by deird1
PG. Season 7 through the eyes of Chao-Ahn. Brilliant continuation of ideas of non-verbal communication, started in Hush.

Half Full by beer_bood_foamy
R. While researching the re-ensoulment spell, Willow has a little accident.

Revenge of the Red Witch by stormwreath
WIP, 2 chapters so far. PG-15. BtVS/Conan the Barbarian crossover. Fun!

No More Mr Nice Guy by lilachigh
PG. Mayor Wilkins is a nice guy, indeed... Clever, twisted glimpse at several canonical characters.

Knowledge is a Gift by Angearia
PG season 6. Willow has a plan to help Buffy

Awake by Bradcpu
PG. "Faith's segment" in Restless.

Quid Pro Quo by seductivembrace
PG. Giles, Faith. Season 8 fill-in-the-blancs.

Goodbyes by Seductivembrave
G, post-series. Xander says his goodbyes. Sad and twisty.

Pookah One; Vamps Zero by dragonyphoenix
PG, Spike, Dru. Crossover with the film "Harvey".

The Monsters Are Due in Washington Square by liz_marcs
PG-13. Post-series. 22,000 words. Xander faces a new apocalypse. Told from Xander's teenage stepdaugher's POV, this gripping horror story reads like original fiction in the grand traditions of Stephen King.

Naked by deird1
R, post-series. Dawn and Xander's dates have embarrassing moments...

Stakes & Halter Tops by deird1
PG. Kendra. (With interesting musings by Dawn Summers)

Taken Over by Quinara
PG-13. Faith fantasizes in Buffy's body. The story delves into Faith's mind and explores her deep desires, her obsession with Buffy, her insecurities, her desperate desire to fit it, to belong, to find her place in the world. Powerful and poignant.

Writing on the Wall (Or Is That Just Graffiti?) by Quinara
One-shot, PG-13, during The Wish. The Buffy from Cleveland has an encounter with Drusilla and Spike.

By Design by beer_good_foamy
One-shot, PG-13, mr Pointy/Faith's knife. Quintessential BtVS where even soulless things somehow behave as souled ones.

The Hospital Visit by Samsom
One-shot, G. Post-Lovers Walk. Angel visits Cordy in the hospital.

Beft Laid Planf by damnskippytoo
PG, humor. It's Chirstmas. Cordelia goes to Aspen...

No way I'd let that get by me by redeem147
G. Buffyverse characters watch "Lost" season 6.

Starting Anew by seductivembrace
NC-17, post-Chosen. Xander/Faith. They're in a cheap motel room again, but this time everything goes differently.

William by unbridled_b
PG. On a summer afternoon, six year old William Pratt plays a game with his mother and shows off his knowledge of the American frontier. Bittersweet.

And Never Sought the Wiser to Touch the Ground Again by Coalitiongirl
PG, Buffy/Angel. What if they'd first met five years later?

Sister by Coalitiogirl
G, season 6. Dawn tries to understand Buffy. Poignant story with a twist.

Mr. Plumber Man by amyxaphania
PG-13. At Dawn’s insistence, Xander does Spike a favour.

At Last by Snickfic
G. post-season 1. Giles's loyalties shift.

To Be A Man by coalitiongirl
PG. Xander meets the daughter of a man who has burned to death because summoned Sweet in Once More with Feeling. Unique premise and clever execution.

These Precious Things, Let Them Wash Away by Dipenates
R.Season 7, Spike and Xander talk about slayers. Poignant.

Let Me Have Men About Me That Are Fat by beer_good_foamy
PG-13. Humor. Vampires make eccentric bets...

Come Crashing Down by deird1
PG-13, AU post-Gift. Buffy dies; Xander faces consequences. Bleak and gritty.

Right Under Your Nose by speakr2customrs
PG, season 5. How to defeat Glory without bloodshed? Funny, paradoxal piece.

Moving On by Samsom
NC-17, Angel/Cordelia. Post-Lovers Walk. Cordy finds a sympathetic soul in Angel.

Everyday Heroes by Rebcake
PG. Crossovers with several teen shows. Humor.

The Front Lines by Rebcake
PG. "The main difference between Robin and the other kids was that he never had the luxury of believing that the monster under the bed was imaginary. The portrait of Robin Wood as a tragic hero.

Team Spirit by wordsofastory
PG, "Angel" season 5, Harmony, Dawn. Humor.

Tangerine by Coalitiongirl
NC-17, Wesley/Lilah in alterna!verse in which BtVS goes Hogwarts.

Whisper by Mierke
PG-13. Post-Grave. Willow grieves... Heart-wrenching.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction by cindergal
PG-13. Spike, ensemble. The summer between season 5 and 6. Money's tight in Casa Summers; Spike has to do something about it.

Oldies are goldies:

Delust or Dust by dampersnspoons
NC-17 Completed. ~55,000 words. In season 3 Spike returns to Sunnydale, heartbroken that Drusilla has left him. Willow's love spell goes awry... does it? Spell-gone-awry Spuffy at its finest, funniest, and sexiest.

A Chance in Hell by dampersnspoons
Completed, NC-17, 67,000 words. Written in 2008-2009. In season 2 Buffy needs Spike's help to prevent an apocalypse in Maryland. Will they kill each other before they get there, or will her horrible driving do the job for them? Delightfully funny and twisted, multiple awards winner, definitely worth checking.

The Good, the Bad, and Cordelia by speakr2customrs
Complete, ~10,000 words. PG-ish. During The Wish, Spike arrives - and the plot goes in a different direction.

Champagne Supernova in the Sky by Doyle_sb4
R, Season 2 Spuffy. Written in 2004.

Chipped Angelus by Vee_Fic
One-shot, PG-13, alternate s4. What if it was Angelus who was chipped instead of Spike? Wicked fun!

Ultimate Sin by c_woodhaven
Alternate "Lovers Walk". Spike returns to Sunnydale to prove to Drusilla he isn't soft for making a deal with Buffy. Buffy struggles with her inability to actually be with Angel the way she wants to be. They both get a little more than they bargained for.

Fanfics based on currents Buffy comics:

Fly The Friendly Skies by a2zmom
After Buffy comic#33. Bangel: grazie, prego, kaboom! B/A shippers need a lot of humor, dealing with current developments of season 8, and a2zmom has a flair for humor.

Welcome…to Twilight! by Coalitiongirl
PG. Parody on current Buffy comics. Spoilers for Buffy#34.

With Comic Book by Redeem147
PG. Buffy's reaction on current comics issue. Spoilers for Buffy#34.

Crackity, crack, crack? by Slaymesoftly
R. Buffy and Angel in heaven. Parody on Buffy comics issue #34.

Orbital Debris by St_Salieri
R. NASA shuttle crew notices two naked people in space. Guess who they are. Spoilers for Buffy#34.

The Plan by Beer_Good_Foamy
PG-13. Current season 8. The Universe has a plan for Buffy. Spoilers for Buffy#34.

And - an interesting essay:
Fanfiction and the Buffy Comics...interacting with art by Shadowkat67


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