Elena Gilbert Appreciation Week: Day Five. You have the Petrova fire.

Nov 11, 2012 15:14

Elena Gilbert Appreciation Week timetable can be found here: LJ Tumblr.

Elena Gilbert Appreciation Week, Day Five (Nov. 9) - Sexy Friday: in celebration of women’s (and Elena’s) sexuality, up the ante and make everything Elena-related as sexy and sex-oriented as you like! Apparently Sexy Friday happens on Sunday now. Whatever. Embrace it ( Read more... )

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magisterequitum November 11 2012, 16:08:52 UTC
I love love love so much how in love with her sexual appetite Elena is. It's refreshing to see a character that's allowed to have it, whether it's in want of sex or not wanting sex.

And yesss. I cannot wait till we get them having sex because it's going to be all about Elena getting what she wants an discovering even more that.


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 16:33:11 UTC
Elena's sexual appetite is a thing of beauty. And the show is so casual about it! Elena is shown as a sexual being from the start, and it's treated as something obvious.

I cannot wait till we get them having sex because it's going to be all about Elena getting what she wants an discovering even more that.



hotarujazz November 11 2012, 16:16:50 UTC
Will you marry me?*starry eyed*It's like you're living in my head! And you are Polish! We aren't THAT far. LOL I'm Croatian.

The fact that they don't really demonize sex in this show on the one hand but don't make it the shows focal point on the other is one of the first things that really gave me push to watch beyond the unimpressive pilot.(I saw it in online summaries and reviews after I watched the pilot and dropped the show). I read the books when I was like 13-14 and I liked them then but later on not so much.:D BUT one of the things I love about them even now is the fact that the author didn't make Elena the virgin saint. I liked that it transferred to the show!

To quote my best friend:"Delena sandwich is the one sandwich in witch I wouldn't mind being salami!" XD I agree and celebrate the sexiness of Elena Gilbert, Katerina Petrova and Nina Dobrev respectively!


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 16:39:07 UTC
Huh, I don't know. What is your stand on vacuuming? This is a crucial question for my marital life. Consider it well!

(Lol, I'm Polish, but I currently live in the UK :). At least for a few more months.)

I never read the books, so I can't say anything about book canon Elena, but I definitely agree that in show canon, Elena's attitude towards her own sexuality gives a very interesting reading of the character as a whole.


hotarujazz November 11 2012, 18:05:35 UTC
Uf...I don't know about vacuuming...I guess you got lucky because I just damaged the skin on my hands while washing the oven and grill(stupid, stupid me for not wearing protective gloves) so right now i prefer anything away from washing and chemicals, so vacuuming is ok!:D

The show is generally superior to books in my opinion so you didn't miss much! And this is coming from ultimate book worm that will try any genre or author at least once. ^^


vergoldung November 11 2012, 17:00:38 UTC
(I could not wait.)


I will never not love how Elena openly, unbashedly enjoys sex. I love how body-positive and playful she can be, how, even though she can find a reason to feel guilty about pretty much anything, she never feels guilty about liking sex. And you know what else I love? I love that Elena's story is not about discovering sexuality through transgression.

Damon might represent unbashed sexuality within the narrative, but he isn't corrupting Elena... because, seriously, what's there to corrupt?

It will be a story of Elena discovering that what she wants matters, that her desire is valid, that she's allowed to jump Damon's bones without asking “What does it say about me?” first.



upupa_epops November 11 2012, 17:07:46 UTC
Your lack of self-control <33333. Never leave me!

Elena is the best, basically.


vergoldung November 11 2012, 17:12:14 UTC
I would never dare.


My self-control is ridiculous... I have like ten open tabs with new fic I want to read. AND I SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS AT ALL. Fuck this.


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 17:15:44 UTC
Oh, just read the fic already :P


angearia November 11 2012, 19:22:37 UTC
YES. The virgin/whore dichotomy could've so easily been used for the Petrova doppelganger congrast, but Elena's beyond this.

(Though, if you've seen Cabin in the Woods, it's interesting to note how the archetypal "virgin" in this day and age can be treated as sexually active, but still ~pure in terms of appearance. So like, the virgin/whore dichotomy is morphing to fit the modern good-girl/bad-girl breakdown of judgment of women's sexuality -- like either you're a "girlfriend" or you're a "slut".)

Nonetheless, Elena's sexual desire is presented without any strain of judgment, accepted and encourage by everyone.


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 20:07:35 UTC
Cabin in the Woods is still on my to-watch list. But even without seeing it, I agree that virgin/whore is turning into girlfriend/slut. This is actually pretty interesting, because I have a nagging impression that the "girlfriend" persona is awfully incoherent? She's still quite virginal (even if she isn't physically a virgin), but eager to have sex with her boyfriend, modest but not frigid, inexperienced but knows what to do... Also, the line between the girlfriend and the slut is VERY blurry. The strangest construct.

Ugh, my comment has nothing to do with Elena, but I STILL WANT TO DISCUSS THIS!


angearia November 11 2012, 20:51:24 UTC
I actually just watched Cabin this past week after my surgery (finally! I'd been wanting to watch it for a while, but I don't do ~scary/horror-esque movies by myself, so I had to wait till I was with friends who were into it ( ... )


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 21:18:51 UTC
Yeah, I don't do horror either, that's why I'm procastinating on Cabin ( ... )


hisui_ryoshi November 11 2012, 20:04:25 UTC
You are always putting into words thoughts I didn't know I had! Thank you! Other people in the comments too.

I think it's great that Elena can and does have sex and it's not anything to do with the plot. Her having sex or not having it will not save anyone, or suddenly unleash magical powers. I really like the bit about morality not relating to sexual conduct, which in her case is most certainly true so far.


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 20:11:11 UTC
Thank you :).

You're right, Elena's sex life has nothing to do with the plot, it's all character work. And she's never narratively punished for having sex. Bless.


hisui_ryoshi November 11 2012, 21:18:36 UTC
That's all I ask for is that people aren't punished just because it's sex. It's not like sex always results in consequence free happy time, but in this case I am abundantly glad that it does.

My secret fear is that this will all change when Elena does have sex with Damon. Like suddenly people really will die because she made the choice to sleep withsomeone the narrative consructs to be less than ideal. If that happens I will be displeased. If it doesn't happen and it's just Elena's choice at long last I will be thrilled.


upupa_epops November 11 2012, 21:20:53 UTC
That's all I ask for is that people aren't punished just because it's sex.

I smell Buffy trauma ;).

Ugh, if Elena gets punished for having sex with Damon, I will cut the bitchiest bitch that ever bitched :(.


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