Elena Gilbert Appreciation Week

Oct 31, 2012 02:25

Powerlesbian is hosting an Elena Gilbert Appreciation Week on tumblr, and everyone is invited to join:

As per fandom need and demand, it has come to our attention that the world desperately requires an Elena Gilbert appreciation week. Why? Because she’s badass, strong, and beautiful. And also because the TVD fandom at large has a severe lack of genuine appreciation and respect for our favorite show’s main character and heroine. So, for the week of November 5th to November 9th, we’ll be setting aside the days to show our favorite fiery, compassionate, and selfless newbie!vamp some well-deserved loving. Go forth and write fic or meta, make graphics, make gifs, or just spread the Elena love. Stand up against slut-shaming and exude thanks for a powerful woman who is strong and unafraid of her sexuality. Celebrate with people who share the same love and respect for this amazing young woman that you do.

Nov. 5 - why you love her -or-something you admire about her
Nov. 6 - favorite Elena scene/moment
Nov. 7 - create an AU setting for her
Nov. 8 - favorite Elena ship
Nov. 9 - Sexy Friday: in celebration of women’s (and Elena’s) sexuality, up the ante and make everything Elena-related as sexy and sex-oriented as you like! gifs, fanfics, meta - get sexual! have fun.

Be sure to tag all your EGAW related posts with #EGAW12, so everyone can see what you’ve made and admire your beautiful work!

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Of course you can play on tumblr if you want, but if you'd rather do your Elena-stanning on lj, please come here! Post your fanwork directly at the comm, or give us link to your posts on your lj! Maybe you'd like to show us what you do on tumblr? My all means, do it! Yes, even if it means posting every day.

We still have a few days left before the Appreciation Week starts, so get ready and spread the love :D. Also, if you have any ideas as to how to run this at the comm (A master post for every day, so that everyone can post links in comments? Posting fanwork directly at the comm? Something else entirely?), I appreciate all the suggestions. LET'S STAN!


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