Hey, there! It is Juneteenth!

Jun 19, 2020 10:37

Well, so much for meme and posting! Heh. Sorry, guys. I think - and this is no reflection on my flisties who are doing the meme - I'm just not finding the questions all that interesting vis a vis: things I want to answer.

So i'm looking for something else, because I *do* like chatting and communicating with you all, and I need to make my brain work, not just sit here mindlessly watching vid or whatever.


Just recently, I was made aware of an issue over at AO3 that was *totally* off my radar, mostly because I'm a white woman who generally writes a small - and mostly white - array of characters.

Apparently, there have been some *real*, ugly issues going on at AO3, centering around writers of color, with people doing pretty fucked up, ugly, and racist things. So. I'm writing to AO3 and asking if they would please make a public statement (they have not, and apparently they have had people trying to get them to do something for a few years).

I did a little researching (based on a post that Trepkos made), and found these links, that give you a very good picture of what's going on: What's Up With AO3 and Racism?, and Read, Learn, and Do Better: Racism in Fandom. The second link has a lot of other links.

Please do me a favor; if you think this is bullshite, or 'over reacting' or whatever, and you wanna come at me, that's fine. DO NOT go to the linked posts and pick a fight. I don't say that because I think you, my flisties, are jerks who would do that, but in case this/these links get spread around.

There is a template for a letter to AO3, which I'll be using, linked here.

So! That might seem a bit heavy for a 'come back' post, but...it is what it is. All the fucked-up shite going on here in the States has generated a *lot* of energy, and I think using that energy for all the good you can is a good thing.

Hot and 'summery' here, all of a sudden - I guess with the solstice in a couple days, it's to be expected! Keep cool, my dear flist, and be well and safe! <3 Originally entered at https://tabaqui.dreamwidth.org/218732.html - comment where you please!


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