In the Air

Nov 14, 2008 23:38

Title: In the Air
Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Rating: R/NC-17
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 3x07
A/N: Prompted by cameroncrazed 


“Will you sit still?” Sylar asked as he looked to Claire beside him.

“I hate having to take commercial flights to retrieve targets.”

“It won’t be so bad. Once you relax we’ll be there before you know it. Besides it‘s not like we have to worry if we crash.”

“Thanks for that image,” she muttered.

“Come on, Claire, at least now you won’t have to worry about a plane going down just because you want to go off in search of a way of fixing your powers. Again.”

“That wasn’t my fault,” she snapped, irritated he would even remind her of that flight. “But then I guess it is a new way for you to join the Mile High Club.”

“I don’t remember you complaining last time,” he smirked.

“Right, with my dad just a few rows away -”

“I didn’t tell you to follow me.”

She sighed. Arguing with him about that day was futile. The first time Noah had agreed to let her come along with them to do field work and she had ended up with her back against the airplane lavatory sink with the man her father still had numerous other reasons for wanting to kill inside of her.

Both had to admit they had both been more than a little relieved when Noah hadn’t suspected anything upon their return to their seats. Noah of course having opted to sit between them.

“I have an idea,” he stated before he stood and walked up to one of the flight attendants.

Claire watched them talk for a moment, denying each twinge of jealousy she felt as she watched the woman laugh with her partner, and touch her hair, and give him that all too obvious smile.

She didn’t know why she cared. It wasn’t like Sylar was her boyfriend. He was just some semi-reformed serial killer that until recently her father had wanted her to have nothing to do with whom she had slept with a few times. And secretly, almost, kinda loved.

“Claire,” he called, shaking her from her thoughts, nodding towards the front of the plane.

She wasn’t sure what he had planned but walked with him anyway.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he smiled.

“Have you had pilot training I don’t know about?” she asked, eyeing him curiously.

“Who needs it when you have the ability to glamour people?” he smirked as he watched the pilot and co-pilot leave the cockpit.

“Who’s going to fly the plane?”

“The sky’s clear and they have it set to auto pilot. We’re smooth sailing. Or smooth flying, I guess,” he smiled as he took a seat in the pilot’s chair while the flight attendant closed the door after them.

“What did you do?”

“I told you that you need to relax and since you don’t seem willing to try the bathroom again -”

“You’re not serious!”

“No?” he asked as he stood again and brought his arms around her, holding her to him.

“How am I supposed to relax when the only people who can fly the plane are outside?”

He gave a slight shrug. “I may have an idea.”

With that he was leaning down to her and claiming her lips in an intense kiss that she soon returned.

She still had to admit that she didn’t like the idea of this, especially if the glamour wore off too soon. But then it wasn’t like they would have much time for this once the plane landed.

With that in mind Claire kissed him with added fervor and let her slender hands slip into his jacket, smiling against his lips when she felt him shrug it off and let it fall.

His hands to her hips, he led her back to the pilot’s chair, lifting his shirt tails from his pants as she slid her own jacket off. Next he moved his hands to the clasp of her pants, lowering them and curling his fingers into the waistband of her panties.

It was only a few moments more before he was taking a seat again and pulling her onto him, still never breaking their heated kiss.

Claire didn’t ask how they would go about this. She already had too good of an idea. After all the only clothes that would have truly hindered them were scattered on the cockpit floor.

True there was little they wanted more then than to feel their lover’s skin against their own but when time was of the essence they had to be content to do the best they could.

Claire raking her nails down Sylar’s abs as he not so gently slid into her, his hands returning the favor in the form of a hard squeeze of a supple breast over her bra yet beneath her shirt.

Greedily, he took her moan down as their tongues continued to duel for supremacy of the kiss.

All the while her hips rocked hard and fast into his, already grinding him as he held her closer.

It was when she felt his hand go beneath her bra and roll a taught nipple between his fingers that she knew she couldn’t take this as it was for much longer. She couldn’t even be sure how she had managed this long.

Seeing his confused expression when she broke the kiss, she told him, “To make it easier.” She lifted her shirt off and let it fall where it would, watching as his mouth moved closer to her right breast.

Biting her lip, she fought another moan as his lips surrounded her rosy peak. Still she rode him, fighting not to slow her pace despite the sensations coursing through her as he switched sides and sucked more of her pliant breast into his mouth.

Tightening more around him each time she raised up, the added thrill of a planeload of people just on the other side of that steel door, knowing she was feeling every throb of his solid cock inside of her, all of that proved to have them both on the edge in virtually no time.

Canting her chest further towards him, working his cock through her slick channel at nearly top speed, Claire knew her own edge wouldn’t be far behind his.

Finally Sylar returned his lips to hers, using their kiss to muffle his own sated groan as he filled her.

Grinding in to him once, twice, three times more, Claire finally found herself clutching his sides as her own tremors consume her.

“How much more time do you think we have on the glamour?” she breathlessly asked him almost a minute later when they were somewhat haphazardly redressing.

“Minutes, maybe,” he answered as he put his jacket back on, watching as Claire did the same with her own.

Still feeling the need to primp just a little more, smoothing out their hair and shirts, Sylar and Claire made it back to their seats just as the pilot and co-pilot returned to their own. None any the wiser of what had gone on in the previous ten minutes.

As much as Claire hated to admit it but aside from the possibility of her father being able to sense what had happened between her and Sylar, again, she did feel much more relaxed.

As for Sylar, he couldn’t help but want to savor the victory in any way he could.

The End

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