Anything but Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

Sep 26, 2014 23:52

Since upupa_epops ended up afflicted with more hours of work, and I ended up being afflicted with spare time because I'm on a break, ficathon!

The Anything But Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

What's this about?
The fall tv season is upon us, bringing new shows and excitement and/or disappointment with returning ones, so lets celebrate and/or commiserate. Post prompts, answer prompts that inspire you with fanfiction. Any and all fandoms are eligible, but prompts cannot be song lyrics. If you do I will hunt you down, no one will check, probably, but I'm relying on your desire to have some fun and try some new prompts.

Mostly gacked from upupa_epops's here

1. Prompting: Prompt as much as you like, but post only one prompt per comment. Please use the following format: Fandom, Character(s)/Ship(s) [optional], Prompt

2. Fills: Post fills, or a link to your fill, as a reply to the prompt. When you fill a prompt, please link to it as a reply in this thread. Your header should include the title, rating, and any warnings that apply (characters, ships, and prompts answered optional). You're more than welcome to fill a prompt that has already been answered.

3. Since some of us are understandably left floundering without song lyrics to prompt, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread to suggest places you can go to find inspiration for prompts.

4. Have fun!

If you would like to promote this ficathon, there is a post on tumblr, or use the promotion link with banner below:">">
The Anything But Song Lyrics Comment Ficathon

Fandom-specific banners are here. If anyone is kind enough to make banners, please leave them in this thread.

Questions and comments can be directed here.

love the one you're with | R | TVD - Caroline (/Stefan /Tyler)
renaissance is the way to go | T | TVD - Katherine
faithless you and selfish me | PG13 | TVD - Caroline/Jeremy
Five Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning | R | Agents of Shield - Melinda May
Eight Weeks Probation | PG13 | Veronica Mars - Logan & Mac

*public, ficathon

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