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How do I nominate for Rarewomen 2013?

Hi! Nominations will work a little differently this year. If you haven't already, you might want to check out this post where people are talking about what they are for sure going to nominate. There's no need to waste a precious spot or two on someone who's already going on the list!
You'll also want to check out the rules for eligiblity. prozacpark and aphrodite_mine don't know every fandom by heart (obviously! *phew*) so we trust that you'll do at least a LITTLE preliminary number crunching for us. Don't, for example, nominate Hermione or Buffy. They are great characters, but this exchange isn't for them. If a character gets past us, we'll crowd source before nominations are locked in.
Okay. So you know who you want to nominate? You're ready?
1. You'll need an AO3 ( account. If you don't already have one, we'll try to get you an invite before the end of the week, but... I don't know if we can make any promises. Check out this post and give us a comment.
2. Click on this link!

3. Start typing your first fandom. If it is already in the system, it may autofill. If not, please make sure you spell it correctly and follow the archive's traditional style:
- Movie (Year)
- Author - Book Title
- Artist - Album
- Song Title
- Television Show (Additional Identifyer if needed)
- Native Language Title | English Language Title
... and if you have questions about other formatting, please feel free to ask.

4. If your fandom is already in the system, it may (or may not, hah) recognize a list of associated characters to autofill. When typing in your nominated characters please take GREAT care to spell correctly -- check wikipedia, IMDb, information sites or sources as needed -- and only choose from the autofill if the options provided are exactly what you are nominating.

5. You may nominate in up to five fandoms with up to five women in each of those! Once you are done, click SUBMIT! Then the nominations go into a queue for prozacpark and me to look over and approve. Nominations will not be locked in, of course, until peer reviewed.
Next step? SIGN UPS!

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