Jan 29, 2013 16:34

This mod is off work and trapped inside by a looming storm and so is making (rather terrible) promotional graphics. As the scope of what rarewomen includes can be massive, I can't imagine covering it all... so I invite you to create your own!

If you do... please:

- link or post it here! (so other people can borrow your genius!)
- post it on tumblr using the tag rarewomen or rarewomen2013 so people can reblog your genius!)
- include the name 'rarewomen' and some basic information like nominations begin on February 1 (WOW SO SOON!) and a link back to our master information page (hey, that's right here --> <-- )

If your graphics skills or means manage have less finesse than mine, you can even leave the name of your desired fandom, characters and a (please, please) link to an image, and I -- or someone who claims it first -- will pop something together for your advertising pleasure!

As nominations loom, we'll open up a post where those who know for sure what their nominations will be can declare them to the world if they desire, and even advertise open slots for needy folks! 


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