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Jan 24, 2010 16:47

(*whispers*: please read the info post before hopping in here!)

There was some confusion last year with the designation of large and small-sized fandoms. This year, the answers should be a bit simpler! Fandom size does NOT matter, and aside from a little wiggle room, there are only two rules for nomination eligibility.

1) If a search for the character generates fewer than 500 hits for complete fic in which the character is a focal point on a SINGLE WEBSITE*, they ARE eligible for rarewomen.
2) If a search for the character generates 500 or greater hits for complete fic on a SINGLE WEBSITE, they are NOT eligible for rarewomen.**

*We will be using AO3 as our primary search. If you know of an archive or site that renders a particular character NOT eligible, please let us know either during discussions below or during the nominations clean up period.

**In the case of fandoms or archives that tend to tag for characters who are NOT the main focus of the story, we will cross check with other archives but generally err on the side of granting eligibility, as the spirit of this exchange is to encourage stories about rare women and not to limit them.

Yes, this means that a character may come up as eligible based on AO3 numbers, but is later rendered NOT eligible based on a search on, say, We will, however, take Yuletide Rules into account: if a fandom has aged significantly, if the fandom has no or limited recent activity, we may render a character with a large hit count eligible. Obviously, we do not know this information about all fandoms, and will be crowd-sourcing to run the most efficient and inclusive exchange possible. We'll do cross-referencing, scanning the results, and everything possible to make sure we aren't reading hit counts for false results.

Yes, this also means that one incarnation of a character may be eligible while another is not. It is okay! We'll write up a handy guide come sign-up time for any characters who appear in more than one source but are only eligible in some of those.

- Use this space to ask a mod about potential eligibility for a particular fandom/character.
- Use this space to promote a fandom/character. If you are promoting, please use the following first line: PROMO: [fandom/character(s)]

EDIT: And comments are back open.

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