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  • Devon Sawa tweets that the Earth is flat

    stewie_e wrote in ohnotheydidnt Oct 02, 2019 11:30

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    celebrity social media, canadian celebrities, conspiracy theories, where are they now, slow news day

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  • Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Her Mother's Death

    hewontgo wrote in ohnotheydidnt Sep 15, 2019 18:55

    Megan Thee Stallion addresses conspiracy theories surrounding her mother's death.
    - Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) September 15, 2019
    Her breakout year unfortunately coincided with the death of her mother in March ( Read more... )

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  • Foster the People doesn't think Jeffrey Epstein is actually dead

    polynucleotide wrote in ohnotheydidnt Aug 12, 2019 16:38

    have you seen photos of the body? it’s obviously not him. my guess is, epstein’s on a private plane to somewhere in the middle east getting prepped for plastic surgery right now #EpsteinBodyDouble
    - Foster The People (@fosterthepeople) August 11, 2019
    One of the band members of Foster the People took to Twitter yesterday to claim that the dead body ( Read more... )

    music / musician (alternative and indie), conspiracy theories, who asked for this, death

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  • Are 51 is about to get raided

    milotic2 wrote in ohnotheydidnt Jul 12, 2019 18:41

    Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Have Signed Up For A Raid On Area 51
    - IFLScience (@IFLScience) 11 de julio de 2019

    Over 280,000 people have already declared that they will attend a Facebook event later this year called "Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us." Area 51 is an US Air Force facility ( Read more... )

    show me the receipts, conspiracy theories, science, viral, shit just got real, sci-fi

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  • Lil Wayne Quits Blink-182 Tour Mid-Show Because It’s Not His “Swag”

    peddlestools wrote in ohnotheydidnt Jul 12, 2019 22:30

    Mods, my browser crashed. Delete this if my other post didn’t go through. Thanks! Or approve this one since I added more info :)

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    In an update to this post, Lil Wayne and Blink-182 have sadly parted ways. Maybe he quit so he could uncover the truth with Tom DeLonge. Or maybe blink fans are racist idk. Lil Wayne is more rock and roll than Blink. ( Read more... )

    music / musician (rock), nostalgia, lil wayne, conspiracy theories, concert / tour dates, music / musician (pop), blink-182, race / racism

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  • Britney Spears blasts conspiracy theorists in new Instagram video: “You’re wrong”

    stewie_e wrote in ohnotheydidnt May 28, 2019 14:06

    Fans have been speculating for weeks now that Pop Princess Britney Spears has not been in charge of her Instagram and recent posts. Some fans were speculating that her team had full control of the account and had been posting old videos of Britney to keep fans from thinking she’s being controlled and to damage ( Read more... )

    celebrity social media, #freebritney, britney spears, conspiracy theories, fanfiction

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  • Alex Jones admits his sources are 4chan and YouTube

    milotic2 wrote in ohnotheydidnt Mar 30, 2019 07:51

    Alex Jones, who's being sued over his Sandy Hook truther segments on Infowars, revealed in deposition that he gets a lot of his conspiracy ideas from dangerous and familiar platforms, like YouTube and 4chan.
    - HuffPost (@HuffPost) March 29, 2019
    After being sued for emotional distress by Sandy hook parents for claiming the ( Read more... )

    conspiracy theories, computers and technology, death, legal / lawsuit, internet celebrities

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  • Flat Earther Documentary Behind the Curve Gains Traction on Netflix

    beysactingcoach wrote in ohnotheydidnt Mar 19, 2019 21:01

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    A doc that manages to out Spinal Tap Spinal Tap so much that you're not really sure if you are watching a mockumentary and desperately wishing you were, premiered on Netlix last month but has been steadily gaining traction after making rounds in the festival circuit last year. The doc, Behind the Curve, follows some of the exemplar of anti- ( Read more... )

    conspiracy theories, who asked for this, netflix, film - documentary

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