Teen Wolf BigBang Fic - My Isabella (Teen) - 8/9

Dec 05, 2013 14:24

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“erek,” Isabella said, excitedly, bouncing on the mat.

Stiles twisted around to find Derek hovering just inside the door - though he was looking at Isabella with something like longing.

“Your dad called me,” Derek said. “You have a meeting tonight and he’s just had some guy break into three houses in a row.”


Stiles’ phone rang and he jammed his hand into his pocket knowing it was his father.


“Is Derek there?”


“Good, I didn’t want to call you until he was there so the two of you could stop avoiding one another.”

“We’re not avoiding one another.” Stiles looked up at Derek to find the alpha on the floor with Isabella playing with her large wooden blocks - making something.

His father huffed at him. “Then I don’t think you understand what avoiding actually means. We’ve had a rash of burglaries and I cannot leave. I know you have that meeting about your column so Derek’s going to take Izzy back to his place for the night.”

“Are you organising my life, Dad?”

“Would that I could. Derek is all set up to look after her and she will be fine, you were planning on staying after the meeting anyway.”

Stiles thought about offering to not drink, he thought about offering to come home but then he thought about the look Derek had given him since they conversation a couple of weeks ago and bit his tongue. “That makes sense, thanks, Dad.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Stiles said his goodbyes and then turned to Derek. “Thank you.”

Derek didn’t look up at him. “I always told you that I would look after her any time you needed. After all, I have nothing in my life.”


“What does she need that I don’t have?”

“Honestly,” Stiles said, looking down, “I think you have all the things she needs. But, I’ll put together some things in case.”

Derek nodded and went back to playing with Izzy.

Stiles grabbed Isabella’s backpack and started packing the things she would need, thinking about the items and food that he had left at Derek’s as time passed. He froze standing in Isabella’s room - collecting clothes and pyjamas, Derek had almost everything he would need to look after her. Stiles thumped his head against the wall. He’s almost pushed Derek away because he didn’t know how to keep his big mouth shut. He had heard what Megan had said and what Lydia had said but he had hated the last two weeks. He loathed being awkward with Derek and he hadn’t been able to spend time with the alpha, and…well, he might be imagining it, but he was fairly certain Isabella was annoyed at him because they hadn’t been seeing Derek as much. She’d asked about him a couple of days ago after her afternoon nap like she knew that he generally came over in the afternoon after they went to swimming. She hadn’t been the only one who missed the surly man. Stiles resolved to fix the problem between them and then he would resolve to just let Derek do whatever he wanted and he would keep his mouth shut. Then it would be fine…he might not get everything he wanted but it would be worth it to keep Derek in his and Izzy’s life.

Stiles put the last few things into the bag and turned around to go back downstairs. He found Isabella leading Derek out of the lounge room.

“Where are you going?”

Derek shrugged. “No idea.”

Stiles watched him go and come back moment later holding Isabella’s water bottle.

“I think you have most of what she needs,” Stiles said, holding her bag awkwardly. “I’ll get my keys so I can drive you.”

“I swung past the station and I have a seat for her in my car.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“It’ll be easier if we have to go out for any reason.”

“Yeah,” Stiles sighed and looked up at Derek. “I-”

“You’re going to be late,” Derek interrupted, “if you don’t get going soon.”

“Yeah,” Stiles stepped over and picked Isabella up and gave her a tight hug. “Bye, Izzy. I’ll see you in the morning.” He pulled her back to look down at her. “You’re going to be good for Derek, aren’t you?”

“Erek,” Isabella said happily. “Good.”

“Yes,” Stiles said, curling his hand around Isabella’s head, stroking her hair. “He is, now you be good for him.”

“She always is,” Derek said, quietly. “We should go.”

Stiles nodded and handed her back to Derek. “I’ll call you when I’m coming back; it shouldn’t be too late tomorrow morning.”

“There’s no rush.”

“Of course not,” Stiles smiled and held out the bag. “Thank you.”

Derek pulled the bag over his shoulder, the pink and purple strap incongruous on his black shoulder, with his glare and the darkness that surrounded him at the moment. But then, Isabella, bright in red and white with her blonde curls was also against the picture that Derek painted.

“I know you’re going to be fine but if anything happens just give me a call.”

Derek nodded.

“Or Dad, I know things are busy at the station but if she’s sick or something he will be able to help faster.”


“I won’t go through her routine or anything; you know it as well as I do. I’ll walk you out.”

Derek nodded and started for the door. Stiles dropped his head onto his chin and grimaced - he was such an idiot. Then he shook himself and followed Derek out of the house. Once Derek had Isabella in the car Stiles put his head in and kissed Isabella before he stepped back and watched Derek and Isabella drive away.


Derek drove back to his house slowly, listening to Isabella making noises from her seat. He hadn’t expected Stiles to accept the change of plans so easily, he had been so reluctant to leave Isabella with anyone that wasn’t his father. Short bursts were fine, she had spent a few hours alone with him, with Scott or Lydia, Cora or Allison, but Stiles had never left her alone overnight with anyone but Sam. For that matter this would only make the second time that Stiles had ever left her alone with anyone overnight.

They turned into Derek’s driveway and he could see Isabella sucking on her thumb in the rear-view mirror. When they had finally made it to the house Derek put her things inside and then took her out the back, to the grassed area. He changed, to Isabella’s delight and growled at her. She giggled at him and growled back before walking over to him on legs that were steadier than they looked.


Derek dropped down to the grass and nuzzled his nose into her stomach. She laughed at him again and grabbed at his sideburns managing to jam her stomach into his face while she did it.

“Isabella,” he said around his teeth.

Isabella tugged on his sideburns and then flopped back onto her bottom. Her fingers tugging roughly at some of Derek’s hair but he ignored the pain. He let the wolf go and Isabella clapped, mouth wide as she looked at him. Derek could remember his cousins, when they had been babies, also being entertained by the change.

“What are we going to do tonight, Isabella?”

Isabella crawled over to him at the sound of her name and lifted herself up onto his shoulder flopping down onto his back and crawling her way over his shoulder and onto his back. Derek held himself still as she climbed down his back and then tumbled off his other side. Derek rolled over to find Isabella turning over as well.

They stayed outside, playing on the grass until the air began to chill and Derek picked Isabella up and rested her on his shoulder as he walked inside.

Derek made Isabella dinner; scrambled eggs and toast that she managed to eat while also covering herself with crumbs, gummed and chewed bread, bits of egg. Derek lifted her to stand in the kitchen sink so that he could brush her down. She grabbed onto his head and smeared it with her greasy fingers, laughing as his fingers brushed the crumbs away and obviously tickled her at the same time.

Derek pulled back and shook his head at her. “I didn’t need any butter in my hair.”

Isabella babbled nonsense at him.

“Time for baths?”

“Bath!” Isabella said, happily, clapping her hands together.

Derek felt a tendril of apprehension; he had helped Stiles bath Isabella a few times and he knew the pattern and rhythm of it but he had never done it himself. Derek took a deep breath and picked Isabella up to walk to the bathroom. Once the water was a reasonable temperature he slid Isabella in…about ten seconds later his shirt and the thighs of his pants were soaked through.

“How did you do that?”

Isabella continued to splash, laughing. Derek let her splash; at some point he simply couldn’t get much wetter. When she was done, and washed, he wrapped her in his softest towel and took her in to be dried and dressed before he made up her bedtime bottle and sat her down to read a book.

He put her into bed with a kiss on the head.

He closed the door and she started to cry.

Derek stood outside of the door and waited her out but she continued to cry. He opened the door, strode back into the room and stopped when he was peering into her cot, she didn’t stop crying.

“What’s wrong?” He picked her up and patted her on the back walking around. She continued to cry. “I’m sorry your dad’s not here.”

Derek rubbed at her back until she calmed down, growing heavy in his arms. He placed her back in her cot and she looked up at him with sad eyes before she started to cry.

“Right,” Derek said, picking her back up out of her cot. “Do not tell your father I can do this.”

Isabella looked up at him through wet eyes.

“Hush, little baby, don't you cry.
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass.
And if that looking glass gets broke,
Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat.
And if that billy goat won't pull,
Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull.
And if that cart and bull turn over,
Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover.
And if that dog named Rover won't bark
Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart.
And if that horse and cart fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.”

Derek stopped singing and looked down at Isabella who was looking up at him, blinking drowsily while she sucked on her thumb.


Isabella didn’t respond but he would continue to sing so long as she was happy and quiet. There was very little he wouldn’t do to make her happy.

“You do have me wrapped around your little finger don’t you, baby girl? Just like your dad.” Derek trailed off and bent down to kiss her on the forehead. “I didn’t mean to fall in love with him…but you, I always knew I was going to love you.” Derek trailed his fingers through the hair on Isabella’s head - blonde curls, nothing like Stiles’ hair. “You are too precious not to adore.”

Isabella continued to look up at him, her eyes looking brighter.

“But, it’s past your bedtime. Another song?”

Isabella didn’t respond…oddly enough, but Derek took it as an agreement and began to sing again. Remembering singing with his mother when he had been a boy.

“You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy,
When the skies are grey.
You'll never know dear,
How much I love you.
Oh, please don't take,
My sunshine away.

The other night dear,
While I lay sleeping.
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
But, when I awoke dear I was mistaken.
And I held my head and cried.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy,
When the skies are grey.
You'll never know dear,
How much I love you.
Oh, please don't take,
My sunshine away.”

Derek looked down at her again to find her sleeping, mouth partially open and her thumb resting against her lip. Derek held her for a few more minutes, until he was sure she was deeply asleep before he tucked her into her cot and left, the door ajar. He went to make his own dinner, tried to watch TV but found his attention slipping away from what was happening on screen to the noises she was making as she slept. Noises he was familiar with, from full moons, from afternoons and evenings spent with Stiles.

In the end he had his shower, found a book and set himself up in the room Stiles generally used. The bed smelling faintly of pack, Stiles’ smell stronger than theirs. He could still hear her but he was able to concentrate on the book where he hadn’t been able to with the television. He got up once, to check the perimeter not willing to be complacent with her in the house, and then went to sleep; the soft sleep noises she made lulling him off.

Derek woke with a start the next morning, his phone ringing next to his ear. He answered it without looking.


There was a laugh at the other end. “No, Sam, I was going to call last night and then suddenly it was midnight. How’d everything go?”

“She had a little trouble getting to sleep but she’s been asleep all night,” Derek paused. “Still is in fact.”

“Good. I’m going home for a couple of hours sleep. You still good with her?”

“Of course.”

“Good, I thought as much. I’ll see you later then.”

“Did you catch them?”

“Not yet but we’re getting there.”

“Sleep well.”

Then Sam was gone and Derek rested back against the pillows. He could hear Isabella sleeping in the next room and couldn’t bring himself to get up yet though he would not fall back to sleep - he never did. Derek wondered how early Stiles would come back, he assumed the younger man would already be on the road; worried about Isabella. He would have liked to be able to take Isabella out into the woods, further than the soft grass. They had taken her in before and she had loved it. Derek couldn’t wait until she was old enough to come out with them properly on full moons; when all of the pack were turned and he would be able to initiate her into the pack in the more traditional way…under a full moon.

Derek knew she would wake soon; she wasn’t a late sleeper unlike her father. He thought about her morning routine, the one he had seen when he went over there for breakfast. He thought about it and dragged himself out of bed. He listened to her soft breathing before he turned and left the room going to the kitchen to begin preparing himself for Isabella to wake up. But she didn’t. He went back to the door of her room…Stiles refused to call it that but he had given that room to her the moment she was born whether Stiles was willing to acknowledge it or not. She was still sleeping. Derek debated opening the door, but he didn’t want to wake her…all of the books he had read had told him that he shouldn’t wake a baby before they were ready.

Derek went back and grabbed his book before he sat in the lounge room and read, one ear on Isabella.

After breakfast, which ended up having two courses since most of the first attempt went down Isabella’s chest, they went out into the backyard, venturing beyond the line of trees so that Isabella was able to stumble over fallen leaves and pick-up sticks, slapping them against trees and the ground. She walked on leaves then beamed and did it again. Derek was glad he had only wiped her off after her breakfast when she started digging at the black dirt beneath a flower that she had half chewed before Derek had been able to pull it out of her hand.

“Your father isn’t going to be happy with me,” Derek said, just as Isabella found a worm and held it up, smiling at him. “And please don’t eat that.”

Isabella squealed when the worm crawled back onto her finger and she let it go quickly.




Derek frowned.

“Ink,” Isabella said, more forcefully.

Derek thought back and then it came to him, suddenly, brightly, and he realised he had forgotten to fill a bottle before their little wilderness jaunt. Derek held his hand out to Isabella and she grabbed it to walk them out of the trees. He could hear her babbling to herself quietly as they walked back slowly. As soon as they made it into the kitchen Derek got her a bottle of water.

Derek twisted when he heard a door slam outside.

“I wonder who that could be...” Derek started for the door, he could hear Isabella walking slowly behind him.

Derek pulled his door open to find Stiles standing on the other side, he had a paper bag in his hand and was smiling tiredly. He was wearing a dark grey suit, the same one he had been wearing at Isabella’s christening. Now though it was rumpled, his tie loosened and the top button of his shirt undone.

“I bought doughnuts.”

Derek nodded and stepped back.

“And an apology. I should never have pushed like I did. I’m sorry.”

Derek sighed and accepted that they would have to have this conversation “I am happy with my life and the pack as it stands.”

“I should have just asked if you were, I didn’t mean to accuse you of…well, anything. You’ve helped make me and Isabella so happy when I was struggling and you believed in me when I didn’t. I just want you to be happy but I promise I will never again push the issue; you can wait until you’re ready…or not.”


Stiles spoke before Derek could continue. “What happened to you?”

Derek turned around, finding Isabella walking very quickly towards them now, her clothes wet and dirty with grass stains. Stiles didn’t sound annoyed, just amused. Then he scooped Isabella up and through the air, hugging her tightly.

“Did you have fun with Derek?”


“Has he been letting you eat worms too?”


Stiles laughed and turned around. “She ate one the other week with Dad, she did not look impressed by the taste.”

“She did eat a flower though.”

Stiles shrugged. “Anyone would think I didn’t feed her or something.”

“I was going to give her a bath before you got here.”

“I’ll do it, if you don’t mind, I think we need to talk.”

Derek nodded. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“Or, we can talk while I debug her.”

“We don’t need to talk.”

Stiles looked at Derek with confusion. “We do. Because I hate us being so awkward with one another. I want to fix what I broke.”

“I’ll make her a snack.”

Stiles sighed but nodded and turned for the bathroom. Derek could hear them in the bathroom while he stood at the sink in his kitchen and wished he didn’t have to have this conversation; that he didn’t have to be reminded, again, that he wasn’t what Stiles wanted and that one day he was going to lose even the hint of hope he had now. It wasn’t particularly pleasant to know that he was the saddest, most pathetic member of his pack or that they all felt sorry for him and his life that was stuck in a rut. Derek would have been happier to simply pretend that conversation had never happened, to get over the painful reminder that Stiles, and Isabella, would slip from his life before he was ready…not that he would ever be ready. He knew he wouldn’t be allowed to ignore it all though; Stiles would never allow it.

He could hear the water draining away in the bathroom and he knew his time was almost up. Derek set himself to cutting up a banana for Isabella and set it on the table, stepping out of the kitchen door to sit outside.

Derek didn’t expect to be alone for long and he was proven right when Stiles walked out of the door with Isabella, cheeks puffed like a chipmunk - full of banana. Stiles set her down on the ground with her bowl in front of her and came to sit next to Derek.

“Derek, are you happy?”

Derek paused and thought for a moment, allowed himself to think about his life; his rebuilt house, the large pack, his sister. He kept himself from thinking about what he had lost, his grieving finally done with years ago though the guilt never left. He thought about how his life would be better if things changed…just a little, just enough that Stiles and Isabella never went home, but he pushed that aside as well and thought only on what actually existed in his life and then he nodded. “I am.”

“Could you be happier?”

“Couldn’t everyone?”

“Could you do something, change something, to make yourself happier?”

“My pack is happy,” Derek said, hedging. “Since I am alpha their happiness is a part of my own. But the only thing in my life I truly wish for is not in my control.”

Stiles turned to Derek now. “What is it?”

Derek shook his head.

“Fine, okay, I won’t push. But, well…if you tell us what or who we might be able to help.”

Derek let out a huff of humourless laughter and shook his head again.

“This is how I should have had the last conversation with you. This is what I meant to do. I’m sorry. I don’t think you are stuck, you’ve gone through enough change and growth and emotional upheaval to last you a lifetime and I’m so sorry if I implied something about your life I didn’t mean. If you weren’t here and if you weren’t so helpful I don’t know if I could have even made it to this point in my life.”

“You’re an amazing father,” Derek said quietly. “And, you had just as much to do with the pack getting to this place as I did. I know that, I always knew it.”

“Can you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Derek said, around the dull throb in his chest.

“I feel like there is.”

“You’re still wearing your suit,” Derek pointed out, changing the topic.

Stiles shrugged. “Spilt hot coffee all down my spare clothes.”

“Why the tie?”

Stiles moved it out of the way and showed Derek the ink stain between two of the buttons on the shirt. “I didn’t have a good co-ordination day yesterday.”

Derek smiled. “You have clothes here…or, you can go of course, change.”

Stiles bit at his lip and then looked at Derek hopefully. “Can I have a quick shower and change? Maybe we could do something with Izzy, they have that town fair, fete, whatever on at the park.”

Derek thought about saying no, pulling away, protecting himself but in the end he tried to smile and nodded. “I’d like that.”

Stiles beamed at him. “I won’t be long.”

Derek waited until he could hear the shower start before he went to sit in front of Isabella who was banging her empty plate on the ground and bouncing. She looked up at him when he sat and offered the plate.

“Thank you,” Derek banged it a couple times and then sighed. “I’m an idiot, Is.”

She looked up at him and he knew his heart was going to break into tiny pieces when she stopped being such a large part of his life.

“Right,” Cora said, slamming into Derek’s room. “Why the hell is Isabella a year old already and still not my niece?”


Cora sighed and threw herself onto the bed on top of Derek’s clothes. “You’re in love with Stiles, have been for yeeears, so long really that it’s kind of pathetic. You sent him off to university, which was insane, and you waited for him. Then he came back with a pregnant…whatever Sophia was and you became the go to guy for everything Isabella related. You gave her a room and you learned everything there was to know. You created for her a place to rest protected by your wolf, and don’t think I didn’t remember that rite when I saw the cot. You have scented her as though she was your daughter so that any other werewolf would know that she was yours and you haven’t told Stiles any of this.”

“Can we talk about this later? Maybe when I’m dressed.”

Cora rolled her eyes. “You’re wearing underwear and we’re werewolves I’ve seen you in less.”

“Not the point.”

Cora shrugged. “If I don’t pin you down you’ll just run off so I’m just going to sit here on your clothes…green shirt? How convenient that you should choose a shirt in Bella’s favourite colour.”


“I’m going to call her Bella when she’s my niece; just like Sam does.”

“She’s not going to be your niece.”

“The government pulled their heads out of their arses and you can marry Stiles even if you both have penises.”

Derek closed his eyes and massaged his forehead. “Cora.”

“Stiles is not Kate.”

Derek dropped his head.

“You can trust him with your heart. You already do, perhaps you need to trust him to know about it.”

“Why are you pushing?”

Cora stood up and slapped him around the ear. “Because, you stupid dick, if you don’t tell him then he might choose someone else.”

“Maybe he should.”

“Ugh,” Cora screamed and threw herself back at the bed. “You are such an idiot. Why on earth does Stiles even want you?”

Derek froze.

“Oh God, that’s what’s stopping you? You don’t think he wants you. Watch him. Today, at this party watch him. If you can’t see it after spending five minutes actually looking at how he acts around you then I give up on you both.”

Derek stared out of the window for a few seconds and then nodded. “If I agree you’ll leave so I can finish getting dressed?”

Cora stood up and bounded over to him, kissing him on the cheek. “I love you, and I want you to be happy so go for it. And get dressed; we have a party to get to.”

Stiles had balloons attached to weights in the backyard. There was a tablecloth covered in red dots over the table against the wall of the house, all of the chairs were around the large padded picnic blanket Stiles had put all of the toys on. He’d invited the pack, and the few family members who lived close enough to make the drive, as well as people from his parenting group and rhyme time.

“Everything’s ready,” Sam said.

“I hope so.”

“No,” Sam said. “That was me telling you that everything is ready, so stop worrying about it.”

Stiles rolled his eyes and threw himself down on one of the chairs. “I’m not used to holding parties.”

“From what Derek’s told me I think you have ‘held’ the get togethers at his place a number of times.”

“They don’t count.”

“Of course they do,” Cora said, “you’re basically our social director.”

Stiles quirked an eyebrow at her.

“I might have been watching reruns of The Love Boat when I was studying.”

“You have terrible taste.”

She beamed at him and stepped forward to hug him. “Where’s Bella?”

“Asleep, she should wake up soon but I wanted her to enjoy as much of her first birthday as she can.”

Cora looked at Derek but he stared at Stiles silently. She mentally rolled her eyes and then held up the plate in her hands. “We brought dip.”

“Do you want me to put it in the fridge?” Stiles asked, tearing his eyes away from Derek.

“I’ll do it,” Sam said, walking past Stiles. “What type of dip did you make?”

Cora turned and followed him into the house.

“Hi,” Stiles said, looking at Derek.

“Sorry we’re early.”

“You’re never really early…I mean, you’re always welcome.”


Stiles tried to smile but knew it looked uncomfortable on his face. “I really hoped it wouldn’t be awkward.”

Derek shrugged. “It’s not.”

“You seem like you’re still annoyed at me.”

Derek took a step back and shook his head. “Of course not.”

Stiles squinted at him for a moment but Derek simply attempted a smile and stared at him.

“Where is my niece?” Scott asked, loudly, coming around the corner of the house. Stiles turned to look at Scott, Allison and Melissa walking over towards them.


“Not good enough,” Scott told him.

Then Derek and Scott perked up, twisting and looking towards the house.

“Seriously? Every time you react the same, why?”

“Pack,” was all Scott said. “Can I go get her?”

“No,” Stiles said, his tone implying you idiot.

Scott pouted at him.

“It’s her first birthday, I’m going to go up there and put her in a dress before coming down so that she can enjoy herself.”

Allison pushed Scott towards a seat. “Sit down and stop pouting.”

“I never pout,” Scott defended fiercely.

Stiles left them all to it and went to Isabella’s room where she wasn’t even completely awake yet. He sat down in the chair under her window and waited while she woke up properly, taking a break even as he heard more people arriving outside. He knew he shouldn’t leave it to his father but he wanted these five minutes to think back over the last year. He had been thinking about that day in the hospital when Sophia had handed him Isabella and his entire world had changed.

“Dadee,” Isabella called out, dragging his focus back to the bed where she was standing up and looking at him over the top of the cot.

“Hello,” Stiles said, brightly. “Are you ready for the party?”

Isabella smiled at him.

“Uncle Scott’s here and Derek and Cora.”

“Erek! Sott!” Isabella said, happily.

“Exactly, should we wear the pretty green dress or the blue one?”

Isabella grabbed for the blue one in his hand and he decided that was definitely good enough. He pulled her out of her cot to change her nappy and then pulled the dress on. They went outside and Isabella let go of his hand to run to Sam before moving around the rest of the party.


Derek pulled Isabella up into his arms and buried his nose in her neck to pull her scent into his chest. She tugged on his ear and wriggled around in his lap until she was able to look out at the small group that was already there. The pack was there, except for Isaac, as were some of Stiles’ friends from his activities with Charlotte. Derek didn’t want to let her go but he handed her to Cora who had come back out to sit next to him.

Derek watched Stiles. He kept one part of his mind on Is but for the most part he watched Stiles.

He watched the human as he walked around the party and talked to the mothers and fathers that he had met at swimming and the library or the park and the parenting group that Stiles went to. He always introduced them to the pack, his father, the other people there and Derek watched their reactions. And he watched the way that Stiles introduced them to him, the way some of them reacted, and he thought back to the way that Megan had reacted when they had met.

Isabella walked over to him, grabbing the material covering his knees and looking up at him. “Up.”

Derek swung her back up onto his lap and she stood there on his thighs, before she dropped forward and nuzzled his neck.

“That doesn’t really work for you,” he told her in a whisper.

“That is so cute,” a short blonde woman whose name Derek couldn’t remember said, as she sat next to him.

“I think she’s a bit overwhelmed by all of these people.”

The woman nodded and sat down next to him in a vacant chair. He wasn’t sure what made him more approachable during this party than most of the ones he attended. Then he realised how long it had been since he had attended a party that involved more people than his immediate pack. Then Stiles was at his side, perching on the table and reaching for Isabella who squirmed out of his arm and into Stiles’.

“Do you think it’s time for lunch?”

Derek assumed Stiles was talking to Isabella and yet when Derek looked up the human was staring at him and not his daughter. Derek froze for a moment and then nodded.

“Do you want some help?” Derek asked.

“No, it’s okay,” Stiles said, handing Isabella back to Derek after kissing her on the head. “It’s just me asking Boyd to get the barbecue going. He’s the most trustworthy with fire.”

“I’m on it,” Boyd called out, from the other side of the grass.

Derek turned to watch Boyd pull herself up from next to Jackson where they had been sitting on the grass and head for the barbecue.

“I thought I was cooking,” Sam called out, heading for the barbecue as well.

“Dad, I love you but you overcook everything you put on the barbecue.”

“I do not,” Sam looked affronted.

“Sam,” Melissa said, voice calm. “You really do, let Boyd cook.”

Sam huffed so Derek stood up and handed him Isabella.

“Just because she is making me smile does not change the fact that I’m annoyed at all of you.”

Derek followed Stiles into the house to get the meat from the fridge.

“I hope I got enough, I’ve also got a quiche from that bakery and cold meat and salads.”

“Of course it’ll be enough.”

“For werewolves?” Stiles asked, voice quiet, as he handed things back to Derek.

Derek looked at the food in the fridge and shrugged, “Maybe not…”

Stiles sighed.

“I’m joking, seriously, it’s enough food and they will wait for the humans to eat first.”

Stiles smiled at Derek. “If we run out there is always cake. I bought cupcakes, I figure even Izzy will be okay eating a cupcake.”

“Of course,” Derek said.

“I haven’t given her anything like it before, I hope she likes it. Can you get Boyd to cook the chicken and sausages first, they’re for the kids.”

Derek nodded and left the kitchen behind to give Boyd the meat. Once he had done as he was asked he turned around and headed back towards the house. He saw Cora smirking at him and Derek looked away, pushing through the door.

“What are you doing back?”

“I came to help.”

“There really isn’t anything left to do; I was up early this morning getting it all organised.”

Derek opened his mouth to say something when Stiles paused in what he was doing and started talking again.

“I never thought this would be how I would spend a Saturday, up early to make food for my daughter’s party. But, I’m happy with how this year has gone. Well…after the first few months when I was pretty neurotic.”

“You weren’t so bad.”

Stiles laughed and turned to look at him, a soft, small smile on his face. “You’re really not that good a liar, just so you know.”

“Stiles…” Derek drifted off, not sure what he was going to say.

Stiles frowned at him. “What?”

“You’ve grown a lot in the last year, the whole pack has.”

“I can’t believe that Scott finally got the balls to ask Allison to marry him and I still don’t know what is going on between Boyd and Jackson but it’s definitely made Jackson nicer.”

“They haven’t said anything to me either. I can understand them wanting to wait; it’s always tricky when you date within the pack. It can cause issues.”

Stiles nodded and Derek watched his face carefully, noted the slightly forced expression on his face.

“But they can also be the best relationships because there are no secrets.”

“It must be nicer not to have to hide who and what you are from the people you want to love.”

Derek nodded. “It’s better for the human members of the pack too, there is nothing you have to try and hide either. Remember how much you hated lying to your father?”

Stiles nodded. “It’s a good thing I haven’t got anyone else to lie too…but, God, I hope Izzy never feels she has to lie to me like that.”

“You didn’t lie to him for yourself.”

“That doesn’t really make it any better and it didn’t make me feel better when he finally knew.”

Derek cupped Stiles’ shoulder, watching the human’s face as his hand connected. “Is won’t have to lie to you about that, after all, you already know about all the mystical creatures out there.”

“Magic is kind of real, right? Can’t we just keep her this age forever? Or maybe, I don’t know, we could let her get to, say, four and then stop her.”

Derek laughed. “I don’t think you’re going to have any luck there.”

Stiles sighed and sagged, but didn’t pull away from Derek’s hand. “I know.”

Stiles turned away and went back to cutting buns. Derek leaned his hip against the bench and watched Stiles working.

“If you’re just going to stand there and stare at me you can take the butter and stuff out to the table.”

Derek shrugged and grabbed the things to take them outside.

“So?” Cora asked, appearing at his side as soon as he stopped at the table.

“So what?”

“Have you worked it out yet?”

Derek looked at his sister for a few moments and then she smiled, beaming, the smile growing larger the longer she stared at him. He shook his head and turned around to go back inside and collect anything else Stiles wanted on the table.

“What are you smiling about?” Lydia asked Cora, when Derek’s back was turned.

Derek sighed even as he opened the door so that he couldn’t hear Cora’s whispered answer.

“Anything on the bench can go out,” Stiles said, “and please keep my father away from the barbecue.”

“I will.”

Stiles twisted and smiled before he went back to his work.

Derek put the last of the things on the table and sat down next to Sam, giving Isabella his hand to play with, while he thought. He had seen something different in Stiles, things he had never seen before but he couldn’t really believe it, why would Stiles want him and how had he managed to hide it for so long?

“What’s wrong, Derek?”

Derek started and looked over at Sam who was watching him carefully. “Nothing.”

“I might not be my son but I know you well enough to know there is something on your mind.”

Derek shrugged and looked down at Isabella.

“I can’t believe she’s one already,” Derek said, attempting to change the topic.

“Neither can I,” Sam said, but his voice told Derek how little the sheriff believed him. “I should go and help Boyd.”

“Stiles told me to keep you away from him.”

“I’ll let you hold Bella.”

Derek smiled. “It’s not that easy.”

“Of course it is,” Sam said, handing her over.

“I’ll keep him from actually doing anything,” Melissa said, as she moved past him.

“So,” Allison said, coming to sit next to Derek. “Why are you really so quiet?”

“I let him in on the secret of Stiles’ feelings.” Cora said, coming to stand in front of them. “I think he’s a little shell shocked.”

“You should go back to school.” Derek said, defensively.

“As soon as you two sort yourselves out I will be gone, my ears and eyes cannot handle the fallout from all this repressed sexual-”

Derek’s growl, too low to be heard by the humans, stopped her from talking. Derek froze when he realised that the children around him, and Isabella on his lap had all reacted to his growl; hearing things that their parents couldn’t.

“Erek,” Isabella said, squeezing his wrist. “'rowl.”

“Yes, Is, Cora was being very rude.”

Cora laughed at him. “You’re my brother and it’s time you went after what you want.”

“Cora, just-”

“Nope,” Allison said, laying a hand on Derek’s wrist. “It’s not just Cora.”

Derek dropped his head down until his forehead rested against Isabella’s ear.

Then, moments later, Stiles came out of the house, followed by Lydia and Scott, carrying the salads and other food. Derek went back to watching Stiles who looked over at him and smiled, walking the long way around the table so that he could curl his hand around Isabella’s cheek before continuing on back into the house.

Derek continued to watch Stiles on his second trip out of the house, another smile for them even though Isabella had walked off to sit on the blanket and play with the other kids there. He watched him after Boyd placed all of the hot food on the table, and when all of the mothers or fathers swarmed the table to feed their children, he watched him after Allison slipped out of her chair and Stiles sat there himself with a plate in his hand that Isabella was feeding herself from. Derek watched him as he got his own plate, and Derek got one, Isabella off on the grass making her way between the other members of the pack scamming bits of sausage and bites of quiche.

“We should do presents before cake,” Stiles said later. “Especially since Isabella keeps stealing everyone else’s food.”

“It’s a pack thing.”

“Everything,” Stiles said, heavy with emphasis, “is a pack thing.”

“We want to feed and nurture the youngest member of the pack. It’s why I always have food when you all come over as well.”

Stiles smiled. “I thought it was just so that they didn’t leave carcasses on your back doorstep.”

Derek barked out a laugh and shook his head. “You would think the dog jokes would've gotten old by now.”


Stiles stood up and left Derek, going to collect Isabella so that he could sit on the grass and open presents. Not that Isabella was that interested in doing anything but playing with the discarded wrapping paper. The other children, some smaller and some larger than Isabella, were all sitting in the middle of the wrapping paper playing until Stiles would drag Isabella back over to yank at the loosened paper on her gifts.

Derek wasn’t sure how he had missed the fact that Stiles looked at him repeatedly, after he opened every gift. Derek grew tenser every time Stiles caught his eye. The pile of presents next to Stiles dwindled down to nothing and Sam disappeared into the house to collect the cupcakes but Derek was frozen in his seat watching Stiles as he finally realised that he could actually have everything he wanted. If he went over there and kissed Stiles he believed that he would be kissed back. If he told Stiles that Isabella’s cot marked her out as being protected by his wolf, not just by the pack, then Stiles wouldn’t run screaming for the hills and never allow him to see Is again. Though…Derek had to admit he might not have before either; he just might not have understood the implications.

But, this was the entirety of Derek’s want, he didn’t want anything more in his life but for Stiles to be right in the centre and while Stiles’ interest was certainly clear now that it had been pointed out to him that didn’t change the fact that he knew Stiles wasn’t looking for anything serious at the moment - he was too focussed on Isabella for anything more. Derek now had the chance for what he wanted and yet he didn’t think it would be a good idea to go after it. He wanted serious and Stiles had plainly told him that he was not ready for that since he had Isabella in his life.

“You need to have cake,” Stiles said, a red velvet cupcake appearing in front of his face suddenly. “Or the kids will eat them all.”

Derek looked up at the smile on Stiles’ face and took the cake.

“Dada, cake,” Isabella said.

Derek held his out.

“No,” Stiles said, “I have one with a one on it for her.”

Stiles sat back down next to Derek and pulled Isabella onto his lap, grabbing the plate from off Scott’s knee where he was sitting on Stiles’ other side.

“This one,” Stiles said, unwrapping the cupcake, “is for Izzy.”

Then Isabella shoved the cupcake into her mouth, managing to make a mess of herself. Derek handed her the part of his own cupcake that he hadn’t eaten; he had never had that much of a sweet tooth and Isabella looked so incredibly happy to be eating cake that she deserved to try red velvet after her vanilla.

“You are so wrapped around her little finger.”

Derek smiled but he knew it was a little off from the look on Stiles’ face. “I know.”

Stiles’ answering smile was bright and then he looked down at Isabella. “I need to go and clean her up. I’ll be back.”

Derek nodded and watched them walk away.

“Why the hell are you resisting?” Cora asked, slumping into the chair next to Derek.

Derek turned and looked at his sister.

“He’s standing right in front of you, why won’t you just do something?”

Derek opened his mouth and then stopped. He closed his mouth and looked down trying to think of the answer. An answer that even Cora would accept but knew that she would just tell him that he was scared and even though it made Derek’s stomach churn he also knew that it was true. He couldn’t think of any other answer for her, or himself. Derek stood up and nodded once before walking towards the house.


“Stiles,” Derek said, stepping into Isabella’s room with him. She turned and smiled at Derek as Stiles pulled her dress off and threw it into the basket. Isabella reached her hands out to Derek and the alpha stepped closer.

“Not until you are clean,” Stiles said, and grabbed a wipe to begin cleaning the sticky mess from Isabella’s fingers.

“I’m in love with you,” Derek said, behind Stiles and the human froze one hand wiping red icing from Isabella’s arm.

“What?” Stiles asked swallowing thickly.

“I love you.”

Stiles looked down at his daughter. “Do you think Daddy has started to hallucinate?”

“Dadee!” Isabella said happily. “Erek.”

Stiles slowly, methodically, cleaned the rest of the mess from Isabella’s arms, hands and face and then grabbed the green dress.

“Go find Grandad,” Stiles said, handing her the top.

Isabella made it only as far as Derek before she reached up. “Erek.”

“Go find Grandad, Izzy.”

Isabella looked up at Derek unhappily and then toddled out calling for her grandfather.

“You’re what?” Stiles asked, looking at Derek.

“You were wrong, before, when you said I needed to get out there because I’m in love with you and don’t intend to go looking at all. You’re right that I was scared though.”

“Why?” Stiles asked, shoving his hands into his pockets roughly.

“You had Isabella, you were learning all of this. Why would you want me getting in the way? Why would you want me at all when you could have something better?”

Stiles stared at Derek like he was stupid. “In the way? What could be better?”

Derek shrugged at him. “You had a lot going on.”

“And every step of the way you were there. You made her fucking cot, you stopped her from crying, you made her part of your pack, you were always there for me. It was all because you love me?” Stiles finished sounded both hopeful and incredulous.

“And her, I love her too,” Derek said firmly.

“But you kept pulling away and you never came to breakfast when I was home and you always left when I got hurt.”

Derek took a step closer to Stiles and then another when the younger man didn’t make any move to stop him. “You were going off to university and you deserved something better than what I could give you. I didn’t want to have you and then lose you when you realised how much more that you could have. if I could have even had you at all.”

Stiles shook his head sadly. “Don’t you understand? I told myself to stop thinking about you like that because you obviously we’re interested and then you were always there and I wanted you so fucking much. All this time, I wanted you, and…I could have had you?”

Derek smiled, tiny and real and wistful and Stiles stepped forward, slipped his hand around Derek’s neck and tugged until the alpha’s body slammed into his and they were kissing. Derek tasted of potato salad and cake but under all of that was Derek and Stiles wanted more. He pulled Derek into him bodily until there was no room left and Derek’s hands landed heavily on his hip and lower back.

A cleared throat pulled them apart and Stiles looked past Derek to his father.

“As happy as I am,” Sam said, folding his arms across his chest and looking at both of them with affectionate exasperation. “That you have both stopped acting like idiots and worked this out…perhaps, Stiles, your daughter’s room is not the place for your new relationship explorations.”

Stiles pulled back from Derek completely and looked around the room with the tree wall sticker and the pictures that hung from it. The cot that Derek had made and the little pink pyjamas thrown over its side. Then he thought about what he had been thinking about doing to Derek and flushed.

“Of course,” Derek said, and started out of Isabella’s room.

The sheriff let him pass and then stepped over stopping Stiles from walking out of the room.


“I like Derek,” his father said slowly. “I’m glad for you. At the same time, don’t rush into anything too fast. I don’t want any of you to get hurt and Derek would be hurt.”

Stiles gaped at his father. “Shouldn’t you be having the ‘don’t hurt him’ speech with Derek? You know, since I’m your son.”

Sam smiled. “Oh, I will, but that talk will involve my gun.”

Stiles stared at his father’s smirk with confusion.

“Dad,” Stiles started after a few seconds of silence between them. “I really care about him.”

“Oh, I know,” his father said. “Believe me, I know. And the way he would carefully not talk about you at our breakfasts until I mentioned you and then he would be an avid listener was a fairly good indication of his affections too but, you have a one year old daughter now and if something doesn’t work out it’s not just you who is going to get hurt.”

Stiles thought about Isabella, who loved Derek and then thought about not having the werewolf in their lives and his entire body was cold with painful swiftness.

“I want this to work.”

“Good,” his father said. “Because I fully expect to call Derek my son-in-law sometime in the future.”

“You think he’ll make an honest woman of me?” Stiles asked.

His father rolled his eyes at Stiles. “If he can stand you for that long.”

Sam turned and started walking down the stairs calling out as he went. “Derek, since you’re listening, come and have a chat with me in my study.”

The laughter of the pack drifted in from outside but as Stiles walked back out towards them and his daughter, he could see Derek walking into the study with his father.

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