Teen Wolf BigBang Fic - My Isabella (Teen) - 2/9

Dec 05, 2013 14:03

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Masterpost | Part 1

Sophia arrived in Beacon Hills on a Tuesday. She was polite to Stiles’ dad and thanked him for letting her stay with them. She took her bag up to their spare room and they didn’t see her again until dinner.

“I didn’t know you were the Sheriff, Mr Stilinski.” Sophia said, over chicken and steamed vegetables.

“Call me Sam.”

Sophia nodded.

“Tell me a bit about you?”

“I studied journalism. I’m planning to go to New York, I would love to work at a newspaper but I’m going to look at TV and online options too. I made some connections there when I spent last summer living in New Jersey with my aunt. I’m going to contact them all and see if I can get something.”

“So we might see your by-line in the New York Times?”

Sophia shrugged. “If only.”

Sam had smiled at her and they had eaten dinner in near silence.

Sophia kept to herself for the most part over the next couple of weeks. She didn’t join them for breakfast and Derek had stopped dropping by after she arrived. In fact, Stiles didn’t see much of the pack at all. He was at the paper every morning running errands, providing fact checking and proofing, then he’d go to the sheriff’s department to deal with the backlog. He knew he was going to struggle when the baby came and he was saving every cent he could. He was also looking at what other jobs he could pick up around town. The supermarket needed someone to do night fill while their main person was out of town. It would mean he would never see Sophia or his dad but Stiles took the job without a thought.

Two weeks after Sophia arrived they had their first doctor’s appointment in Beacon Hills for her twenty week check-up. They were scheduled to be having an ultrasound where they could find out the sex of the baby.

“Do you want to know?” Stiles asked when he was waiting for Sophia to pull on her shoes.

“Know what?”

“The sex of the baby.”

Sophia turned back to him with a frown on her face. “I don’t care. If you want to know find out.”

Stiles could see his father watching them from the kitchen and Stiles caught the look on his face. It was a face of worry and confusion. Stiles shrugged at his dad as he followed Sophia out of the house.

At the doctor’s Stiles asked to know the gender, and for a couple of extra ultrasound photos. They gave him a CD and Stiles wanted to look at the picture the whole way home. When they arrived Scott and Lydia were sitting on the couch waiting for him. Sophia smiled at them weakly.

“Sophia, this is Lydia.”

“Hi.” Sophia said.

“Hello.” Lydia said with a smile. Her eyes flicked over to Stiles. “So?”

Stiles face broke out into a grin. “It’s going to be a girl.”

Lydia laughed and stood up. “Show me.”

Stiles handed over the ultrasound photo while Scott walked over more slowly.

“Hi, Sophia.” Scott said.


“How are you finding Beacon Hills?”

“Fine,” she said.

“We were wondering if you want to come out with us all on Sunday. We’re having dinner at Derek’s.”

“You should come.” Stiles said encouragingly.

Sophia shook her head. “I’m not here to make friends. I just want to get through the next four months.”

“Okay,” Stiles said. “But if you change your mind.”

“I won’t. I’m going to go upstairs and read.”

“Sure, see you at dinner,” Stiles said, awkwardly.

They waited until Scott said she was upstairs before they said anything else.

“That’s not healthy.” Lydia commented.

Stiles shrugged. “I’m not sure if she just doesn’t want to get involved because she plans to leave or if there is something more going on.”

“She has no plans to get attached,” Stiles’ father said coming into the room. “It’s perhaps not healthy but she’s made her decision and she is doing what she thinks is right so that she can walk away at the end.”

They were all silent for a few minutes.

“Well,” Sam said finally. “Where is the photo of my grandchild?”

“Granddaughter,” Stiles said. “It’s a girl.”

Stiles’ dad stared at him and then his entire face lit up. “I’m going to have to see this.”

Stiles pulled the photo out of Lydia’s hands and gave it to his father. “That is your granddaughter.”

Stiles watched as his father blinked a few times and his eyes started to glisten.


His father looked up from the photo. “I’m allowed to get misty over my granddaughter. I hope this is my copy.”

“Of course.” Stiles said.

His dad started to walk towards the kitchen. “Oh, is everything else good?”

“Everything’s great. They gave us November 20 for the due date.”

“Good,” his dad said. “I’ll put my forms in for a week or so before that then.”

Stiles smiled and when he turned back to Lydia she was looking at him carefully.


Lydia stood up and hugged him. “I just hope that everything is going to be okay.”

“It will,” Stiles said. “It has to be.”

“I want to see the picture,” Scott said interrupting them. “This is my niece we’re talking about.”

Stiles pulled out another photo and they spent the next little while looking at every feature they could find.

“It’s a good thing she doesn’t look like you,” Scott said. “In fact, I think she has my nose.”

The first time that Stiles got to see the whole pack after Sophia arrived was at Derek’s birthday party. His actual birthday had been over a week before but this was their first chance to get together as a group. Stiles had to hurry his father out of the house. They had invited Sophia but she shook her head and settled down in the lounge room to watch a movie.

“How are you finding living with Sophia?” Stiles asked his dad.

“Can’t really tell she’s there most of the time. She obviously isn’t too demanding.”

“Thank you for letting her stay with us. I know you thought you might have gotten rid of me when I went off to university.”

“Yes,” his father said sarcastically. “I was so looking forward to living alone until I’m old and grey and have to move in with you and whomever you end up with.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I knocked some girl up then.”

“The words every father longs to hear.”

“I knew you’d feel like that.”

They arrived at Derek’s to find everyone outside the house, in the back garden where Derek had built the patio and had a gigantic barbecue. Everyone was there except for Derek. Stiles left his father talking to Melissa and made his way into the kitchen to find Derek pulling meat out of his fridge.



“I’m not sure if someone else told you but…I’m having a daughter.”

Derek turned around and looked at Stiles. “A girl?”

“Yeah, I was hoping I would get to tell you. Would you like to see a photo?”

Derek turned back to the fridge and finished pulling the meat out.

Stiles let out a sigh. “I’d forgotten how much a bunch of werewolves could eat.”

“Show me the photo later.” Derek said and walked straight past Stiles and outside. Stiles watched him go but he didn’t follow. He let out a huff, he’d barely seen Derek since he had told the pack about the baby. Stiles missed the friendliness they had shared and he missed chatting to Derek…or at Derek, as the case might be. The worst part though seemed to be that Derek’s distance and Stiles’ busyness just didn’t seem to be about the real problem. Stiles shook it off, now was definitely not the time even if maybe, once, he had thought it might be a possibility. He had been over this thing, he has been so sure he was but he had a photo of his unborn daughter in his pocket and the person he really wanted to share it with definitely wasn’t interested.

Stiles shook his head and went outside.

Dinner was over and the wolves were either shifting and running around playing or sprawled out around the fire pit with the humans drinking and chatting when Derek sat down next to Stiles.

“You have a picture to show me.”

Stiles looked at Derek and nodded. He pulled the ultrasound out of his wallet and handed it to Derek.

Derek’s eyes turned red as he looked down at it so that he could see in the darkness. Stiles watched Derek as the alpha stared at the photo. A long while later Derek handed the image back.

“She has your nose.”

Stiles didn’t even need to look down at the image to picture it in his mind. “That would be great.”

“How long until she is born?”

“A little under five months.”

The next two months were a blur.

Sophia started coming down to breakfast with them but that was one of the few times that Stiles even saw her.

She was getting bigger and one morning a few weeks after Derek’s birthday they were eating breakfast and she froze. Her hand going to her rounded stomach. Stiles and his father’s eyes were glued to her. They were worried but she simply told them the baby had moved. She let Stiles hand rest on her stomach but there was nothing he could feel. The websites he had consulted, and the books he had borrowed from the library, all said that the mother could feel them first but they also said she should have been feeling them before now. Stiles wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he’d seen the timeline in the book and he’d been worried. That morning, even if he couldn’t feel anything, allowed him to relax. She was fine, his little…he supposed he should seriously start thinking about a name.

Stiles kept working at the paper in the mornings, though the editor knew the guy who managed the paper in Lewis, a larger town south of Beacon Hills, also needed a part time fact checker. Stiles came to an arrangement with both papers where he would do all of the work out of Beacon Hills. The problem being that he’d work straight through lunch until he was done. Then he headed over to the sheriff’s department. He was only about halfway through the backlog and Stiles was beginning to wonder if they were all just giving him work for the sake of it. He worked there until he had to leave to go to the supermarket because the job that was supposed to take a couple of weeks had turned into three months when the guy he was replacing broke his leg. Stiles wasn’t going to complain about the work, well he did, a bit, but only to Scott.

Stiles was sure that weekends existed and he kept meaning to see his pack but all he ever managed was a few minutes here and there.

Sophia slowly grew bigger and just as they were sliding between trimesters two and three Stiles finally felt the baby move. Sophia offered him a smile but she didn’t seem all that excited as Stiles sent a message to everyone he knew.

His daughter could now dream. Stiles had read that when he woke up on his first full Sunday off in weeks. He did not want to get out of bed but his father had called him to breakfast twice already and Stiles knew he needed to drag himself down even if all he really wanted to do was sleep. He was about to throw the covers off when the door to his bedroom slammed open.

“Wake up, Stiles.”

Stiles groaned at Lydia.

“Nope,” she said. “The pack hasn’t seen you in weeks so I’ve been sent to collect you.”

“I need to stay here and help my dad.”

“Already cleared it with him; the helping him tidy up his study thing was a lie so you wouldn’t book something else.”


Lydia rolled her eyes at him. “You have one minute to get out of bed or I’ll drag you.”

“Fine,” Stiles sat up and slowly got out of bed. He yanked a t-shirt off the back of his desk chair and pulled it over his head to follow.

“About time,” his father said as soon as Stiles was seated at the table.

“Day off,” Stiles said wistfully.

“No such thing if you’re going to be a father,” his dad said and put a plate of pancakes down in front of him.

Stiles grumbled but didn’t bother to actually say anything as he began eating the stack of pancakes. His dad put a cup of coffee down next to his plate and patted him on the back. Stiles knew his father was proud of him. Stiles might never be home but his bank account was steadily rising every week and he had discussed working from home with both of the papers he was researching and fact checking for. They had a plan for when the baby was born and everything seemed like it was going to work. Stiles was terrified about what was going to happen when the baby actually came along but for now he had a plan, and he had his dad.

They ate and then Lydia pushed him up the stairs and into the shower.

“Why are you being such a nag?”

“I was supposed to have you at Derek’s half an hour ago but your dad and I didn’t really want to wake you up.”

Stiles nodded and climbed into the shower. He rested his head against the cold tiles as the hot water turned his skin red and had happy, wanting, thoughts about his bed. He turned the water off before he was really ready to get out but he was clean and knew they needed to get going. Lydia was sitting on his bed next to a clean outfit and Stiles knew that she would never let him hear the end of it if he didn’t wear what she had picked out for him. He dressed quickly and she dragged him out of the house and into her car.

The whole pack was there waiting for them. They had planned a day of movies and lunch and a run through the woods in the afternoon. Stiles sat down on the couch and Derek immediately slid into the spot on his left. Isaac and Cora had an elbow fight to get into the spot on Stiles’ other side and he looked at Isaac strangely when he plastered himself to Stiles’ side.

“As much as I like you, Isaac…”

“Your smell has been missing from the pack for too long,” Derek said into his ear. “They all need to get your smell back. We all do.”

Stiles nodded and allowed his body to be squashed tightly between Derek’s, who was solid and immovable, and Isaac who seemed to curl into all of his empty spaces. Stiles fell asleep warm and comfortable halfway through the movie. He woke after it was over to find his head curled into Derek’s neck and Boyd sitting silent and still on his other side. Another movie was playing on the screen in front of him.

“Sorry,” Stiles said, trying to move so that he wasn’t using Derek for a body pillow.

“Don’t apologise.” Derek said quietly. “You’ve been working hard.”

“Mmmm,” Stiles gave up trying to move off Derek since Boyd was immovable next to him. “It’s paying off though.”

“When are you going to do the nursery?”

“The baby is going to sleep with me for the first few months. Dad said it was the best idea; apparently I slept in their room for six months. I was, shockingly enough, a problem sleeper. When Sophia’s gone we’ll turn the room she’s been sleeping in into the nursery since it’s next to mine. I’m going to have to go and buy things soon. I started a list and it keeps getting longer…” Stiles trailed off when he realised that the rest of the pack was completely silent. He craned around to find them all staring at him. “What?”

“They are curious,” Derek said and given the way Stiles was now sitting Derek’s breath was sliding over Stiles’ neck.

“You know you guys can ask me anything you want.”

The movie was immediately turned off and Boyd slid just far enough away for Stiles to turn around and sit properly. He was still pressed into Derek from shoulder to knee.

“So…what do you want to know?”

“Have you felt the baby move?” Allison asked.

“Have you picked a name?” Isaac asked.

“Yes,” Stiles said. “I’ve felt the baby move a couple of times and I have a few names in mind.”

“Have you thought about getting a lawyer involved?” Lydia asked. “To make sure that your rights are protected and that everything goes smoothly after the birth.”

“I don’t have one yet but-”

“I have one,” Derek interrupted. “I’ll find out if he knows someone good who is involved in this type of law.”

Stiles stared at him for a moment. “Thank you.”

“Good,” Lydia said. “There is apparently a good second hand baby store in Lewis, tell me when you next have a day off and we’ll go shopping.”

“Don’t buy a bath though,” Allison said with a smile. “I got you one.”


“We weren’t sure if we could have a baby shower,” Allison said. “Since the mother doesn’t want to be part of her life but we’ve all got presents.”

“We'll have a shower for Stiles,” Derek said firmly. “And there will be no shopping trip until after the baby shower.”

“Yes, sir,” Stiles said with a grin. “But, you guys don’t need to do that.”

“They do,” Derek said. “A new life in the pack is a monumental thing. It’s in our nature to prepare for it even if we aren’t the parents.”

“She’ll be pack?” Stiles asked quietly.

“Of course she will,” Derek said, his voice low and rough. “She is yours.”

It wasn’t until two weeks later that Stiles realised one slight problem. He was checking his list and realised he had forgotten to include a car seat. Then he thought about his jeep. His amazing, beautiful, wonderful jeep…which was probably wildly inappropriate for a man with a baby and a car seat.

“Dad,” Stiles asked as he was pushing his mashed potato around his plate.


“I've been thinking about my car. I've had the jeep forever but it's not really suitable anymore, is it?”

His dad looked at him with something like pride. “Probably not.”

“I'll go down and see what I can do about trading her in.” Stiles really didn't want to get rid of the jeep but he knew he needed to do it.

“Want me to come down with you?”

Stiles stretched out his shoulders. “I should probably go on my own.”

His father shook his head. “Whatever you want.”

“I’ll go tomorrow, before I come to the station, just to see what they have.”

His father nodded and went back to eating his dinner.

The next day when Stiles parked outside the car lot he couldn’t decide if he was surprised to find his father’s patrol car parked in front of him or not. He left his baby behind and walked over to his father who was resting against a tree and drinking from a bottle of water.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Stiles said with a smirk.

His father looked at him and shrugged. “I was passing.”

“You didn’t have to come.”

“And you can still ask me for help.”

“I should do this stuff myself; I’m going to be a dad soon.”

“You are,” his father said. “And if there is anything having you taught me it’s that it doesn’t matter how old you are you still need help from your family.”

“Right,” Stiles said firmly and clapped his hands. “Let’s see what options they have for something cheap and safe.”

“Those are your only criteria?”

“It needs to be suitable for a car seat.”

“Well, that shouldn’t be too hard.”

It wasn’t. There was a little red thing that hadn’t been beaten up too badly that was newer than his jeep and relatively cheap. It would fit a car seat, having both back doors and a proper back seat. It would eat away at a little of what Stiles had saved but a bulk of the cost would be covered by the trade-in of his jeep which he had been keeping in perfect running condition for those times when you had to outrun a rabid alpha werewolf. His dad stepped in and negotiated the salesman down on price and organised for the car to be inspected before sale. Stiles shook the man’s hand and he and his father had left. They would go back after the car had been given the once over and he was sure it was safe and working right.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“I always enjoy haggling with a salesman.” His father smiled and started moving towards his car.

“How long have you known I’d need to get rid of the jeep?”

“The whole time.”

“And you never said anything?”

“I was waiting to see if you’d work it out. I figured if you still hadn’t by the time we were in month eight I’d say something.”

Stiles couldn’t help but smile. He might not have worked it out straight away but he had, eventually, and before the baby was born. He just might manage to not completely stuff up this whole fatherhood thing.

Two weeks later he drove his jeep to the car lot with Scott in the car next to him. They had both gone to collect the car when Stiles’ father had bought it for him. They had done a lot in this old blue jeep with the wrong coloured doors. Stiles couldn’t help but be sad to never get to drive it again. He had started his crush on Derek in this car. He had kissed Lydia for the first time in it…it was also the last place they had kissed before they’d broken up. He and Scott had fled any number of supernatural beings in this car and it had seen more than most little cars.

“Perhaps this is a metaphor for my life,” Stiles said as they sat outside of the car lot. “Leaving my young adulthood behind me as I embark on parenthood.”

Scott looked at him, rolled his eyes and then shook his head. “Or, you are just melodramatic.”

Stiles gasped. “Me? Melodramatic? How dare you, how, very dare you?”

“Let’s do this thing,” Scott said and Stiles drove the jeep the rest of the way into the lot.

They left the jeep behind and went into the sales office. Stiles signed the paperwork to sell the jeep and the paperwork to buy his new little red car. He reached into his wallet for the cash he had taken out of the bank but the salesman frowned at him.

“The balance has already been paid.”

“I’m sorry?” Stiles asked.

“The balance was paid yesterday, by a…Mr Stilinski.”

“I’m Mr Stilinski and I didn’t pay for the car.”

“The balance has been paid,” the salesman said again. “It was processed by James, let me just go and get him and we’ll sort this out.”

James came over and looked at the paperwork. “The sheriff came yesterday and paid the balance on the car, we were simply waiting for the jeep to arrive before we could release it.”

“The sheriff?” Stiles asked.


“Oh,” Stiles said. “Well, then I’ll talk to him then.”

They handed Stiles the keys and everything else he would need. Stiles and Scott stood in front of the car for a moment simply looking at it.

“It’s newer than the jeep,” Scott said.

“Safer too,” Stiles agreed. “I will be able to get a car seat in the back and-”

“You mean like the one already in there?” Scott interrupted.

“What?” Stiles walked around to the side of the car and peered into the window. There was a car seat in the backseat. It was the same one that Stiles had been researching online. “I can’t believe him.”

“Really?” Scott asked. “Because this seems exactly like your dad.”

“But he shouldn’t have, it’s too much.”

Scott punched Stiles in the shoulder.


“He is so excited about having a granddaughter,” Scott said. “He calls my mum all the time to talk about it. They are both fairly certain you are going to lose your mind when you realise how hard it is but they believe you can do it. He is just out of his mind looking forward to having a granddaughter to spoil.”

“I knew he was happy but I was fairly certain he was also disappointed.”

“In what? You’re not sixteen with your first girlfriend. This wasn’t planned but…shit, Stiles. If any of us is capable of having a kid at this point it’s you. Plus, you have all of us, I know you don’t really get it yet but Derek is being very clear. This baby is pack and we will all help. You had an accident but you’ve done the right thing as far as you are concerned so he has nothing to be disappointed in.”

Stiles pulled in a deep breath. “I just know this isn’t what he was expecting. It’s not what anyone was expecting. I always thought I was so careful.”

“Ninety-seven percent. It even happened to Ross and Rachel.”

Stiles looked at Scott incredulously. “Seriously?”

Scott shrugged. “Allison likes the show.”

“Well,” Stiles said with a shrug. “It is funny, but they are a couple on TV and that is the best you can come up with to comfort me?”

Scott shrugged.

“Come on,” Stiles said unlocking the door and sliding behind the wheel of his new car.

When they made it back to Stiles’ house Scott said his goodbyes and started off towards the woods. Stiles had plans to go and see the pack later and then he could show off his new car.

“Dad?” Stiles called out as soon as he’d made it into the house.

Sophia was sitting in the lounge room with a sandwich on her ever growing stomach. She turned around and said hello to Stiles before telling him that his father was out the back. Stiles asked her if she needed anything before he continued through the house and outside. He dad was stretched out on one of the chairs with a beer in hand.

“Dad,” Stiles said.

“Pick up the car?”

“I did and the oddest thing happened,” Stiles said coming to stand in front of his father. “I went to pay and they said that the Sheriff had taken care of it.”

His dad smirked at him.

“Then I get to the car and there is a car seat in the back.”

“It’s a good one,” was all his father said.

“I know. But, you didn’t need to do that.”

“Things are going to be hard enough,” his father said. “I know you have the money and I know you would have paid for it and that would have been that but I wanted to do this for you. One thing to make everything a little easier.”

“Thank you.”

Stiles’ dad smiled up at him. “You’re welcome.”

Stiles collapsed down into the chair next to the one his dad was in. “It was odd to leave the jeep behind.”

“It was a good car.”

“It stood up to evil alpha werewolves,” Stiles said with a sigh. “It was a warrior car.”

Sam let out a huff of disbelief. “Aren’t you going to Derek’s tonight?”

“Yes, I should get moving…wait, he only called me about that earlier. Have you two been having your super-secret chats again? Has he told you why he stopped coming for breakfast?”

Stiles’ dad looked at him like Stiles was an idiot but didn’t offer any explanation.

Stiles’ baby shower, he tried to stop Allison and Lydia calling it that but nothing would stop them, happened on a Sunday a month before the baby was due. Derek called him at an obscene time in the morning and asked him to come to Derek’s place early. Stiles agreed and turned his phone onto silent before he collapsed back into his pillows and fell asleep.

He woke up again later, his father was reading the paper in the backyard and Sophia was lying on the couch asleep. She had been sleeping a lot lately but everything Stiles had read indicated that it was completely normal and the doctor said she was completely healthy and their daughter was developing normally. They had been to the doctor on Friday so Stiles had a new photo, in 3D, that was honestly a little strange looking, to show everyone today. She knew he was spending the day with the pack, though she just called them his friends. Stiles knew she had plans to watch television today since she would be alone in the house for most of the time. Stiles was as quiet as he could when he went into the kitchen and made himself a sandwich. He explained to his father that he was going early and said he would see him later.

As soon as he turned his car off at Derek’s house the alpha walked out of the large shed that was off to the side of the house. Stiles left the few bits and pieces in the car before walking over to meet him. The shed was where Derek kept his gigantic werewolf pack moving car and the flashy Camaro that Stiles still had fantasies about driving. It was also were Derek would disappear to work on his physique and where the rest of the pack would disappear off to when they needed time or to work something out. Half of the building held a workout mat and the small amount of equipment that werewolves wouldn’t destroy. Then there was the last corner where Derek would go to and turn into a zen werewolf who liked to build things out of wood. Stiles had camped out one afternoon and watched as Derek had been building a table that later ended up in his father’s dining room.

That last corner of the shed was where Derek led Stiles. Stiles froze when he saw it.


Derek stood behind the cot and watched Stiles. “I made it for your daughter. Have you chosen a name yet?”

Stiles ducked his head. “I have but it’s a secret.”

“So you’ve told Scott.” Stiles looked up but Derek’s face was unreadable.

Stiles shook his head. “I haven’t even told my dad. Just in case.”

Derek’s face hardened. “In case of what?”

“Something Lydia said. What if Sophia has the baby and changes her mind and can’t give her up?”

“Do you think she might?”

Stiles shrugged and jammed his hands into his pockets. “Sophia isn’t any more interested in the baby than she was when she first told me that I was going to be a father but it happens, doesn’t it?”

Derek made a low, distressed sound that could almost sound like whine if Stiles had a death wish.

Stiles folded his arms over his chest and rolled his shoulders. “I try not to think about it but I’m not telling anyone the name until I know for sure that it’s going to be hers.”

“Have you been in touch with the lawyer?”

“Yeah,” Stiles said. “Everything is as sorted out as it can be but until she is born nothing will be signed and even then she has time to change her mind. I mean, if she wants to know her that’s great but I worry about Sophia taking her away.”

“We won’t let her.” Derek said firmly.

Stiles looked up at him. He wasn’t sure what was showing on his face but Derek’s face hardened and he nodded. Stiles returned the nod and attempted a smile.

Derek placed his hands on the cot in front of him. “This is for her, regardless.”

Stiles walked over towards Derek. The cot was a deep cherry colour and one of the sides was down lower than the other. When Stiles made it the whole way there Derek pulled it up making it the same height as the other side. Stiles ran his fingers over the smooth wood, at one end there was a carved wolf smiling down into the cot. Stiles ran a finger over the wolf’s ears and down over the snout.

“An odd choice,” Stiles said quietly. “But perfect for the newest member of your pack.”

“It’s a tradition,” Derek said. His voice was low and deep and Stiles would happily listen to Derek read the Matrix code if he did it in that voice. “The wolf represents the protection that the baby is given by the pack. There is nothing that the baby would ever need to fear from a wolf so long as it is a member of my pack.”

Stiles let his fingers continue trailing over the smoothed edges of the wolf. “She’s already very lucky.”

“You’re her father,” Derek said solemnly.

“Thank you for making this,” Stiles said. He walked around the cot trailing his fingers along the sides. “It would have taken you ages.”

Derek didn’t say anything.

“I appreciate all of the work you did.”

“This isn’t everything,” Derek said. He turned his back on Stiles and went behind a half wall. “I didn’t know you weren’t going to use a cot straight away so this isn’t as detailed.”

Stiles took two steps and looked around the wall. “A bassinette?”

“That’s what you said you were using.”

“But you…” Stiles looked up at Derek with shock. “You made one?” He looked at the bassinette and then back to the cot. “They match.”

“They’re both made of ash,” Derek said. “The sides of the cot can come off when she is old enough to just use a bed and I can move the floor of the thing down as you need.”

“Derek,” Stiles said walking around the bassinette and grabbing onto Derek’s wrists. The alpha looked down but made no move to get Stiles to let go. “It is so amazing that you’ve done all of this. Thank you, I…they are amazing.”

Derek smiled and Stiles’ stomach twisted.

“Wait,” Stiles said. “Ash? As in mountain ash?” Derek nodded. “How is that even possible?”

“It is protection for her,” Derek said. “I’m in her pack and mean her no harm so I will have no problem passing through the barrier if needed but if something else comes after her then she will be safe.”

“You made her a cot of mountain ash with a wolf to watch over her? How do you feel about sharing godfather with Scott?”

Derek looked at Stiles strangely.

“Or not, you know, if you don’t want-”

“Are you serious?” Derek interrupted.

“Yeah,” Stiles said. “I was toying with the idea before, I wasn’t really sure if you’d even be interested but…if you are, I’m serious.”

“Then I would very much like to be her godfather.”

“And this way Scott won’t be able to make any horrible godfather jokes.”

Derek lifted the bassinette and Stiles stepped back.

“I didn’t see a wolf.”

Derek paused but then kept moving. He placed the bassinette next to the cot and Stiles could see how matched they really were. The head and tail of the bed were both curved with slight detail but the main feature was the wolf and now that the bassinette was in the light Stiles could see the engraved wolf that was at one end of the bed section. Stiles smiled up at Derek who was watching him closely.

“I can’t wait to show these to dad.”

“I have a mattress for them both inside,” Derek said. “If you don’t like them you don’t need to use them.”

“Are you shitting me?” Stiles asked. “We need to get these into the house so everyone can just flail all over them.”

Derek nodded. “I’ll get one of the betas to help me as soon as they get here.”

Stiles bit at his lip and inspected the two pieces.

“What’s wrong, Stiles?”

“Can I take the bassinette but leave the cot here until after Sophia’s gone. We don’t really have space for it until we turn her bedroom into the nursery.”

“Of course.”

Stiles smiled and went back to just looking and touching the woodwork.

“Oh,” Stiles said suddenly and turned on Derek. “New ultrasound.”

Derek looked interested as Stiles pulled it out of his pocket and handed the picture to Derek. Stiles would put money on the fact that Derek’s face softened as he looked down at the photo.

The rest of the pack started arriving almost an hour after Stiles finally dragged himself away from the cot and bassinette. He had wondered, as they walked the short distance between the two buildings, when his life had come to the point when he was excited about a cot that Derek had built. Probably around the time that he realised he was really, honestly, going to have a daughter soon.

Isaac went out and helped Derek carry the cot and bassinette into the lounge room where Allison and Boyd were setting out some food. A lot of food really - the metabolism of a werewolf was mind boggling at times. Melissa was the last to arrive and Scott rushed out to relieve her of the giant hamper that she was pulling out of the boot of her car.

Stiles looked around the lounge room and towards one corner where there was a small mountain of wrapped items. “You’ve all overdone it.”

“We really haven’t,” Melissa said watching her son lift the basket like it weighed nothing. “Is that the newest picture?”

Stiles was about to answer when his father nodded and pulled Melissa over to where the picture had been stuck to the wall with the rest of them. There was also a collage of them all as babies. Stiles went into the kitchen to help Allison but he ended up just leaning into the counter and watching her.

“What’s wrong, Stiles?”

“I’m not sure what I should be doing. I normally am the one in here making stuff.”

Allison smiled at him. “And that is the exact reason that I am. Go in there and sit down and just relax. You haven’t been relaxed since you first told us about the baby.”

“I’m relaxed.”

Allison just sighed at him with disappointment. “You can’t even see it but you are almost twisted around like a pretzel with worry.”

“She’s right,” Derek said from the doorway making Stiles jump.


“You’re tense. Your heartbeat is always a little high and you’re obviously stressed.”



“Sorry,” Stiles said. “I’ll just go and sit down then.”

Derek grabbed his arm as Stiles was walking past. “It’s normal, but you should know you’re stressed. It can’t surprise you between how hard you’re working and the fact you’re so close to the due date.”

Stiles nodded. “I’m not prepared.”

“But,” Lydia said coming into the kitchen and grabbing his arm. “By the time you’ve opened the gifts you will be. Come on.”

“Are we doing gifts?” Stiles asked. “Because everyone bought too much.”

Lydia rolled her eyes. “As I have decided she will be my niece and she can never have too much, she’s going to be spoilt.”

“She already is,” Stiles said. “Did you see the cot?”

Lydia smiled at him like he was not very bright and pulled him out of the kitchen and into the lounge room. She pushed him down into a chair and Scott slumped into the seat next to him and handed him a glass.

“What is this I hear about Derek being a godfather?” Scott asked.

The werewolves around them froze but Sam and Melissa continued to talk quietly in the corner.

“I was going to talk to you about that,” Stiles said looking at Scott.

Scott looked over Stiles’ shoulder at Jackson. When Stiles turned to follow his eye line, Jackson shrugged at him. “I heard you both talking when I came by to drop the buns off.”

“And you felt the need to gossip about it?”

“Didn’t know it was a big secret.”

“It’s not,” Stiles said. “But, it was my news to tell.”

“You’re not that interesting, Stiles. Who cares if I told Scott, or you did?”

Stiles shook his head and turned back to Scott. “I wanted to ask you myself.”

Scott’s face shifted. “You were going to ask me too?”

Stiles nodded.

“But I’m the uncle.”

“You can be both,” Stiles pointed out.

“We’re both men,” Scott said in the same surprised voice.

“Wow,” Jackson threw in. “I can see the money you spent on higher education was worth it.”

Melissa clipped him around the ear and then went back to talking to Sam.

“Sorry,” Jackson muttered to Melissa.

“Would you like to be a godparent,” Stiles said. “Along with Derek.”

Scott smiled. “Oh, I suppose.”

“What about me?” Lydia asked. “Or Allison, you know strong, positive female role models for her.”

“That’s what Melissa is for,” Stiles said with a sweet smile.

Lydia glared at him. “Just because Derek likes to kiss men doesn’t mean he will be able to teach her all of the important things that she will need to know.”

“What?” Stiles said. “Since when does Derek like to kiss men?”

The entire pack, including his father and Melissa, looked at him like they were questioning his ability to walk and speak at the same time given his lack of a brain.

Stiles swivelled around and looked at Derek. “How did I miss that?”

Derek shrugged and ignored everyone to walk towards Sam and Melissa.

Stiles turned back to Scott. “When and how did I miss that?”

“I don’t know,” Scott said with a shrug.

“Traditionally,” Melissa said. “Children have three godparents.”

“Yes,” Lydia said. “But she’s a girl and they have two godmothers and one godfather.”

“And I’m just going to do what I want,” Stiles said with a happy shrug.

“As you should, really,” his father said. “Now, someone promised me lunch.”

“Yes,” Derek said. “Allison is just waiting for the last of it to come out of the oven but everyone should start eating.”

They ate until they were stuffed full and then lazed around in the lounge room. Melissa and Stiles’ father began telling him as many funny, and horrifying, stories about parenthood as they could. Then they started on the embarrassing stories about Stiles and Scott as they were growing up and Scott stood.

“I think it’s time for gifts.”

“But, I love hearing about you as a baby.” Allison said, kissing him.

“It’s all so interesting,” Jackson said in a high voice that was obviously designed to mock Allison. “Ow, shit, Lydia!”

Lydia smiled at him sweetly. “I think it’s time for presents.”

Stiles looked over at the mound of gifts and sighed.

“Buck up,” Melissa said, smiling at him. “Trust me when I say that you will come to appreciate everything you’ve been given.”

“I already do.”

“And you haven’t even seen what we got yet,” Lydia said. She went over and dug through the presents until she came out with a brightly wrapped pink present. “My cousin had a baby a year ago and I picked her brain for what you’d need.”

“The rest of us simply asked Mum and your dad,” Scott said. “It was much easier.”

“We came up with a list,” Allison said. “So there were no double ups but Derek had already started on the cot and bassinette.”

“Open it.” Lydia demanded.

Stiles obediently unwrapped her gift. Followed by Allison’s, then Danny and Jackson’s, Scott and his mother’s, Boyd and Isaac’s and Cora’s. he looked down at the loot surrounding him and smiled up at his…family.

“Thank you.”

There were nappies and wipes, a plastic bathtub, cloths, sheets and blankets - embroidered with little wolves, a stuffed lamb. A little blanket slash teddy bear with a soft satiny underside…two of them ‘for when you need to wash one of them and she loses her mind,’ Melissa had said with a sigh. Creams and lotions and bathwash, a little portable, foldable change mat/centre/carrier thing, bottles, and a sanitiser. And clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

“Shit,” Stiles said, as Lydia and Allison sorted through all of the clothes. “You guys way over did it.”

“They did,” his father said sitting next to him. “But isn’t it nice to be so loved?”

“Me or the kid?” Stiles asked.

His father looked thoughtful for a moment. “Probably my granddaughter.”


“And,” Scott said. “We had an idea for when she is born…what we are going to give her to celebrate. You are going to love it.”


“What?” Scott asked.

“You aren’t allowed to buy anything else; you’ve already bought her too much.”

Scott looked at him like he was speaking Russian. “Like we care what you say.”

Stiles opened his mouth to speak and then shut it. He looked over at Derek who looked very smug and Stiles knew he was not going to win that particular argument.

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