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/ \ / \ Epilogue / \ / \

“You look beautiful,” Derek said, as he walked up the stairs and Isabella passed him on her way down.

“Thanks, Papa,” Isabella said.

Derek froze looking at her carefully. Isabella responded with a smile and rushed on down the stairs. Derek frowned and turned back around to follow Isabella into the lounge room. She was tucking things into her pockets.

“Are you going somewhere special?” Derek asked.

“Movies,” Isabella said, without turning around.

Derek narrowed his eyes at his eldest daughter; she was never that taciturn - taking after Stiles more than Derek.

“Hey,” Stiles said, hand resting between Derek’s shoulder blades as he walked into the room. Stiles continued on after the brief contact. “You leaving soon?”

“Yes, Dad,” Isabella said, turning around to smile at Stiles.

“Is,” Derek said, eyes narrowed.

“Yes, Papa?” Isabella said with too much innocence in her eyes.

“What aren’t you telling me?”


“I can still hear when you’re not telling me the truth.”

“Papa…” Isabella said, looking torn.

Sarah walked into the room with them. “Bella’s lying about the fact she’s going on a date.”

“Sarah!” Isabella said loudly, turning around and glaring at her sister.

“You shouldn’t have refused to take me to the party last weekend, should you?” Sarah said, with the viciousness only know to teenagers.

“Stop it, both of you.” Derek demanded, turning around to look at his eldest daughter. “What do you mean you’re going on a date?”

“Papa, it’s…it’s nothing, it’s…”


Isabella turned to Stiles and looked at him plaintively. “Dad.”

“You knew about this?” Derek asked.

“Of course I knew about this,” Stiles said, with a shrug.

“And you weren’t going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you as soon as they were far enough away that you couldn’t turn and catch them.” Stiles moved closer and kissed Derek on the cheek. “It was for your own good.”

Derek growled at him.

Stiles kissed him again.

Derek glared at his husband and opened his mouth to speak when the doorbell rang.

Isabella rushed out and opened the door, looking at Adam who was standing on the other side.

“Hey, Izzy,” he said, with a nervous smile. Then he looked over her shoulder and paled. “Hi, Mr Stilinski, Hi, Mr Hale,” his voice cracked and his eyes caught on Derek’s thunderous expression.

Isabella turned around to look at her father. Derek was glaring, arms folded, biceps flexing as he stared, unblinkingly, at Adam.

“Nice night,” Adam attempted, voice weak.

Derek glared at him. “Where are you taking my daughter?” Stiles coughed. “Our daughter.”

“We’re going to see a movie-”

Isabella jumped in with the only adult movie she could think of that was playing.

Stiles reprimanded his daughter just as Adam spluttered.

“No, no, no, that’s not what we’re going to see…Disney, a Disney movie…cartoon,” Adam spluttered.

Isabella grabbed her father’s elbow and dragged him away from the door.

“Papa, why are you doing this?”


“You like Adam,” she said, “you like him, why are you being so mean to him? I knew you were going to be like this, it’s why I didn’t tell you.”

“I don’t like any teenage male.”

“Thanks, Pop,” Thomas said, as he walked past on his way to the kitchen.

Derek turned to look at the back of his son’s head. “You’re the exception…until you start dating; then you join the group.”

“What?” Stiles asked, confused. “How does that work?”

Derek turned around to glare at his husband. “I’m not happy with you either.”

“Maybe I should like…go?” Adam asked from the door.

“No,” Stiles said, turning around to look at him with a smile. “Derek’s just a little upset at the moment. You know how protective he is.”

“Yeah,” Adam said, eyes not leaving Derek.

“You and Izzy should go, enjoy your movie. We’ll see you by 10:30.”

“Nine,” Derek grit out.

“Eleven,” Stiles countered.

“Thanks, Dad,” Isabella said, bounding over to kiss him and then sighed and kissed Derek on the cheek too. “I’ll see you later, Papa.”

Isabella grabbed Adam’s hand and dragged him out of the door.

“Eleven?” Derek asked, as soon as the door was closed.

“Yep,” Stiles said, “that’s what you get.”

“For what?”

“That’s what you get for being…you.”


“No, that’s what you get for being you and pretending that you don’t like Adam and that you don’t trust our daughter. You’ve known him since he was twelve. He has always, always treated our daughter well, been a good friend, been protective of her when she’s needed it.”

“He’s never dated her before.”

“Well no, but he’s had a crush for about two years, as you well know.”

“You should have told me about the date.”

Stiles nodded. “I should have but…the first time she went to a dance you grilled her for twenty minutes about boys before she left. Every boy in her class was scared of girls. She was thirteen.”

Derek glared.

“We should have been teasing her and taking photos of her tonight, we should have been enjoying this together, but you get so overprotective and worried. So instead of us scaring him you…scared him witless, but mainly we should have been the normal level of protective rather than thinking about going and hiding in the back of the cinema.”

Derek’s glare intensified.

“I knew it. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I only found out by accident because Izzy was scared you would…do exactly what you did.”

“I don’t want to lose her.”

Stiles walked over and slipped his arms around Derek’s tense waist until he was hugging the werewolf. “You need to relax.”

“She’s vulnerable.”

“She’s strong and smart and she knows what’s out there.”

“But she’s human.”

“As am I, and you accepted that I could take care of myself years ago.”

“You’re…you…” Derek trailed off.

“And she is our daughter, she might be human but she knows how to defend herself which you know since you’ve been teaching her.”

Derek’s face turned mulish.

“You know I’m right.”

“Oh man,” Sarah said, coming out of the lounge room. “She’s not even going to get in trouble for lying?”

“She will,” Derek said, “and for the way you treated your sister you won’t be going to the party this weekend either.”

Sarah glared at them.

“She is family and pack, you shouldn’t betray her trust,” Derek said.

Sarah sighed and stomped out of the room.

Stiles groaned and dropped his head.

“Hey, Thomas, can we piss you off tonight?”

“No,” he said, popping up from next to the stairs, “though I got photos.”

“Thanks,” Stiles said, with a sigh.


Isabella walked into the house at 10:25pm to find Derek and Stiles sitting in the lounge room watching television.

“Hi,” she said, fighting valiantly to keep the broad smile off her face.

“Come in here,” Derek said, moving over on the couch so there was space between them for her to sit.

“I’m sorry, Papa.”

“Is,” Derek started, “you never need to lie to me.”

She nodded and looked down at her hands in her lap. “I just…I was so excited, I’ve been waiting for him to ask me out forever and he finally did and…you just want me to be a little girl forever but I’m not going to be.”

Derek looked horrified at the thought and then sighed. “I know. I just want you to be safe.”

“It’s Adam, I’m always safe with Adam.”

Derek looked at her with silent disbelief.

“He was so worried I had to kiss him when the movie was over, he never would have done it.”

Stiles laughed. “Not the right way to go.”

“But, I don’t like lying to you. You will let me go out with him again, won’t you?”

Derek sighed. “I have no faith that I could stop you, you’re Stiles’ daughter.”

“I’m yours too,” Isabella said, wrapped her arms around him.

“That’s not what I meant,” Derek said, but he returned the hug.

“You forgive me, don’t you, Papa?”

Stiles bit back the smile as Derek silently nodded and kissed Isabella on the head.


“Seventeen years later and you’re still wrapped around her finger,” Stiles said, once Isabella had gone upstairs to be giddily happy about her date alone in her room.

Derek didn’t say a word. Stiles smiled and lifted his husband’s arm so that he could curl under the limb.

“Have you forgiven me too?”


“Can I convince you?”


“I found out by accident too, she wasn’t going to tell either of us. At least I don’t think she was.”

“And you still lied to me.”

“I didn’t tell you straight away. Just like you didn’t tell me right away when that witch, a couple of years ago, cut you open and tried to play with your organs.”

“You yelled at me for an hour over that. And are you ever going to stop bring it up to win a fight.”

“Just giving you some perspective.”

Derek froze and cocked his head.

“Eavesdropping is rude.”

“Sarah went in to apologise to Is, now they’re gossiping about the date.”

Stiles smiled and snuggled in closer. “You’ll have to let her go to the party since you forgave Izzy so quickly.”

“I know,” Derek said with a sigh. “But not until she’s paid some penance.”

Stiles twisted around to look up at Derek even though he understood. The pack, their family, was strong because they were together and they watched out for each other. To Derek, to the alpha, betraying the confidence of a family member was a more serious crime than hiding something from them.

“I won’t avoid telling you about any of the kids dating from now on.”

“That’s very specific.”

Stiles smiled and drew Derek down into a kiss. “That was the point.”

“I don’t forgive you.”

“You will,” Stiles said, kissing him again.

/ \ / \ The End / \ / \

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