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the evil has been defeated razycrandomgirl March 12 2017, 16:24:52 UTC
Bruh. Some one put a stake in it, finally! Now if SPN would do the same.

Will you tell me, what was the straw that finally made you quit?


RE: the evil has been defeated ladygawain March 12 2017, 17:29:30 UTC
Lol, god how is SPN still going? i don't even want to know what season it's on ( ... )


RE: the evil has been defeated razycrandomgirl March 12 2017, 18:44:44 UTC
Now Bonnie's going to go back to Africa!

I had to quit when they brought back Matt Davis. I cannot stand his trash ass. All those other characters died, better characters and Alaric is back ... and I never really got over the whole Martin Family being excited with no explanation and hardly any information about their background outside of the vampire bs.

And then the show was blatantly racist and radicalized and Bonnie Bennett was not enough to keep me around. The abuse of that character was too much for me. I had to let her go.


ever_neutral March 13 2017, 03:54:29 UTC
lol, even you too?? Don't do this to me.

Bonnie living happily ever after is everything.

"This show, really, in sum was a great disappointment." -- Real. I believe the AV Club encapsulated that after a few seasons it fell apart under its own weight, which is truly on point. Yet it also deserves credit IMO for setting out to be something different in YA (it's not often you'll see a main cast of villain protagonists... albeit highly romanticised ones because it's a still YA show, mess/bless). I don't regret my time in fandom either because the characters and dynamics actually were complex enough to deserve that much attention. (These days I'm just not that involved in Western fandoms anymore, but my time in them brought y'all so what is there to regret.)

passion & danger, michael suby

P.S. Can't believe you passed on the opportunity for a Baldavino the crow gif.


ladygawain March 13 2017, 10:45:57 UTC
I tried. But, god, I loved these characters so much once upon a time so I couldn't resist and then I was feeling EMOTIONS, and started watching sad fan videos on YouTube, and it was a hot mess. Like grieving for an old friend I didn't even like.

YES, to that AV Club review. Like, this show of all the YA shows from around 2007 onwards will always be one of the better ones. And the fact that it managed to last 3-4 more seasons than it had any right to - is purely because of the characters/dynamics it started with that were so compelling. And I suppose it's why I can still be all ~emotional~ with it ending, because mainly I'm remembering how good it was and how much I loved it, lol.

Truly, no RAGRATS, it made me some fire friends and delivered some fire fic.

Baldavino - how could I forget, the best animal actor in TV history! God, those were some fucking good times. I need to get my emotions under control though because I keep feeling tempted to host a ~goodbye TVD~ ficathon if only to drag you and others back for one last hurrah ( ... )


ever_neutral March 13 2017, 13:45:00 UTC
Word. I think TVD really tapped into an audience that actually wanted their YA more ambitious and high-intensity (as opposed to, like... "group of normal teenagers have various relationships, no actual plot"), hence the cultural phenomenon tbh.

keep feeling tempted to host a ~goodbye TVD~ ficathon

This is literally why the "hoe don't do it" meme was invented.


ladygawain March 13 2017, 15:12:23 UTC
True, true.

Lmao, you know me and my terrible life choices. I regret nothing! (I regret everything). I'm glad I'm too lazy to do it though, because that would be embarrassing - even for me.


upupa_epops March 18 2017, 20:48:52 UTC

I don't even remember when I dropped it (...I wanna say when they got rid of Elena? But if you told me to give you any plot from the last season with Elena, I'd probably fail?), but OMG THE FANDOM. The lj TVD fandom was fucking amazing, and I mourn it endlessly. Still wondering if I wanna see the finale. I'll probably wait for when it's on Netflix, because since I moved countries, I can't figure out how downloads work :(.


ladygawain March 19 2017, 17:09:11 UTC
Lmao. I genuinely have no idea what the last season was about and I caught a few scenes here and there (Bonnie scenes).

TVD LJ fandom was a gift and a half. Like, you guys were and are incredible and I just miss reading all your marvelous meta and engaging with each other in far more interesting ways than Tumblr allows, and just the range of discussion LJ allowed where it didn't always feel like we were attacking each other or trying to bash each other into agreeing on the same reading. Like, i don't want to idealize, obviously, but ugh, Tumblr is such a toxic space to me outside of the pretty gifs to reblog.

I think you can also see the finale on YouTube. Random people seem to upload whole episodes of shows if you know where to look (e.g. for a video longer than 10 minutes or something). It's hilarious.



upupa_epops March 19 2017, 20:15:29 UTC
I mean, obviously there were bad parts about LJ fandom, but yes, the discussion was more nuanced, and I definitely felt a lot more inclined to actually have educated opinions. As well as to just post stupid shit. (Remember when TVD turned into hot mess, and I gave up on writing reviews in favor of just posting a picture of an owl once a week? This shit would not fly on Tumblr, no pun intended.)

Lol maybe I should just make a good old feelings vomit post about The 100 and see what happens ;).


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