SXSW Day 2 and 3

Mar 17, 2016 09:38

Tuesday and Wednesday were long and with the warm weather (in the 90's, WTH?) we were slapping on the sunblock and downing water like crazy. There's a coffeehouse/bar with four stages less than a mile from our house and there were three different record labels showcasing their acts. Shoegazey, metal, singer/songwriter, rap, pop, etc., etc. Ten bands, nothing ground breaking so we took a break to meet up with our brew club. Later we went to see a local act we'd been hearing were great live. They were! Calliope Musicals are an energetic six piece whose show was like a DIY Flaming Lips show with costumes and confetti cannons and mylar pom poms. We were dancing from the first to the last song. It was a super fun way to end the evening.

Yesterday we started with an 80's-ish band from Minneapolis, Night Moves I liked the first few songs but they all started sounding the same and I wanted to see Brothers in Law from Italy so we moved on. Another dozen bands, a handful of CDs and more water and sunblock and we were whipped.

Today it's breakfast tacos, bloody marys and bands leading into an afternoon day party. We already know we love Hinds and The Crookes There's a punk/metal record label showcasing ten bands up the street so we're planning to do a back and forth all day. We'll see how it goes.

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