TVD 4x22

May 10, 2013 07:21

I'm really, really sleepy despite having had enough sleep, so let's hope writing a quick episode reaction will wake me up. I'll likely forget a lot of things, what with having to leave for school at a reasonable hour, and stuff.

TVD 4x22 )

fandom: the vampire diaries

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swirlsofblue May 10 2013, 08:49:24 UTC
At first I didn't like how little Elena changed, but as the episode went by I grew to love it; I too really enjoyed her this episode, there was so much about it that was just so Elena.

Yeah, I love that about Stefan, constantly trying to fix things to how his understanding of them says they should be, messed up little buttercup that he is. But he manages to get in a few good points too.

I was wondering whether I was the only one RE Caroline. I mean, it is a vampire show. But that whole thing just felt very wrong, just by itself. And then like was that something from her past or something, what was happening there, it felt like more than Silas just giving her a command to do it, like an echo. It felt very different to, for example, the scene where Klaus commanded Katherine to stab herself in the leg.

I really hope Bonnie comes back, I can't really imagine them having the show without her, she's such an integral part.


upupa_epops May 13 2013, 20:37:48 UTC
The Caroline thing was absolutely gruesome, and some people reacted REALLY badly to it :(. Idk, it was mostly gratuitous gore to me, there to shock. And it worked, only not in a good way :(.

I so hope Bonnie comes back to life!


rosaxx50 May 10 2013, 10:07:08 UTC


upupa_epops May 13 2013, 20:38:47 UTC


badboy_fangirl May 10 2013, 22:15:09 UTC
Explain how fandom destroyed the return of Alaric for you? I don't get it.

I agree 100% about Ric as Silas--I said to my roomie that as much as I straight-up love Alaric as a character (and it's def. Alaric I love, not Matt Davis, who is WEIRD with a capital W. E. I. R. D.), but when he's magical when he's evil. AlariKlaus, Evilaric, and Silaric have been a visual feast, everytime. If they can't find a way to bring Ric back permanently, his next gig should be playing the villain of EVERYTHING.

And, I continue to ship Bonnie/Jeremy so much even though they aren't even that romantic really? IDEK, I just love them, and how she repeatedly breaks all the *rules* for him.

And poor stupid desperate Damon. God, I love him so much. Because even when he's dumb, he's still smart (see, not being fooled by Silas. SO AWESOME)!


upupa_epops May 13 2013, 20:42:17 UTC
Fandom had some bizarre hysterical love fest about the parts I thought badly written ("Go get the girl"? Seriously?), completely ignored the things I liked the most, and, as bonus, managed to turn Damon into a sad, foreveralone puppy. Eh.

Matt Davis is a weirdo, but he should play villains ALL THE TIME! He's excellent at it!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Damon deals with the finale :).


lynnenne May 10 2013, 23:50:50 UTC

OMG, let me tell you how much I LOVED that turning it back on didn't change her much. Take that, puppet masters.

I was a great writing decision. Loved it.

The Caroline scene was triggery as fuck.

The "I thought you were gonna take care of the children" was absolutely brilliant.

BWAH, I totally forgot about that exchange! It was hilarious.

She can do anything, and she will do anything, and she will bring this boy back, because fuck you.



upupa_epops May 13 2013, 20:47:03 UTC

Elena remains my favorite thing about this episode. I am predictable.


ever_neutral May 11 2013, 06:48:12 UTC
but OMG, let me tell you how much I LOVED that turning it back on didn't change her much.
PREACH. Now can fandom's division of "Elena"s PLEASE DIE.

It was fascinating to see Stefan struggle with her "coming back wrong" YET AGAIN.
I know right. I love (!) how Stefan always overestimates his own importance in Elena's life. Meanwhile, Damon can only be decisive when he's playing the Bad Guy.

lol Alaric. You know how I feel about him. (… I also don't really see much that's impressive about Matt Davis? You're gonna have to show me the light there.)


upupa_epops May 13 2013, 20:48:29 UTC
Oh, don't worry, fandom promptly ignored that "switched on" Elena isn't that different from "switched off" Elena ;).

Lol, there's not much to talk about XD. I just really like how he plays villains. Klaus!Alaric remains my favorite.


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