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May 10, 2013 07:21

I'm really, really sleepy despite having had enough sleep, so let's hope writing a quick episode reaction will wake me up. I'll likely forget a lot of things, what with having to leave for school at a reasonable hour, and stuff.

I really enjoyed Elena this episode: her attitude, her obsession, her refusal to apologize. She isn't dealing with loss. She just isn't. The fear for life she had when Bonnie was about to kill her in 4x19? That's gone. "Kill me. You'll be doing me a favor". It works for me that the joy of getting Jeremy back gives her a shocking amount of balance (it removes the immediate reason of her breakdown, the joy at first would totally be overwhelming), but OMG, let me tell you how much I LOVED that turning it back on didn't change her much. Take that, puppet masters.

It was fascinating to see Stefan struggle with her "coming back wrong" YET AGAIN. She isn't what he expected, so he has to keep fixing, fixing until there's nothing left. Meanwhile, Damon is paralyzed and avoids being around her at all, because he has no idea how to act. Salvatores, you fail at life and get, respectively, slapped and stabbed. Highly enjoyable.

The scene in which Caroline cuts her wrists was damn disturbing, and I don't mean it in a good way. If I flinched, there were people who were affected much, much more. Who thought this was a good idea?

I freshly discovered that fandom sucked all the joy out of Alaric for me :(. I actually enjoyed most of his scenes (and I REALLY enjoyed Matt Davis playing Silas. Oh boy, did I. Matt Davis, the only actor on TVD who already played 3 different villains, and each performance left me begging for more.). The "I thought you were gonna take care of the children" was absolutely brilliant. Other things were brilliant too, and some things were very much not brilliant, but the reaction I saw from tumblr fandom made me wish Alaric never showed his face again. #reasons why I shouldn't be allowed to socialize

At first I was a bit "meh" about Bonnie bending over backwards to bring Jeremy back... but then, OMG IT MAKES ALL THE SENSE. All her problems with the spirits started when she brought him back for the first time. Now she spent the whole season being pushed around, and just when she thought Silas couldn't get inside her head... Silas got inside her head. So now she finally broke. In this feeling of power from draining Silas, she broke down and fell apart. She won't even feel powerless again. She can do anything, and she will do anything, and she will bring this boy back, because fuck you. That's it, that's her reason. She'll bring him back because she knows everyone would tell her she can't. [4x23 / s5 spoilers]And if spoilers are correct, she won't be dead for good. So, good. I'm not sure how I feel about all of this yet, I'm not sure how I like any of the endings, but I do love this: Bonnie Bennett risking her life, for once not for other people, but because she can't handle the thought of not being all-powerful. After years of being told that she has to do everything, that she has to find a way to do everything, that her magic is a tool -- she breaks, and won't accept limits to her powers. There's nothing worse for her than being powerless, and she'll die proving to herself that she won't ever be powerless again.

Okay then, let's see the finale!

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