Multifandom Comment Rec-a-thon

Jun 23, 2012 23:58

You wouldn't believe how many fannish ideas I have now that I don't really get fandom time. I'm terribly bored, and only messages from friends keep me sane. So I thought of something I could do even on hiatus. Ready? Go!


How does it work?

A bit like a comment ficathon, only it's for recs. Think of something you really want to read/see (fic, meta, vid, graphics, anything) and make a request in a comment. One comment = one request. Request as many things as you want, be as general or specific as you want. Request format: fandom - character(s) - form (i.e. fic, meta, vid etc) - details (optional). Then go and read other people's comments, and if you know something they're asking for -- recommend it (please include ratings and warnings in your recs)! Happiness will ensue.

Example requests

1. BtVS - Buffy/Spike - fic - They play checkers on the porch, Dawn interrupts.
2. ASoIaF - Jon - any - no DwD spoilers please
3. TVD - Bonnie - vid - any Florence song

It would be awesome if the first person commenting could make an "Questions/Comments" thread, because I can't post comments on my own journal now XD. Tomorrow I will be available for an hour or two, so I'll be answering everything then.

Have fun!

comment rec-a-thon

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