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Baekhyun/Kyungsoo | NC-17 | 7833 words
Kyungsoo visits Baekhyun, Lu Han and Jongin's sex shop 
to buy a gift for his friend and ends up with more than that.

It’s a rather slow day at the store.

Not many people had come over today, probably opting to stay inside their refreshed dorms after classes ended instead of venturing outside. Lu Han and Jongin come to the conclusion that this is conveniently good; not only it gives them time to reorganize some of the DVDs the customers always manage to misplace, but also gives them a bit of peace and quiet.

Now Baekhyun… Baekhyun feels bored out of his mind, and he’s only been two hours into his shift. He wishes he didn’t have the store to worry about for once; wishes he could go back to his room and lie in bed sucking on a popsicle until the sun is down and the day more bearable. But that’s just what it is: a wish. Instead, he’s hunched over his far-from-being-finished sociology paper, pen tapping against the counter as he tries to recall his professor’s words from this afternoon. He’s not making much progress.

Sweat sticks to his skin, making him more fidgety.

“We need to fix the aircon soon, I feel like I’m melting,” Baekhyun says, a hand clutching his t-shirt and fanning himself with it in attempt to cool his body a little.

“Yeah, I’ve already called the repair company,” Lu Han says from where he’s sitting on the floor with Jongin, counting the new merchandise that arrived this morning. “They said they’d send someone in a couple of days.”

Great, Baekhyun thinks, sighing. ‘A couple of days’ means he still has to go through several hours inside this mini oven.

Lu Han goes back to counting, silence once again prevailing. Baekhyun peeks outside, through the glass doors, a cheek resting against his palm, as if waiting for something to happen. The street is deserted, not a single soul in view, but he stays like that for a while, almost in a trance, wondering what his roommate, Jongdae, would buy for dinner. After what seems like an eternity (when in reality it was just five minutes), he hears Lu Han murmuring something, and that breaks Baekhyun’s train of thoughts. He spins around in his seat, towards Lu Han and Jongin, numerous boxes surrounding them. And then an idea springs to life.

Doing merchandise checklist has never been Baekhyun’s thing; he’d always push the task to Jongin, claiming his short attention span could bring serious consequences to the business if he counted the items wrong, but now it doesn’t seem so unappealing. Maybe this could be the solution to his boredom. Lu Han and Jongin look so engrossed in what they’re doing, not even realizing the hands of the clock mocking them, dragging more and more, and Baekhyun would do anything to pass the time. Anything except his assignment, that is.

Baekhyun looks down at the paper on the counter, glaring as if it should magically start writing itself. He’s about to ask Lu Han to trade places with him, because all the knowledge seeped into his brain seems to evaporate with the heat of the summer anyway, and he’d rather be productive by doing something else, when the chime of the door bell echoes through the store, indicating the entry of a new customer.

The timing is too perfect, just the distraction Baekhyun needs. He looks up from his assignment immediately, a greeting ready on the tip of his tongue before the person’s even stepping inside.

“Welcome!” Baekhyun says eagerly, already sliding his books to the side in abandonment.

The boy who’s just finishing closing the door turns around at the sound of Baekhyun’s voice, a little startled, and wow, Baekhyun thinks, because even from a few meters away Baekhyun can tell how good looking he is.

And young. Maybe too young to be in a sex shop, Baekhyun muses, but then Baekhyun is reminded of Lu Han and himself, and all the times their friends made fun of them for looking younger than their actual age, so he supposes he shouldn’t be one to judge.

What Baekhyun does, however, is observe him.

The boy looks around with poorly repressed curiosity as he ventures further into the store, wide eyes sweeping through the framed pictures of faceless, half naked people hanging on the bright red walls, the mannequins wearing provocative lingerie or uniforms, and at last the various shelves with all types of DVDs, instructional books and sex toys on display. It doesn’t take a genius to tell the boy’s uncomfortable, obviously never having visited a sex shop before. There’s hesitation in his every step, and his eyes never linger too much in anything he finds. He doesn’t seem repulsed though, which is a good thing. He must be a vanilla-sex kind of guy, finally deciding to spice up his sexual life a bit. Or maybe a virgin. A part of Baekhyun, one that partially surprises him, thinks this little piece of assumption is kind of cute; while the other, and much stronger one, wants to do something to change it.

The customer comes to a stop in one of the narrow aisles made by shelves, finally letting his gaze settle on something. It’s the dildos & vibrators aisle. He examines their different sizes, colors and shapes with what seems like embarrassment. He lifts a pointed finger, apparently to poke a particularly weird one - purple and thick -, but just as he’s about to touch it he seems to change his mind, retreating his hand like he had been electrocuted, not believing what he was about to do.

The sight’s too amusing and adorable, and Baekhyun feels the urge to laugh. Suddenly his day holds promise of something much better.

“Baekhyun-ah,” Lu Han calls him, and just then Baekhyun realizes he’s still sitting on the stool, smiling like a creep as he stares at the customer instead of attending him; a predator watching its prey. “Do you want Jongin to go?” He asks, probably assuming Baekhyun’s still busy and planning on continuing his assignment.

Baekhyun’s reply comes too fast. “No!” He practically shouts, scrambling out of his seat to prove his point. When he realizes how loud his voice sounded (not to mention desperate), he clears his throat, slightly embarrassed. “I mean, it’s okay, hyung. I got it.” Now in a more composed tone. As he makes his way around the counter and towards the customer, he thinks there’s a smirk pulling on the edges of Lu Han’s lips, but he pretends it’s his imagination.

“Hi!” Baekhyun says when he comes to a halt behind the boy, and if the jumping of his shoulders is any indication Baekhyun startled him again. The boy spins around to look at him, and he looks as if he was caught in the act. Baekhyun smiles sweetly, attempting to hide his amusement and show more reassurance. “How may I help you?”

Under the bright lights and at close range, Baekhyun can exam the boy better, and he likes what he sees. He’s slightly shorter than Baekhyun, which is good for Baekhyun’s ego, and his frame is also small and delicate; his hair is fairly short, bangs barely falling on his forehead; his features are soft, yet thick eyebrows arch over naturally big eyes, and to complement there are lips that Baekhyun imagines would look even more beautiful wrapped around his-

“Hmm, hi,” The boy says uncertainly, pulling Baekhyun out of his reverie. He searches for the right words to say next, and in the meanwhile Baekhyun adds another note to his analysis: his voice is really nice. “I’m looking for a toy?” His tone makes it sound like a question.

The smile on Baekhyun’s face becomes wider. “Anything in particular?”

The boy gives the room a rapid scan, as if it could help him find the answer. “Not really. I was hoping you could give me a few suggestions.” He offers, a light blush dyeing his cheeks.

“Sure, I can do that. Come with me.” Baekhyun says, nodding, and then motions for the boy to follow him, guiding him down the aisle.

They walk side by side. From the corner of his eye Baekhyun can see the boy has his head tilted down, doing whatever he can to not pay attention to the section of whips and gags they‘re passing by.

“First-timer, huh?” Baekhyun comments, glancing over to the boy to see him nodding, confirming what he already knew. He takes in his young appearance again. Memories of the Sehun Incident flows through his mind. “You’re not a minor, right?”

“No?” The boy says amusedly.

“Okay, just making sure,” Baekhyun says, relieved. “And don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Our shop is known for products of great quality, long durability, and…” The boy looks up expectantly at him. “Exceptional customer service.” Baekhyun waggles his eyebrows, and the boy hurriedly breaks their eye contact.

Baekhyun laughs, relishing in how flustered he looks.

They stop where the smaller and regular dildos are located together with some vibrators, just in case the boy’s indeed a virgin and has to start with something simpler.

“We should start with these.” Baekhyun points at the general direction of the shelf with his thumb, and Kyungsoo follows the movement with his eyes, focusing on some small vibrators. By the tension of his shoulders he doesn’t feel any less uncomfortable. “But first, I should ask your name, you know, to break the tension.”

The lie comes out too easily. If it were any other customer Baekhyun wouldn’t give himself the trouble, first-timer or not, but the situation here is completely different; Baekhyun’s interested in this boy, and if Baekhyun plans on putting the moves on him the least he should do is trade names with him before any further advances (Baekhyun’s not that shallow yet to disregard this requirement).

“Ah, I’m Kyungsoo,” The boy - Kyungsoo - informs, and Baekhyun nods, filing the name into his brain and replaying it in his head, enjoying its sound.

“It’s nice to meet you, Kyungsoo. I’m Baekhyun.” Baekhyun extends a hand.

Kyungsoo looks down at it for a second, pondering, before finally accepting and taking it in his own. The sensation of their skins touching has Baekhyun biting his lip; it’s slightly clammy due the heat and maybe nervousness too, but no less soft and welcoming. When Kyungsoo retreats his hand, Baekhyun makes sure to let the touch linger for a bit, thumb brushing subtly against Kyungsoo’s palm, a clear invitation that makes Kyungsoo look away again.

“So, Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun starts, and he almost feels bad about the question he’s about to ask since Kyungsoo looks embarrassed enough, but Baekhyun isn’t known for being tactless for nothing. “Are you a virgin?”

“What? Me?” Kyungsoo splutters, eyes turning impossibly wider and expression almost outraged. “How is that relevant?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to recommend you something too big, you know? If you’re a beginner, you should start with something like this.” Baekhyun reaches behind Kyungsoo, and then waves a thin silver vibrator to him. “It’s small enough to not make it too uncomfortable or painful, and its vibrations can stimulate you too. Pleasure 100% guaranteed.”

Kyungsoo looks mortified.

“No.” He shakes his head, and Baekhyun gapes a little.

“Something bigger?” Baekhyun tries, actually surprised by Kyungsoo’s boldness, but Kyungsoo’s quickly denying again before he even thinks about picking something else.

“Oh my god, no!” He covers his eyes with a hand, like he can’t believe this is happening and wants the floor to open up and swallow him.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” Baekhyun comforts. “We’re all guys here, and it’s completely normal to want to experience something new.”

“It’s not that, it’s-Okay, I guess it’s my fault. I forgot to mention this isn’t for me,” Kyungsoo explains, batting Baekhyun’s hand away from his face when he wills down his embarrassment enough to uncover his eyes and notices Baekhyun’s still holding the vibrator in front of him. “It’s a gift for a friend.”

Baekhyun wants to laugh then, really laugh because of course Kyungsoo would pull the friend excuse on him. Cute.

“Right, your friend,” Baekhyun says, and if the tone in his voice doesn’t indicate his sarcasm, the lift of an eyebrow certainly does.

“No, it’s true!” Kyungsoo insists and starts to explain further. “You see, it’s my roommate’s 21st birthday soon, who’s also one of my best friends, so we decided to give him a sex toy as a prank.”

Baekhyun eyes him suspiciously. “Right,” He says again, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Yeah so you don’t need to, hmm, explain anything to me.”

“Because it’s nothing serious.”


“Only a prank gift for your friend.”


“And because you already know how everything being sold in this store works anyway.”

“Ye-I mean, no!” Kyungsoo hurriedly corrects, and this time Baekhyun can’t contain his laughter.

“You’re cute,” Baekhyun tells him, his teasing doing nothing to minimize Kyungsoo’s embarrassment.

Silence falls upon them, and Baekhyun would characterize it as a pretty awkward one, if he wasn’t busy trying to ignore what it sounds like a snicker coming from Jongin, who’s obviously eavesdropping.

Baekhyun studies Kyungsoo carefully, searching for any lies in his words, while Kyungsoo just continues to stare at him with his big, pretty eyes, almost in a pleading manner to make Baekhyun believe him.

There are three possibilities being laid out to him here: 1) Kyungsoo’s not actually into men, hence his embarrassment towards Baekhyun’s advances (this one makes Baekhyun want to laugh again, so he discards it and moves on to possibility number two); 2) Kyungsoo’s still in the process of accepting his newly discovered kink and making up an excuse; or 3) Kyungsoo’s really telling the truth. Baekhyun ponders for a bit. Gift for a friend or not, Baekhyun’s purpose remains the same, and if any of this should discourage him, it doesn’t. In fact, it makes him more determined. A little challenge can be fun too. Baekhyun catches himself wondering how fast he can make Kyungsoo fall under his charms.

“Okay, if you say so.” Baekhyun eventually says, not completely convinced but letting Kyungsoo think otherwise. “But first, I need to clarify something.”


And another tiny lie comes out of Baekhyun’s lips.

“When me, Lu Han and Jongin,“ Baekhyun starts, spinning Kyungsoo around by the arms so he can face the cash register’s direction, where Lu Han and Jongin are indeed watching them, deciding this is way more entertaining than any checklist. “That’s Lu Han and Jongin,” Baekhyun says, pointing at them respectively. Lu Han and Jongin give them a little wave of the hand, and Baekhyun spins Kyungsoo back to his previous position so they’re facing each other again. “When we decided to open this store we swore we’d only give our customers the best treatment possible, always ready to clarify any queries. So if I do what you told me, Kyungsoo, about not needing to explain anything to you, I’d be breaking my word, and that’s not a very honorable thing to do.” His voice drops to a whisper and, inching closer to Kyungsoo’s ear, he adds, “So let me explain to you all about these vibrators and how good they are.” Kyungsoo’s breath hitches.  Baekhyun squeezes Kyungsoo’s arms briefly before dropping his hands, and then steps back, a smile on his face. “Okay?”

Kyungsoo, a little overwhelmed by the proximity of Baekhyun’s body, his words, or both, remains silent for a few seconds before he finally manages to compose himself a little and reply. “Okay, it’s just that… I don’t want to take up your time. It’s really just a gift we’ll give as a joke, nothing serious,” He says, and there’s such sincerity in his voice Baekhyun finds himself thinking he’s cute again. That until Kyungsoo bites his bottom lip, and god how those lips are sinful, so Baekhyun scratches that former thought.

“Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun sighs and invades Kyungsoo’s personal space once more, this time throwing an arm around his shoulders. “You’re not taking up my time,” He reassures him. “It’s my pleasure to be of your assistance.” His eyes go half lidded, and he’s sure Kyungsoo shivers a little despite the heat inside the room. “So stop worrying and let’s find something for your friend.” And then he moves away again, detaching himself from Kyungsoo, oddly missing his warmth. He starts walking to the adjacent aisle, and soon Kyungsoo is following close behind.

On the way, Baekhyun thinks he hears Kyungsoo mumbling: “Fine. And just so you know, I’m not a virgin”. Baekhyun secretly smiles to himself.

Now that the situation is cleared (cleared according to Kyungsoo, at least, because Baekhyun’s still suspicious about this friend of his), Kyungsoo seems substantially more relaxed (despite Baekhyun’s obvious flirting). Albeit he still avoids looking too much at the toys as they stop in another section of the store, he doesn’t fidget like he wants to get the hell out of there. That’s only because he doesn’t know what Baekhyun has in mind, of course.

Baekhyun holds out another toy now, circular and slightly transparent, and ironically, he thinks as all the information he has on the products of the store comes to the front of his mind, this kind of knowledge doesn’t melt away with the heat of the summer.

“Cock ring,” Baekhyun says, shifting it in his hand so Kyungsoo can have a better look. “But this isn’t a simple cock ring, it’s a duet one. There are two small vibrators attached to it, so-“

“What about something more… ordinary?” Kyungsoo interrupts before Baekhyun can even get to the best part. “I don’t think Chanyeol even knows what this is. He’d probably think it’s a weird kind of teether or something.”

Baekhyun tries not to frown and school his expression into something that’s not aversion, because how dumb this Chanyeol guy could be to think that? But he’s not very successful apparently, because Kyungsoo’s smiling a little at him, amused, and oh, he has a nice smile too. Apparently everything about Kyungsoo is nice, Baekhyun concludes. And now that he studies Kyungsoo’s words better, that implies Kyungsoo knows what a cock ring is. He’s not so naïve, after all.

Baekhyun fights the urge to smirk at this new discovery.

“Okay, something simpler then.”

He puts the cock ring away, and bends down briefly in order to reach the bottom shelf. A black butt plug sits on his palm a moment later.

Kyungsoo bites his lip as he looks at it, pensive. Then he shakes his head. No.

“Come on, you can’t tell me he won’t know what this is!” Baekhyun says incredulously.

“That’s because you don’t know Chanyeol.” Kyungsoo sends him another smile, and that decreases Baekhyun’s annoyance at another defeat.

Nevertheless, Baekhyun mentally curses this Chanyeol for making his life difficult.

“Fine,” Baekhyun huffs. “But I think you shouldn’t dismiss it so fast,” And the next stream of words escape him before he can stop himself. “This is a very nice butt plug. There’s a pulse function and a vibrator you can set to five different speeds with this wireless remote over here.” He waves it for emphasis. “It’s flexible, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting you, and 3 inches long; almost long enough to reach where you want it to.” Baekhyun says, pleased with his little speech. His salesman instincts kick in, and he’s opening his mouth to continue when realization dawns on him, making him pause.

Something’s off.

Instead of interrupting like the previous times, Kyungsoo falls completely silent, and his posture shows no inclination he’ll do so. In fact, it shows interest in hearing whatever Baekhyun has to say next. Kyungsoo’s still, hands clenched on either side of his body, bottom lip caught between teeth. It’s not the same tension he possessed as entering the store; it’s one that Baekhyun recognizes too well, had seen countless times, to have a notion of what is happening.

Baekhyun then notices Kyungsoo’s gaze isn’t exactly fixed on him, but on his fingers that somehow ended up wrapped around the length of the toy. That notion gains strength, flowing through Baekhyun’s mind until a plan shapes itself.

Baekhyun places the remote back on the shelf, and now with his free hand he holds the base of the toy for support. He flexes his fingers a bit, adjusting their position, and slowly slides them up and then down, almost innocently, testing the water just to see if he’s right. Kyungsoo gulps, and that pretty much confirms it.

The idea of Kyungsoo getting turned on by this makes Baekhyun’s stomach tie itself in knots. Suddenly he’s aware of how close they are to each other, of the heat emanating from Kyungsoo’s body. It wasn’t his intention to provoke Kyungsoo, not like this at least, but he’d be lying if he said he wouldn’t take advantage of his reaction.

The almost playful atmosphere fades, replaced by sensuality. Encouraged, Baekhyun goes on, deciding on different advances.

“This reaches deep, but not exactly there, just a teasing touch,” Baekhyun says in a lower voice, a little breathy, really intending on provoking Kyungsoo this time, on giving wings to his imagination. “But the vibrations against your insides compensate this, and it’ll make you feel so good, Kyungsoo.” Kyungsoo visibly flushes, and Baekhyun’s sure he’s imagining it right now; imagining the plug inside him, pulsing, his thighs trembling as he strokes his cock, and Baekhyun can’t help but imagine it too.

“Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo says, maybe intending on interrupting now, sounding a little breathy himself. Baekhyun’s never loved hearing his own name so much before, and he wants to hear it again and again coming from Kyungsoo’s pretty lips, but he won’t allow Kyungsoo to stop him now.

“Actually, forget about your friend, buy this for yourself,” Baekhyun suggests. “It can give you one of the best orgasms of your life if you know how to use it. If your partner knows how to use it.”

Baekhyun props an elbow on a nearby shelf, leaning his body against it, head resting on his palm. The shirt Baekhyun’s wearing today is somewhat loose with a low cut, and the movement makes the fabric slide from one shoulder.

Kyungsoo glances at the exposed skin. “I…”

“Aren’t you curious to know how it feels?” Baekhyun smiles lazily, knowingly. I can show you.

“You should take his advice, he speaks from experience,” Jongin says from the cash register’s direction, amusement evident in his voice. Baekhyun hears Lu Han stifling a laugh, and while Kyungsoo barely pays attention to them, Baekhyun’s words still ringing in his head, this sadly breaks the enchantment a little, and Baekhyun is forced to go back to his slight subtlety.

“Shut up, Jongin,” Baekhyun says without even looking back to glare at him. His voice returns to normal, but his mischievous smile is still intact, and his eyes remain focused on Kyungsoo, who’s looking at him again. “But he’s right, you should listen to me,” Directed to Kyungsoo now. “Trust me when I tell you it’d be an amazing experience. And because I like you I’ll even make you a deal: I’ll give you a K-Y YOURS + MINE® lubricant for free, independently of what you buy.

“If you really give the toy away, at least you can keep the lube for yourself for future… activities. It might come in handy sooner than you think.” Baekhyun arches an eyebrow suggestively. “What do you say? It’s a good deal huh? You can’t say no to that.”

‘That’ implies more than the deal Baekhyun proposes to him, more than the discussed toy, and apparently Kyungsoo’s aware of it, because his blush deepens.

“Hmm, I…“ Lu Han laughs again, and this time it’s loud enough to break Kyungsoo out of his trance. He takes a steadying breath, clears his throat, sobering up. “I should probably discuss it with my friends first since the gift is from all of us.” Kyungsoo says, mentioning the friend excuse again, but Baekhyun doesn’t mind, he can see on Kyungsoo’s lustful gaze that he won this one. His job is done.

“Of course, I wouldn’t want to rush you. Go back to your dorm, think about it, and come back tomorrow if you can’t resist it.” Baekhyun says straightening his body and then placing the butt plug back on the shelf. “How does that sound?”

Kyungsoo seems to consider it, biting his lip. His eyes go from Baekhyun to the toy on the shelf, and then back to Baekhyun. Eventually, Kyungsoo finally nods. “I’ll think about it,” He says, giving in, and Baekhyun’s smile is the brightest.

“Great!” Baekhyun claps once, delighted by Kyungsoo’s answer (and by his certainty that Kyungsoo will be back for more than a sex toy). “Do you want me to show you more toys? We have these anal beads that I’m sure you’d love.”

“No, no,” Kyungsoo replies quickly, before Baekhyun decides to drag him to another aisle. “I think I’ve seen enough.”

Baekhyun laughs at that. “Alright then. I’ll walk you out?” He suggests. Kyungsoo nods in consent.

The shop isn’t particularly big, and to Baekhyun’s dismay they reach the front door sooner than he’d like. He pushes the door and holds it open with his body, making way for Kyungsoo to pass. A gush of hot air greets them.

“I’ll see you soon then,” Baekhyun says, leaning his weight on the door and crossing his arms. “Consider everything I told you.”

The redness comes back to Kyungsoo’s cheeks instantly. “I will,” Kyungsoo says, and Baekhyun’s sure Kyungsoo wouldn’t be able to forget even if he tried. “I still think you didn’t have to tell me all that though,” Kyungsoo comments as an afterthought, embarrassed again.

Baekhyun chuckles. “Don’t be silly. You wouldn’t know the wonders of it otherwise, and it’s my job to inform you these things,” Baekhyun reasons, as if his intentions are completely professional.

Kyungsoo gives him a lopsided smile, aware that Baekhyun’s reasons are far from pure, and Baekhyun reciprocates.

“Thanks for the help, I guess.” Kyungsoo laughs shortly. “Bye, Baekhyun.” He waves, and then turns on his heels to start making his way down the street.

“Bye, Kyungsoo. I’ll be waiting,” Baekhyun says to his retreating form.

Kyungsoo turns his head to look at him one more time, nodding.

Baekhyun stays at the door, watching Kyungsoo and giving him a last once-over, contemplating the way his jeans cling to the curve of his ass and thighs so nicely, until Kyungsoo rounds a corner and is gone.

When Baekhyun goes back inside he’s not surprised to be welcomed by incessant teasing.

“You’re impossible,” Lu Han tells him as soon as Baekhyun closes the door. He shakes his head at him, like Baekhyun’s a lost cause, lamenting the nonexistent solution to Baekhyun’s perverted brain, a smile attached to his lips.

“Shameless,” Jongin adds from the side.

“What?” Baekhyun asks innocently, going around the counter to join them.

“You scared him off!” Jongin exclaims as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“No, I didn’t,” Baekhyun replies with certainty as he sits on one of the vacant stools and gathers his things to put them back in his backpack; he definitely can’t continue his paper now, not with Kyungsoo’s expressions still vivid in his mind.

“You totally did,” Lu Han agrees with Jongin.

“Too bad, hyung, you’d have looked cute together. Two shorties.” Jongin feigns sadness, and Lu Han snickers at his words.

Baekhyun scowls. “Very funny. I didn’t ruin it ok? Did you see his face when I basically told him I could give him the night of his life?”

“Yeah,” Jongin replies. “Like he was being approached by a pervert.”

“Shut up,” Baekhyun retorts, pointing a pen at him. “I know what I’m doing.”

“Like that time with Sehunnie?” Lu Han teases, and memories of that very unfortunate event comes rushing to the front of Baekhyun’s mind for the second time that day.

“Okay, that was different. You set me up!” Baekhyun accuses, making Lu Han laugh again.

“No, I just invited him to hang out around here until dinner. He was curious. You were the one who mistook him for a customer.” Lu Han defends.

“Well how was I supposed to know? You didn’t mention your minor friend was coming over.”

“Don’t blame me for your perverted habits. You groped his ass!” Lu Han points out. Okay, maybe Baekhyun had gotten a little carried away that time, but was Baekhyun’s fault that Sehun had a really nice ass? “Who even treats customers like this? Your excuse is invalid.”

“Baekhyun hyung does,” Jongin replies helpfully.

“Maybe we should get rid of him before he scares off the rest of our customers then,” Lu Han suggests. Jongin nods.

“Hey, I’m right here you know?” Baekhyun kindly reminds them, and they both wave him off. “And please, hyung.” Baekhyun rolls his eyes at Lu Han. “I may have groped him but you’re the manther here. I didn’t know he was young. You, on the other hand…”

The smile on Lu Han’s face instantly vanishes. Jongin laughs harder. “Are you calling me old?” Lu Han squints at Baekhyun.

“I’m mainly calling you a pedo, but yeah, old is implied.” Baekhyun smirks.

Lu Han gapes indignantly at him. “That’s it. From now on only me and Jongin run this store,” Lu Han says and makes an attempt at kicking Baekhyun, but Baekhyun is faster and runs from his stool to hide behind Jongin, protecting himself, laughing all the way. “And for you information, Sehun was perfectly legal when we did it.”

It’s Baekhyun’s smile that’s whipped out of his face now.

“Oh god, hyung! Don’t say things like that, I don’t want to know about your sexual life!” Baekhyun whines, closing his eyes to will the thoughts of Lu Han and Sehun out of his brain.

And just like that Lu Han is laughing again. “Yeah, like we wanted to see your little show from a few minutes ago.”

“That was different,” Baekhyun says again. “A necessary deed. You just happened to be around.” Both Jongin and Lu Han roll their eyes at him. “But anyway,” Baekhyun waves them off. “Kyungsoo will be back, you just wait and see.” He points to the both of them alternatively using his pen again.

“Whatever you say, hyung,” Jongin shakes his head at him, lamenting his friend’s delusions. “Whatever you say.”


Kyungsoo can see the utter shock on Jongin’s face, the amusement on Lu Han’s, and the delight on Baekhyun’s when he returns to the store.

Honestly, Kyungsoo himself is mildly surprised for coming back; he’s not one who usually lets himself be seduced by random people he meets in stores, much less one which sells all types of kinky items.

But since he’s being honest, Baekhyun isn’t just someone random. Baekhyun shares a room with Jongdae, who has a few classes with Kyungsoo and has been a constant in Kyungsoo’s life for a couple of months now. Jongdae and Kyungso aren’t exactly close, but nowhere near strangers either. Kyungsoo’s seen Baekhyun at the university before, strolling around with Jongdae from class to class, class to cafeteria, cafeteria to dorm, and even if observed from afar, Kyungsoo could tell he was cute.

Unfortunately -or not, since this tiny mistake led to the current situation - Kyungsoo let this thought of his slip and reach Jongdae’s ears.

At the time Jongdae only laughed and told Kyungsoo he looked like a teenage girl crushing on someone.

“I don’t look like a teenage girl,” Kyungsoo had said, frowning. “I just made an observation, that’s all.”

And that’s just what it was. Their university wasn’t particularly big and, believe it or not, it was just a coincidence the way Kyungsoo’s eyes would encounter Jongdae and Baekhyun in the distance from time to time, going somewhere.

And that’s all that would still be if Jongdae hadn’t decided to trick Kyungsoo.

Somehow, Jongdae ended up knowing about the little scheme for Chanyeol’s birthday, and wanting, in his words, to help Kyungsoo and his friends, he recommended this “nice sex shop conveniently located behind the university, which was perfect for what they were looking for, and run by really, really nice people, Kyungsoo”.

It’s not necessary to say Kyungsoo fell into the trap and got the shock of his life when he found out who exactly works there. As if that wasn’t unexpected enough, another wave of surprise crashed on him when Baekhyun, that cute, quiet looking boy revealed himself as being out-going and indiscreet, bordering shameless.

In other circumstances, that would have scared Kyungsoo off, but for some reason it didn’t.

Baekhyun’s personality, albeit comical, is admirable; he’s confident, obviously isn’t concerned about people’s thoughts about him, and decisive. Not to mention evidently interested in Kyungsoo. And Kyungsoo would be a fool for losing the opportunity to return the feelings that are mutual since the first time he saw him.

That’s why Kyungsoo comes back, Kyungsoo tells himself. Definitely not because Baekhyun sounds extremely experienced and basically promised him the best sex of his life, giving him great fantasies to jerk off to in the process; no, that’s just a complement.

This time, Baekhyun seems to be entertained with something on the computer and doesn’t notice the bell chime, but Jongin’s announcement works just fine.

“Welco-oh hey, look who’s back!” Jongin says, eyes wide with disbelief.

That makes Baekhyun look up from the computer screen immediately because, self-assured as he looks, he must know exactly who Jongin is talking about.

“I guess he’s kinkier than we thought,” Kyungsoo can hear Lu Han fake-whispering to Baekhyun and Jongin. Baekhyun makes an attempt at kicking him, and that makes Kyungsoo smile for some reason (not without a faint blush coloring his cheeks).

“Hi,” Kyungsoo says when finally crosses the shop and nears the counter where they’re all gathered. Lu Han and Jongin share a look, smiling, and greet Kyungsoo back.

Then Kyungsoo looks at Baekhyun.

Kyungsoo knows what to expect now, knows about Baekhyun’s boldness, knows about the toys surrounding them, and although he’s still not completely comfortable with all of them, it’s not like the first time, where he was caught by surprise and couldn’t figure how to act. Kyungsoo’s stance is almost relaxed, and he feels determined, eyes staring straight into Baekhyun’s, despite the fact that his pulse quickens and throat goes dry when Baekhyun stares right back.

“Hi.” Baekhyun grins at him. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist,” He says smugly.

The air conditioner is working again, Kyungsoo notices, but suddenly he feels very hot.

Kyungsoo lets out a short laugh. “Is that sale still on?”

“Yeah, for you, it is,” Baekhyun says, and Kyungsoo shakes his head at how unabashed he sounds.

Baekhyun then tells Jongin to get the plug Baekhyun had showed Kyungsoo the other day, along with the promised lube. Jongin does just that as Kyungsoo waits by the counter.

“What took you so long?” Baekhyun asks him.

Kyungsoo wonders if him not coming back on the next day, like Baekhyun told him to, made Baekhyun doubt himself a little. This probability makes Kyungsoo smirk inwardly.

“I told you I had to discuss it with my friends,” Kyungsoo replies. “We were all a little… busy.”

Baekhyun might think it’s a lie, that Kyungsoo didn’t return on the next day on purpose, but it isn’t. At least not all of it. Kyungsoo was, indeed, busy plotting retaliation against Jongdae for fooling him with false good intentions and making Kyungsoo embarrass himself.

“I see,” Baekhyun says, propping his cheeks on a palm much like the last time, elbow placed on the white surface of the counter now. “I’m glad you’ve reached a smart decision.”

“Me too,” Kyungsoo agrees, mischievous smile surging on the corner of his lips.

Jongin comes back with the items. He places everything in a black plastic bag and hands it to Kyungsoo, smiling knowingly.

“But I need to ask,” Baekhyun starts after informing Kyungsoo his total, pressing a few keys to open the register. “Did you come back for the sale or me?”

Kyungsoo lets silence flow around them, not responding right away. He fishes a few bills out his wallet and passes Baekhyun the money. This time, to Baekhyun’s surprise, Kyungsoo’s the one who makes sure to let their fingers brush more than necessary.

When Baekhyun looks down at the bills in his hand to count, there’s a small piece of paper attached to them, rushed numbers written in black ink on it.

“Both,” Kyungsoo finally admits just as Baekhyun looks back at him.

Baekhyun smirks.


Baekhyun knocks on the door at eight pm sharp.

He shifts from foot to foot, hearing soft padding against the floor, some grunting, and lastly an “I’m coming!” all within the thirty five seconds that takes Kyungsoo to open it (not that Baekhyun was counting).

Baekhyun is known for a lot of things, and anxious definitely isn’t one of them, but if he says his heart doesn’t race a little when Kyungsoo appears on the other side of the door, it’d be a lie. A big one. He didn’t think it’d be possible for Kyungsoo to look even better, but here Kyungsoo is, proving him wrong, clad in a black button down and tight black jeans that stick to every curve of his legs, hair perfectly styled, and smoldering eyes that look directly at Baekhyun as he makes way for Baekhyun to enter. That first boy Baekhyun met, cute and abashed, is nowhere to be found, and Baekhyun concludes he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t mind at all.

“Hi!” Kyungsoo greets him cheerfully. “You’re really punctual. Come in.”

Baekhyun experiences difficulty in finding his voice and making his legs move, but with some self-command he eventually manages.

“Hey,” Baekhyun greets back, stepping inside without taking his eyes off Kyungsoo. “You look… really nice,” Baekhyun comments.

A shadow of that previous boy reappears in the form of a faint blush that colors Kyungsoo’s cheeks. “Thank you,” Kyungsoo says, and gives Baekhyun a once-over of his own after closing the door. “You don’t look bad yourself.”

Baekhyun lets out a laugh. “Thanks.”

“Make yourself at home. I just have to finish something and then we’re ready to go,” Kyungsoo says, making his way to where Baekhyun assumes is the bathroom.

“Okay.” Baekhyun nods, proceeding to sit on a nearby computer chair to wait for him.

Now that Kyungsoo is out of sight, not distracting Baekhyun with his tempting self, Baekhyun takes in his surroundings: Kyungsoo’s room is just as small as his; just a simple space with a private bathroom located on the left wall. There are two twin beds; one with baby blue sheets covering the mattress, clean and tidy - Kyungsoo’s, if a familiar shirt neatly folded on top of it is any indication -, and another one across from it, the cute patterns of the sheets almost completely hidden by the clothes and caps scattered all over it - undoubtedly Kyungsoo’s roommate’s. A large bedside table divides the space between them. On top of it, a table lamp is surrounded by several belongings lying there carelessly: a couple of bottles, jewelry, guitar picks, a wooden picture frame. Baekhyun focuses on the last mentioned item. Kyungsoo and a tall boy smile at Baekhyun from the polaroid photo.

It makes Baekhyun recall Kyungsoo’s words at the shop, the supposed excuse about his roommate’s birthday. It turns out that there is a Chanyeol after all, Baekhyun thinks dryly. And if there’s a Chanyeol that means…

“Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun calls him, eyes still glued to the photo. Underneath it, it reads, Kyungsoo & Chanyeol - Haeundae 2011.

“Yes?” Kyungsoo says, voice muffled by the wood separating them.

“Did your friend like the gift?” Baekhyun asks, giving the rest of the items on the bedside table another superficial scan - a few receipts, coins, a tiny remote.

“I never gave it to him,” Kyungsoo replies, opening the door and exiting the bathroom.

Kyungsoo wears a thin jacket now, fabric fitting perfectly on his small frame. Baekhyun can’t wait to take it all off.

“Oh,” Baekhyun says, mildly surprised. He looks at Kyungsoo with questionable eyes. “Why not?”

Baekhyun watches him put on his shoes, gather his wallet and keys, until Kyungsoo finally replies: “We decided to give him something else.” Kyungsoo shrugs. When Baekhyun only continues to stare at him, not really satisfied with the answer, he adds, “You were right about that plug though.”

Baekhyun, who’s about to get up from the chair and join him by the door, freezes.

That’s certainly not the answer Baekhyun was expecting. He wants to ask Kyungsoo what does he mean by that, but it’s not necessary, not when Kyungsoo is giving Baekhyun that smile.

Baekhyun turns his head abruptly to the bedside table. There, he finally recognizes the two bottles; one blue, one purple - His and Hers respectively. His is still sealed, exactly how it left the store, while Hers is evidently opened, three fingers of liquid gone. Next to them, a remote. That same remote Baekhyun had waved at Kyungsoo, but not accompanied by anything else now.

Heat travels through Baekhyun’s entire body as realization hits him.

“Oh my god,” Baekhyun gasps, and that’s the only thing that his mind can come up with. He feels his brain short-circuiting. Imagining the possibility and seeing it become real are two different things. Is that what Kyungsoo was doing in the bathroom just now? Did he do it to please Baekhyun? Himself? All the evidence indicates it’s true, and yet Baekhyun can’t wrap his mind around the fact that Kyungsoo actually has it-

“Come on,” Kyungsoo interrupts, chuckling at Baekhyun’s incredulous face as he grabs Baekhyun’s hand and pulls Baekhyun out of the chair. “We have to go or we’ll miss our reservation.” And just like that he’s leading Baekhyun out of the room and into the corridor, barely giving him time to get the remote to bring along.

Baekhyun can only let himself be guided, following Kyungsoo close behind. Instinctively, Baekhyun’s eyes dart down to Kyungsoo’s ass.



“Didn’t I tell you I could make you feel really good, Kyungsoo?” Baekhyun says later that night as he thrusts the vibrating plug into Kyungsoo, holding his legs apart as they keep wanting to close instinctively. Kyungsoo’s so loose from keeping the plug in for so many hours Baekhyun could just slip his cock in.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo breathes out, fingers twisting the bed sheets of Baekhyun’s bed. Baekhyun won’t let him touch himself, and his cock rests against his stomach, flushed and leaking pre-come. His half-lidded eyes stare straight at Baekhyun.

“Is it better than what you imagined?” Baekhyun leans forward to say that against Kyungsoo’s lips, which, Baekhyun earlier discovered, are far better than what he imagined, perfect and warm as Kyungsoo sucked him off.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo says again. “But I want you.” Kyungsoo searches blindly for Baekhyun’s wrist and stops its movements with some forced self-restraint. He grips Baekhyun’s cock almost for emphasis and gives it a few tugs. “Please, Baekhyun. Fuck me,” Kyungsoo pleads, lifting his hips off the mattress as much as his legs can still support his weight.

Baekhyun curses under his breath, Kyungsoo’s words affecting him more than they should. He sits back on his heels, taking a moment to study Kyungsoo’s face one last time - eyebrows furrowed, eyes now glazed, lips parted - before ordering: “Turn around”.

Promptly, albeit with some difficulty, Kyungsoo goes on his hands and knees. Baekhyun turns off the plug; its vibrations stop, and the only source of noise filling the room is Kyungsoo’s heavy breathing. The clear vision of the toy inside Kyungsoo makes Baekhyun’s cock twitch, and wanting to be the one inside him now more than ever, Baekhyun pulls the toy out slowly by the base. Kyungsoo hisses. Then Baekhyun grabs the His bottle, lubes himself up with quick strokes, pours some more from Hers on Kyungsoo’s hole, and guides himself in.

They both moan loudly, Kyungsoo at the sensation of finally being filled by Baekhyun, and Baekhyun at the sensation of Kyungsoo’s insides around him.

Over dinner, Baekhyun kept thinking about the plug inside Kyungsoo, thinking about how it must feel inside him, and he’s so turned on since then that now he can’t help but thrust inside Kyungsoo with vehemence, fucking him hard and fast, needing to get off, holding Kyungsoo by the shoulders and pushing him back on his cock, going deeper and deeper.

Kyungsoo seems to want the same; he rocks his hips back to meet Baekhyun’s as much as he can, and with as much intensity, head hanging low between his shoulders as streams of curses fall from his lips.

Baekhyun leans over Kyungsoo’s form, molding himself against his body, and kisses his nape, hands travelling down to his waist.

“Do you want me to touch you?” He says against the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear, hips faltering in its movements, teasing.

Kyungsoo whines, and Baekhyun watches how his knuckles are white from gripping the sheets too tightly. “Yes, please,” He manages in between moans.

“Tell me with all the words,” Baekhyun says, sneaking a hand around to Kyungsoo’s quivering stomach, his navel, and then further down, almost where Kyungsoo wants it.

“Fuck,” Kyungsoo says, and his arms finally give out. He balances himself on his elbows, looks back at Baekhyun, who was previously nuzzling his neck. “Touch me, Baekhyun,” He breathes against Baekhyun’s mouth.

Baekhyun nibbles at Kyungsoo’s bottom lip, smirking. Pleased, he resumes his thrusts and finally, finally wraps his fingers around Kyungsoo’s cock, pumping him just as fast, and after that everything happens so fast Baekhyun almost regrets when it ends.

Kyungsoo keens, clenching himself around Baekhyun even more due the new stimulation, and Kyungsoo feels so, so good around Baekhyun, so deliriously hot and tight, and heavy in his hand, Baekhyun finds himself not being able to hold back any longer, and soon they’re both coming, Kyungsoo arching his back and spilling all over Baekhyun’s hand and sheets, and Baekhyun follows suit seconds later, orgasm hitting him so hard he sees double, shooting inside Kyungsoo and only stopping the bucking of his hips after fully riding out their orgasms.

After their breathing comes back to normal and they’re just lying there, spent and sated, Kyungsoo breaks the silence. “Next time we should do it in your roommate’s bed.” He suggests, eyeing the bed across the room briefly.

Baekhyun stares at him with wide eyes. For some reason Kyungsoo has a vicious smile on his face. “Wow, Lu Han hyung was right, you are kinky.”

Kyungsoo laughs, shoving at Baekhyun’s shoulder lightly. Baekhyun laughs along and throws an arm around Kyungsoo’s waist, feeling sleep overcome him.

“Yeah, maybe I am,” Kyungsoo says, tangling his legs with Baekhyun’s.

The gesture makes Baekhyun smile. Baekhyun’s never felt so grateful for his shameless self.

pairing: baekhyun/kyungsoo, , rating: nc-17

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