Dec 14, 2013 18:52

Just came back from lunch with my best friend, his boyfriend and two other friends, and I'm sleepy as hale now despite having slept till 11:30am today. Decided to update before taking a nap though, because I'm almost sure the nap will be a long one and I'll be very lazy when I wake up again.

My day and friends )

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haebin December 16 2013, 08:45:19 UTC
Wow, summer! This sounds like heaven for me because here in Germany it is so cold and when I looked out of the Window, I saw that the grass is frozen :/

I am glad to read that I am not the only one who is so behind with Animes. I have a lot to watch and my list gets bigger and bigger ^^


neverminetohold December 16 2013, 09:29:25 UTC
Father Frost is having fun with us Germans alright - though here, it mostly rains. Low chance of white Xmas too - which is fine with me XD

*snerk* Isn't that list ever growing? This fall season was a bit weak, imho, but I really like the new version of Yozakura Quartet, plus Kyoukai no Kanata...

...whoops for butting in? XD


haebin December 17 2013, 17:47:53 UTC
Right now it is freezing @_@
I don't believe in a white Christmas either but it could damn cold ^^

I am living a little behind a rock so I don't know which animes were released ^^

That's fine for me;D


siaht December 17 2013, 13:12:13 UTC
I really don't like cold weather haha but where I live I'm an exception, everybody prefers cold to hot.

I'm slowly catching up, starting from the ones I didn't finish. It's so nostalgic.


neverminetohold December 16 2013, 09:31:00 UTC
I prefer Sherlock over Elementary too! As for "Almost Human" I'm not yet certain about it, especially since they messed up the airing order of the episodes for reason I can't fathom, which doesn't do anything positive for the character development.

What animes besides Bleach are you currently watching?


siaht December 17 2013, 13:19:00 UTC
Oh, when I said that Sherlock is hilarious, I was actually referring to Elementary's Sherlock hahaha he saved last episode from being totally boring. I prefer BBC Sherlock over Elementary too though, and I can't wait for the 3rd season ~__~

I'm not watching Bleach currently, I fell out of the loop with it a long time ago. I want to resume watching it but I'm not sure I'll have the time. I picked up Kyou Kara Maoh again, and will most probably pick up Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles again as well, because I didn't finish either at the time.


neverminetohold December 19 2013, 15:52:19 UTC
*snerk* All those Sherlock's - it's getting really confusing XD God, third season! So far I've managed to avoid all trailers; I hope Sebastian Moran shows up!

I tried Kyou Kara Maoh once, but I could only find an active link to an OVA episode and had thus no clue whatsoever what was going on ^_^"


a_knot December 23 2013, 13:24:24 UTC
I haven't watched Elementary, but I do enjoy Sherlock (BBC) although I dislike both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as people. I might try to watch Elementary one day though. :3

Well, if the people you asked don't get back to you, maybe I can help--if you'd like? I fucking suck at grammar and shit, but I'll try my best for you! NEVER GIVE UP YO!

(I almost gave up writing this 2min fic for a contest, but I didn't, and I won first place so you can't give up!)


siaht December 23 2013, 14:08:24 UTC
I'm indifferent about Martin, but I still really like Ben. I love them as actors though, they're both fantastic IMO. I'm also nhft feud between Sherlock and Elementary fans, because to me the two shows are absolutely wonderful in their own way. You should really try watching it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

omg YES I do want your opinion, you've always been a writer I respect. Too bad I don't have my "final" piece here, otherwise I'd ask your e-mail to send you right away. But give me your e-mail anyway, so I can send you when I'm home ^^ The grammar is already corrected, but I need an opinion on the flow and stuff. Thank you so much for offering ♥


a_knot December 23 2013, 14:18:56 UTC
Martin is a dick irl, but I agree, they are great actors. I will definitely add it to my list--I want to watch Vikings, Luther, and now Elementary is on my list.

oh no, don't flatter me ;w; i am not worthy.

my email is seoul.city.lights@gmail.com (and i use gdocs if that's any easier for you) send it to me whenever you want and i will do my best to promptly look over it. <3 <3 you are totally welcome, dear!

(do you watch shingeki no kyojin, free! iwatobi swim club, or kuroko no basuke?)


siaht December 23 2013, 14:41:39 UTC
Ah, I heard of Vikings too! Gah so many good stuff to watch, so little time! To already answer your question, I haven't watched any of those anime yet. A friend's been trying to get me to watch Shingeki no Kyojin but I'm reluctant hahaha I'm not sure why. I see a lot about Free!, and that one i'm almost sure I'd enjoy if I picked it up. Haven't heard about the third one though, what's it about?

Noted~ ugh I knew I should have copied the file into my thumb drive :(


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