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Dec 14, 2013 18:52

Just came back from lunch with my best friend, his boyfriend and two other friends, and I'm sleepy as hale now despite having slept till 11:30am today. Decided to update before taking a nap though, because I'm almost sure the nap will be a long one and I'll be very lazy when I wake up again.

It's 6pm now and the day is super beautiful; sunny and hot, just the way I like it (it's summer here now, in case you're wondering haha). We had a huge Japanese meal today: gohan, tempura, yakimeshi, sukiyaki and shimeji, large portions of each. I wanted to take pictures but my tablet isn't very practical for snapping pics hahaha I did take a picture of the dessert though~ the chocolate macaroon and fruit tart were mine, and the smaller macaroon was my best friend's bf's. Wanna know what we look like? This is a picture of us from September. His name is Yuki (actually it's Diego, Yuki is because of his middle name, Kazuyuki), and we've been best friends since 2006. I don't have a picture of his boyfriend, but he's also very cute, and very funny, I love him haha

I'm a little bummed though because since they started dating, I don't see Yuki that much often anymore. And I'll probably not see him in the year end because they'll travel to the coast together... I was really looking forward to spending New Year with him, as we've always done for the time I've been here. Just to situate you guys, I live in the city of São Paulo, the financial capital of Brazil. My mother and sister live at the coast now, but until very recently they lived on the countryside of the state, where I've also lived for some time with them. Anyway, I have no idea who I'll spend New Years with and I'm a little disheartened.

After my nap I'll probably download the 6th episode of Almost Human, and maybe some anime to begin watching. I'm very excited to start watching anime again~ the last one I followed was Bleach, but I've dropped it so long ago (wanna pick it up again though, I love it).

Last night I watched the last Elementary episode and I found it a little boring except for the sponsor thing. Sherlock is just hilarious. Can't wait for more, and for more Sleepy Hollow too.

On another note, I'm eagerly waiting for my fic to be betaed. I'm currently writing a JongKey AU and it's been hell to find someone to beta it for me. First I contacted an author whose fics I really like, and she was willing to beta for me but has disappeared since. Yesterday I managed to find someone else, but they didn't tell me when they'd be able to do it. I also subscribed and sent my first chapter to two of those beta shops on Asianfanfics (lame, I know, but what can I do), but got no response yet either. I'm almost giving up. But this fic is too important to me and I want it to be the closest to perfect as possible. So I need a second opinion on how I'm doing with it.

I'm going for that nap now. Will reply and comment to you guys later~~ ^^

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