Oct 23, 2015 21:32

OOooOOooOoOoOoOOoOOooooooOOOOOoooohh!! Hope you're excited, Fag Enders, because we're back!

The task this year is simple: just earn yourselves points, and may the fag ender with the most points win. But! It's not so simple. Over in Wilberforce Woods, the points have been taken hostage by the evilest of gobblemonsters. He will only trade them for sweets, which must be bought with coins that can only be earned by completing prompts. The trade the monster will make for the sweets may be high; it may be low - you will have to explore, experiment and figure out for yourselves the most effective way to make your trades. Set yourselves a-trick-or-treating, fill your prompts, do your deals and may the rewards come your way!!

Will you play the gobblemonster's game? Will you find a way to bend him to your will? Will you put your trust in friendly woodland creatures? Find out by playing...

^^^CLICK ME^^^

Once you earn your points, we will check you have filled the appropriate prompts (for we know all, mwahahaha!) - so no cheating! But!! THERE WILL BE A PRIZE!

[Otherwise, please bear with the site if pictures are slow to load! They come eventually!!]

[Which is all to say, most of the rules this year should be self-explanatory/are there for you to figure out! When you achieve the greatness that is points, you will find yourself with a voucher. Save these to your favourite image hosting site and post them in the comments below, preferably in your own comment thread so we can find them all... We will close the challenge on Halloween itself, at some point in the afternoon/evening BST to be announced!]

[Obviously, all fills must abide by our standard Spuffy shorty rules, though, as usual, art, meta, vids and sundry items are all welcome!]

[As a general rule, though, expect to complete three varied prompts before you have the chance to trade for sweets and get points...]

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