[Fic] Sharlot1926: Jai Guru Deva Om

Jun 01, 2014 16:57

[ OpenReccer: Gen ]
Title: Jai Guru Deva Om
Writer: Sharlot1926
Status of work: Complete
Characters and/or pairings: Dean, John, Originals
Rating: PG-13
Warnings, kinks & contents:  [Click to read](Heavy angst and Dean whumpage)
Length:109k words total (approximate)
Summary: Feeling abandoned by his family, an emotionally vulnerable Dean investigates a strange commune alone. With Sam at Stanford and John off the grid, help seems unlikely when the young hunter falls under the influence of the group’s charismatic leader.

Reccer's notes: Basically, you can't go wrong with any of Sharlot's fics. She loves her Dean and this explores pre-series Dean and plays into his need for family, his need to be wanted, his feelings towards Sam's "abandonment" and John's emotional - as well as physical - distance. OK, that was a major run-on sentence. This story leaves you drained and craving more at the same time.

[Short excerpt]("Son of a bitch," Bobby muttered. "Dean, listen to me. I need to know what happened tonight. Describe where you are. You said you were trying to get out. Where are you now?"

Dean looked around. "M'in th'basemen', I think," he said.

"Why can't you get out?"

"I dunno, Bobby." Dean closed his eyes and they listlessly roved beneath his lids. It took a moment before he realized that Bobby was shouting at him.

"Dammit Dean, answer!"

"Bobby? Hhhhey…where you at?"

"Stop stealing my lines," the old man grunted. "I'm askin' the questions. What happened to you, boy?"

Dean thought long and hard about it for a moment. He looked up through the hole in the basement's ceiling, watching the outside lights hit the wall in the parlor above. "Ssalsted an' burned Vera. Was rainin' cats n' frogs. Bu' she wen' down nice an' easy, man. ‘Cept f'her eyes." The boy faltered and swallowed. "They were sad." He cleared his throat. "Got done, an' was all wet ‘n muddy. Rains all the time here, y'know that? Never fffuckin' stops, man. Wen' back to the house-wanted to wash up in th'bathroom. Didn't wanna get baby all filthy. Fell," he said. "Ffff'ckin' nenorvation. ‘Struction work all over the damn place." He blew out a disgusted breath. "Made a wrong turn inna dark. Misstepped. Let my guard down…wasn't payin' attention. Was thinkin' of Vera an' her bein' all alone. Lost m'way an' I fucked up, Bobby. I fucked up an' the floor wen' out from unner me.")

t: pre-series, t: hurt/comfort, c: dean winchester, *gen, ^fic, t: whump, c: john winchester, t: illness/injury (temporary), t: angst, c: bobby singer, *open reccing, c: original character

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