Nominations clean up!

Feb 11, 2013 19:29

Alright! The archive and tag set have been wrestled with and everything nominated should be approved/denied. This is the tag set as it stands now. [Can I just say: HOPEY CRAP WE HAVE A LOT OF NOMS! SO MANY WOMEN TO CHOOSE FROM!] Any problems should fall within one of a few issues ( Read more... )

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tielan February 12 2013, 01:40:23 UTC
In The Avengers (2012) - the tags Maria Hill (The Avengers 2012) and Maria Hill should be merged. I think usually they're listed on AO3 as just Maria Hill.

In Stargate Atlantis - the tags Kate Heightmeyer (Stargate Atlantis) and Kate Heightmeyer should be merged. Not sure what this one is usually merged to.


luscious_words February 12 2013, 01:42:20 UTC
Hi! I think there's a duplicate in Stargate: Atlantis. See Kate Heightmeyer (Stargate Atlantis) & Kate Heightmeyer.

PS - This is a great list!!!


eevilalice February 12 2013, 01:53:27 UTC
I see a canonically male character in the Kuroshitsuji fandom (anime/manga): Soma.


ladymercury_10 February 12 2013, 01:57:05 UTC
Possible duplicates:

Stephanie Brown shows up twice under DCU - Comicsverse (once under just her name and once under the name Stephanie Brown (DCU - Comicverse)) and once under Batman (Comics).

There is a similar issue with Diana (Wonder Woman) and Wonder Woman (DCU) both showing up under DCU - Comicsverse.

I don't know how you're handling the comics fandoms, but Beryl Hutchinson and Barbara Gordon are showing up under both Batman - Comics and DCU - Comicsverse.


alley_skywalker February 12 2013, 02:07:32 UTC
Petition for rejection reconsideration :)

Harry Potter - Marlene McKinnon

49 on AO3

469 on


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