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Aug 26, 2013 22:34

All fic is now locked, please comment if you wish to be added. 
+House comment fic
"Save You From Drowning" Wilson/Chase, PG
"Scandalous" House/Wilson, PG
Holiday Fluff, House/Wilson, PG
"Knowledge is Power" Cuddy/Amber, R

+Lost fic
My author tag at lost_in_108 
My masterpost of six drabbles written for lostsquee's drabble challenge
My prompt table for un_love_you, Miles Straume

Empty Hourglasses, Richard, Ben, Eloise, Charles Widmore, PG
summary: Richard takes care of business in more ways than one.  For elliotsmelliot at lostsquee's HoHoHo.

Two's Company (Fractals in Four), Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet in all couplings, PG-13
summary: Six realities.  One ending.

Five Times People Found Out About Miles and Richard and One Time Nobody Cared, Miles/Richard, Light R
summary: Because really, it should have been obvious. For ozmissage

Ashes to Ashes, the Unmake, Remake remix (original by key_sama)
summary: Somewhere in Atlanta, a girl picks up a penny.

Both before and after noon, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, Penny, Richard; Miles/Daniel strong friendship, Daniel/Charlotte, Miles/Richard
summary: By 3:16 on December 16, Penelope Widmore has completely disappeared.  For valhalla37 at lostsquee's HoHoHo.

+Luau Fic:
Pick of the Litter, Lost/Star Trek, Esau/Charlie, Esau/Chekov, PG
summary: for toestastegood's request of The Future

Untitled, Miles/Richard, PG
summary: for bittersweet325's request of Richard and the Modern World

A Discerning Touch, Sayid/Desmond, R
summary: for zelda_zee's request of Sayid

Never Led to Slaughter, Theresa/Daniel, R
summary: for ozmissage's request of Lost Ladies

Redemption Song, Penny, Ben, PG
summary: for knopflergroupie's request of Antagonism

Carry Me Home (An Epilogue), Walt, Hurley, PG
summary: for gottalovev's request of Best Friends Forever

Take My Hand (Fearless), Juliet, Juliet/Jack, Kate/Sawyer, Ensemble, R
summary: for mollivanders' request for Rebellion

Gonna Drink Myself to Death (Cause I Know it's Going to Hurt), Lost/Heroes, Aaron, Kate, Claire, HRG, Peter
summary: for missy_useless' request of Crossovers

Don't Need to be Found, Jack/Sawyer, R
summary: for ciaimpala's request of reunions and Sawyer thinking Jack is dead

+Ficlet Request Meme:
Finish What We Started, Dan/Charlotte, PG, for valhalla37 
Be my date?, Miles/Sawyer, PG-13, for ciaimpala 
The thing-that-is-not-Esau, Jacob/Esau, PG, for toestastegood

+Five Acts Meme:
Run, Baby, Run, Kate/Sayid, R, tattoos for gemjam 
If Ever Your World Starts Crashing Down, Juliet/Miles, R, prisoners together for aurilly 
Home is where the heart lives, Alex/Arizona, Grey's Anatomy, R, absence leading to urgency for crickets 
Learning How to Fall, Miles/Sawyer, PG-13, knifeplay for gottalovev
Educational, Alex/Richard, R, masturbation for bittersweet325 
On-Call Quickie, Cristina/Avery, R, fuck-or-die and sex in public for djkiwi2576

+Comment Fics:
Chocolate. And Chekov, for toestastegood 
Jack/Sawyer, we pass just close enough to touch, for ciaimpala
Cindy/Lennon, for cloudytea
All In, Naomi centric, for valhalla37 
Escapism, Juliet/Man in Black, for cloudytea 
Dress for Success, Juliet O'Hara/Gus, for mollivanders

+Dark Tower fic (for janie_tangerine)
Time to Kill, Roland & Eddie, PG
New Year's Eve, pre-Roland/Eddie, PG

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