December talking meme: 12/20

Dec 31, 2013 00:00

CJ Cregg for
next_to_normal :

I….am kind of stalling as to what to say about CJ! If you are pining for actual ~insight, and who could blame you, I’d recommend this delightfully comprehensive character analysis from a couple of years back ( 1) ( 2).

I’ve recently given those post-Sorkin seasons the old college try, and while it still didn’t work for me, there were a few things that I understood a little better now than I did when they aired. One thing that stood out was the scene where CJ insists on hiring Charlie. From a Doylist perspective, it was a good way to keep Charlie around without artificially stalling him, and it was a great idea to maximize the scenes between arguably the show’s two best comedic actors. But on an in-universe level, I thought that scene was a wonderfully subtle take on imposter syndrome, that CJ would be the one member of the staff who would look past the surface of what Charlie was doing in passing out the to-be-ignored resumes, think to hire him, and both show and tell him why he was such an asset to the administration.

So to make up for the lack of substance here, I give you the musical stylings of Claudia Jean Cregg:

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west wing

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