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Jan 31, 2011 23:33

Line art done! Here's the second half of the pictures. They are 1/6 colored as of tonight. \o/ Again, these will be colored, printed (~4x6"), and matted, though at current speed, immortality would be useful.


SGA is a lot like Hawaii 5-O if Steve could control Hawaii with his mind, and if Danny had mistaken his daughter for the entire field of nuclear physics. Meanwhile, Chin's emotional exile from friends and family goes downhill from there, brah.

Yeah, after describing H5O in terms of SGA, I couldn't resist the vice versa.

SUPERNATURAL, Dean and Castiel. When Castiel walked into that barn and showed us his wings, I made a tiny, embarrassing sound, and then watched like a billion episodes of SPN. I prefer Castiel alien, unbending, and full of sharp-edged compassion. Which is why I drew the sappiest picture since kittens. Clearly.

HIGHLANDER, featuring prehistoric Death on a horse and a 16th century Scotsman. Scout's honor, I tried to draw Duncan with a box of kittens first. Somehow it was easier to draw his naked bum strapped to the back of a horse.

Because Methos is my One True Character, I cannot mention his infamous past without linking to Adamas, That Which Survives, and The Reflecting Pool by Sylvia Volk, my three favorite stories of Methos and the horsemen. The first two in which they find him, and the last, centuries later, in which he leaves. *happy shivers* So much historical world building and characters developing and plot. Also, The First Horseman, in which Methos' and Kronos' paths come close to crossing once again... during the Mongol invasion.

For more Methos recs, see this entry. If you don't know who Methos is, be wary of asking -- because I will tell you. I will tell you the whole thing. With links. And pictures.

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