20 minutes to 3 panels -- or how badly I can break the time (and panel!) limit

Nov 24, 2009 12:38

From prompts here. The "20 minutes" thing is pretty mythical at this point. I like to think I'll cut the time down going forward...

for kouryou, Methos + Twilight

Notes: Fell short of my vision in many little ways and in the clarity of the basic narrative. Could have spent three more hours nitpicking at it, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of the exercise. Took two runnings-out of the 20 minute timer, not counting some further fixing, probably good for another 20 min timer. *shame*. Ok, next time!

for astolat and marbleglove, Methos + Adam Lambert

20 min limit, misc fandom, comic, methos, prompts, art

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