a wild fic-a-thon appears!

Jan 27, 2012 17:53

~*~ The Important Things Fic-a-Thon! ~*~

~*~ RULES ~*~

* Leave prompts, fill prompts!
* All prompts must contain a thing or place. These can be as vague or specific as you want, but no other prompts are allowed this time.
* Example prompts: Lost- Jack and Locke, the execute button. Supernatural- Dean/Castiel, seaside.
* If you're not sure if something counts as a thing or place, just ask!
* Any/all fandoms and pairings are allowed, including crossovers and AU's.
* Fills may be as long or short as you want! There are no deadlines, fill as many prompts as you like! If someone else already filled a prompt you like, go ahead and fill it again!
* All ratings are allowed. Please include ratings in the subject line, so people can avoid ratings they do not wish to read.
* Invite your friends!
* As always, play nice and have fun!

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