I won a thing!

Feb 02, 2020 12:29

Dicebreaker did a giveaway contest while I was on the road to Florida. All you had to do was like and share a post on Instagram so I figured what the heck! Mostly wanted to just spread the word about the lovely YouTube Channel/website.


Of course, now it is a race against time as they try to send my prize from the UK to USA before Thursday so I can participate in the live stream. They are sending me an Owlbear D&D miniature to paint "with" them on Thursday morning (well, my morning, their afternoon).

Anyway, best part was them trying to figure out how to pronounce "orangerful" and, for some strange reason, going with a hard "g" sound. You can watch the clip here (because of course I found it and tweeted it)

Did I mention I've never painted miniatures before? LOL. Just ordered myself some paints off of Amazon. Fingers crossed that the OwlBear arrives soon!

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