9-1-1: Lone Star and FOX accused of homophobia for cutting gay kisses from the show.

Jan 19, 2021 07:09

Ryan Murphy's '9-1-1: Lonestar' and FOX have been accused of homophobia for cutting down same-sex kisses that were originally featured in the trailer but not in the final cut. A kiss between TK and Carlos (and a head kiss) was cut and people were fuming. (#Tarlos are one of the most popular characters in the show.)

Hey @911LoneStar loved tonight's episode. What I didn't love is that #Tarlos scenes were cut 😠 #911Lonestar pic.twitter.com/gF8h8PsbEk
- Malex_Fangirl8✊🏿🏳️‍🌈 (@fangirl0894) January 19, 2021

why is lonestar so scared to show us a tarlos head kiss? this is the cutest shit ever and they just cut this scene out okay 🙄 pic.twitter.com/ZIB4n0hmdo
- buck begins supremacy (@bucksdiaz) January 19, 2021

All #tarlos fans are disappointed right now. We got so much Tarlos content in the promos and now they already cut two scenes out #911LoneStar
- jessica (@BJessica) January 19, 2021

when they base their whole marketing on tarlos but they cut these scenes from the episodes ... yeah pic.twitter.com/ACbXfjNhAp
- vee | 911 spoilers (@tyrhelliot) January 19, 2021

aight tarlos clowns im starting a thread of their moments that got CHOPPED that i’ll update as the season progresses #911LoneStar pic.twitter.com/jVSPHZTwIY
- yas ♡ (@thevlambase) January 19, 2021

cc: the king of excuses @CancelledAgain
there was MONTHS this time and no reason to hype the scenes and best duo if they aren’t going to ever be seen https://t.co/2JkyhBvjIH
- ♻️ 🌎 (@ronenstyles) January 19, 2021

What the heck. How dare them cut this 😡😡😡I was looking forward to it. Shame, shame #Tarlos @911LoneStar pic.twitter.com/vTnQM1kwHv
- #Chrissy 🇨🇦Destiel/Malex (@chrissy071) January 19, 2021

The show made a huge campaign about diversity (as you can see in the trailer below) yet they give us 1 hour of Rob Lowe fucking.

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I demand more of this in compensation:

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