Indie Film Release Guide: November 6th [An ONTD Original]

Nov 05, 2020 11:56

This weekend is pretty slow for new films, even for the streaming services. There are quite a few VOD releases, though, including one of OP’s faves from TIFF 2019, the Eva Green starring Proxima.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. All films listed will be available at their respective sources on Friday unless otherwise noted. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: October 30th, October 23rd, and October 16th.


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Stars: Eva Green, Zélie Boulant, Matt Dillon, Aleksey Fateev
Writer: Alice Winocour, Jean-Stéphane Bron
Director: Alice Winocour
Genre: Action, Drama
Plot: An astronaut prepares for a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.
What you should know: It’s in several languages - French, English, Russian and German.
Where to stream: Available VOD

Let Him Go

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Stars: Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Lesley Manville, Kayli Carter
Writer/Director:: Thomas Bezucha
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Plot: A retired sheriff and his wife, grieving over the death of their son, set out to find their only grandson.
What you should know: Based on the novel by Larry Watson.
Where to stream: In theaters

Koko-Di Koko-Da

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Stars: Leif Edlund, Peter Belli, Ylva Gallon, Katarina Jakobsen
Writer/Director: Johannes Nyholm
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Plot: As a couple goes on a trip to find their way back to each other, a sideshow artist and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring them deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick.
What you should know: It’s in Swedish and Danish.
Where to stream: Virtual cinemas


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Stars: Liesl Ahlers, Reine Swart, Sean Cameron Michael, Steven John Ward
Writer: David D. Jones
Director: Alastair Orr
Genre: Thriller
Plot: Nine friends, each harboring a dark secret, go camping in the woods. After a wild night of partying, they wake up with suicide bombs strapped to their chests, all with varying times on their countdown clocks. They decide to work out how to disarm the bombs or find help - until they discover they can 'take' one another's time by killing each other.
What you should know: Director Alistair Orr last directed 2016’s House on Willow Street.
Where to stream: Available VOD

The Dark and the Wicked

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Stars: Marin Ireland, Michael Abbott Jr., Xander Berkeley, Lynn Andrews
Writer/Director: Bryan Bertino
Genre: Horror
Plot: On a secluded farm in a nondescript rural town, a man is slowly dying. His family gathers to mourn, and soon a darkness grows, marked by waking nightmares and a growing sense that something evil is taking over the family.
What you should know: The film was a nominee at Fantasia Fest 2020.
Where to watch: In theaters, and available VOD


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Stars: Tamara Lawrence, Chloe Pirrie, Fiona Shaw, Jack Lowden
Writer: Joe Marcantonio, Jason McColgan
Director: Joe Marcantonio
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Plot: When her boyfriend dies suddenly in an accident, psychologically fragile mother-to-be Charlotte is taken in by his family - but they seem increasingly obsessed with her every move. Her suspicions grow and panic builds - but just how far will they go in their desire to control her and her unborn baby?
What you should know: This is not an adaptation of the Octavia Butler novel of the same name.
Where to watch: In theaters, and available VOD.


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Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Jonathan Majors, Jack O'Connell, Jessica Barden
Writer: Theodore Bressman, David Branson Smith, Max Winkler
Director: Max Winkler
Genre: Drama
Plot: Two brothers try to escape their circumstances by travelling across the country for a no holds barred boxing match that becomes a fight for their lives.
What you should know: Filmed on location in MA and RI.
Where to stream: Available VOD


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Stars: Nat Wolff, Priyanka Bose, Iben Akerlie, Arthur Hakalahti
Writer: André Øvredal, Norman Lesperance, Geoff Bussetil
Director: André Øvredal
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Plot: Fantasy adventure origin story about a young man discovering he has God-like powers based on ancient Norwegian mythology.
What you should know: It’s in Norweigian and English.
Where to watch: In theaters and available VOD

18 to Party

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Stars: Kevin Daniel Carey, Enzo Cellucci, Alivia Clark, Ashling Doyle
Writer/Director: Jeff Roda
Genre: Comedy
Plot: It's 1984 and outside a small-town nightclub, a group of 8th graders gather, grappling with a spate of recent suicides, UFO sightings, their absentee parents, and each other.
What you should know: Won an award for Best Ensemble Cast at the 2020 Florida Film Festival.
Where to stream: Virtual cinemas

The Informer

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Stars: Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Common, Ana de Armas
Writer: Matt Cook, Rowan Joffey, Andrea DiStefano
Director: Andrea Di Stefano
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Plot: An ex-convict working undercover intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison.
What you should know: Based on the novel by Börge Hellström and Anders Roslund
Where to stream: Available VOD

New to Streaming

Blue Story (Trailer) on Hulu
Braking for Whales (Trailer) on Hulu

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Apologies in advance for typos, my attention is... elsewhere.

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