Mini roundup: Who's coming out with new music in 2020?

Jan 02, 2020 18:49

Brandon Boyd recently posted that Incubus' new single "Our Love" will be out on January 17th. Check out bb Brandon!

The Strokes announced at their New Year's Eve concert in Brooklyn that they will have a new album out "soon." Julian Casablancas said they took a break in the 2010s but are now back and ~unfrozen~

It will be @TheStrokes' first full-length album in seven years
- NME (@NME) January 1, 2020

What about Sky Ferreira? She says she wants to "start the decade off right" by releasing something, but never names an actual release date.

Thank you for putting my album on every best 10-50-100 best albums and songs of the decade lists. (Shockingly high up) It was a friendly reminder (despite hell) the REAL & TRUE stays & I can’t wait to start the decade off right by putting out another piece of myself.
- Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira) December 30, 2019

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ONTD, who are you hoping will release new music this year?

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