Nessa calls out Teen Mom's Jenelle to her face for trashing Colin Kaepernick

May 21, 2019 19:29

Nessa Confronts 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans For Trashing Kaepernick
- TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) May 21, 2019

- Teen Mom cast member Jenelle Evans, known for CPS taking her kids because her boyfriend killed her dog, got put on the spot by the Teen Mom reunion host Nessa for her comments over Kaepernick's Nike ad. Jenelle wrote a Facebook post claiming that Kaepernick is the "most disrespected guy in the NFL" and she "will not be buying Nike anymore" because of his Nike ad.
- Nessa is a radio and TV personality known for Girl Code and hosting a bunch of MTV stuff. She's been dating Kaepernick since July 2015.
- Nessa very calmly explains to a dumbfounded Jenelle that Kaepernick is "using his platform to peacefully protest systematic oppression in this country, specifically against black people." Nessa offers to have an open and honest conversation with Jenelle about her comments.
- Jenelle starts to cry, says this should be about her storyline and not Nessa's problems, claims she's never heard of Kaepernick before and has no idea what Nessa is talking about - despite the fact she's looking right at a screencap of her own FB post made 9 short months ago. She then storms off the set.
- Everyone on Twitter is clowning Jenelle.
- Watch the encounter here:

To be continued... #TeenMom2
- #TeenMom2 (@TeenMom) May 21, 2019


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