CPS Removes One of Jenelle Eason's Kids In Wake of Dog Killing Incident

May 13, 2019 16:47

In "IT TOOK YOU PEOPLE LONG ENOUGH" news, it is being reported that Jenelle's son with ex Nathan Griffith, Kaiser, has been removed from his current home with noted unfit mother Jenelle and her abusive, homophobic, Nugget-murdering, and generally unhinged piece of shit husband David Eason in the wake of the latest horrible incident. Kaiser is now living with Nathan.

For those blissfully unaware, here is a post on that gut-wrenching mess. [TW for animal abuse].

Fans have been vocal about their concern for all of the kids living with those two unstable assholes, but especially for Kaiser, who has been shown on Teen Mom 2 as being treated especially roughly by David. [TW for child abuse].

There is no word yet about if David's child Maryssa, or the couple's first child Ensley (both of whom live in the Swamp of Sadness with David and Jenelle with first son Jace being allowed visitation) are being considered for removal as well, or if Kaiser's removal is directly related to the Nugget Incident or a separate case of abuse.

OP is tentatively relieved to hear that Kaiser is away from David but also believes that he has no business being in charge of any living creature and should be placed in a wicker man, an iron maiden, or any ghastly combination of the two.

*UPDATE*: Jenelle's visitation privileges with Jace have also been suspended and he is no longer allowed on The Land. [SOURCE]


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