The Devil You Know

Nov 22, 2009 22:55

Title: The Devil You Know (3/3)

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: JJ/Emily, Emma/Sebastian, Emma/Emily, Emma/Emily/Sebastian, Emma/Emily/JJ/Sebastian
(Yes, there is sex involving all 4 combinations.)

Rating: NC-17 (It really deserves it! See prompts)

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls, or boy.

Word Count: 7401

Prompt: 033. Double-Penetration & 036. Threesome
This definitely counts as both as it is 14 pages and massive amounts of explicit sex. Including some that involves an actual male. Although I wouldn't go so far as to call it het. And a 4some! Prompt, I one up thee.

Apologies: I'm going to blame the CM kink meme for putting me on a bad train of thought this week, although the integral part has been written for some months. And at some point, some mysterious person made a kink prompt that was Emily and JJ, having sex for the first time, and finding out that one of them has an interesting piercing. Well, for whoever prompted that, this is my spin on it. It was a lovely prompt.

And still worse.

“Working late?” Emily asked as she stepped quietly into Emma’s office.

Emma glanced over at her and gave her a smile. “Just grading, as always.” She flinched, shrugging her shoulders and rubbing her nape. Emily moved up behind her chair and slid her fingers down the sides of her neck.

“What are you doing?”

Emily sank her thumbs into Emma’s shoulders, and she let out a rough sigh. “Making you feel good.” She pressed her cheek against silky hair.

“You always do.” Emma went back to her grading, twisting every once in a while as Emily kneaded the kinks out of her shoulders and back. She was nearly done when she felt Emily press a light kiss to the side of her neck.

“Getting bored?”

Emily licked at where she had kissed. “Just… hungry.”

“… Do you want to go out?”

Emily blinked. “Is Sebastian-“

“Don’t think about him. He can fend for himself for one night. Do you want to go out?”


Emma cocked her head. “Even if I dress you?”

Emily flushed, but she didn’t mind. She never felt quite as sexy as when Emma dressed her, and she loved that Emma liked to show her off.

“And your outdoor collar.”

“Of course.”


“Emily! Emiliiiiie!”

“What is it Sebastian?” Emily stepped into the hallway, half dressed in a slinky chemise, falling off her shoulder.

Sebastian blinked, and then blinked again, staring at the door she had come out of. “You slept in there?”

Emily frowned. “Yes. Now why were you yelling my name?”

“Phone,” he said. Then furrowed his brows. “She honestly let you sleep there?”

Emily rubbed her eyes and a ligature mark on her wrist as she started heading for the nearest telephone. “I fell asleep.”

“I’ve fallen asleep there too, but she always throws me out. She must really like you.”

“Of course she likes me. She likes to fuck me too.”

“I think she really likes you,” he sang teasingly. “Should I start planning the wedding?”

“Fuck off.” Emily rolled her eyes and picked up the phone, hitting the line. “Emily Prentiss speaking… aah! Mom, hi.”

She glared at Sebastian who grinned and wandered off.


Sebastian wandered into the living room, loosening his ascot and spotted Emma on the couch with a book and a naked Emily asleep with her head in her lap.

“Wore her out already?”

Emma peered at him over her glasses and arched an eyebrow wryly. “I’m sure it was a long week.”

“You never let me drool on you.”

Emma glanced down and touched her middle finger to the corner of Emily’s mouth, then stroked her lower lip softly. She shrugged absently.

“You never let me do a lot of things that you let her do.”

Emma frowned. “What’s this about?”

Sebastian made an awkward face. “I was thinking of staying at my club for a while.”

“Why?” Emma stiffened slightly, glancing down at the sleeping woman in her lap for one spare moment.

“To… give you some time alone?”

“We don’t need time alone.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure!” Emma hissed.

Sebastian seemed surprised at her vehemence. “Are you afraid of having me gone? We’ve been together for a long time, Emma, but if it’s over we shouldn’t pretend it isn’t.”

“What? What are you even talking about?”

His eyes dropped pointedly.

“She’s my pet. She’s not my lover.”

“Maybe not, but neither am I. I’m not saying it’s her fault. You were getting bored with me before you found her. It was probably because of her that I stayed around as long as I did, because you needed me for the training. But you don’t need me anymore.”

“Yes, I do.”

“What for?”

Emma carefully extricated herself from her pet and shoved Sebastian into the hallway. “I don’t know how to be with her!”

“You don’t seem to be having much trouble with that.”

“Because of you.” Emma glared at him. “You let me divide my attention. She can be my slut, she can be my pet, but she can’t-“ Emma’s expression twisted uncomfortably.

“She can’t be your everything.” Sebastian sighed. Why did all the women he knew make a habit of getting in their own way?

“You can’t go.”

“Are you that afraid of making her feel important?”

“You know it has nothing to do with that!”

And Sebastian did know. He had known since the flight home from Minneapolis trying to make conversation with a woman who went from irritable to highly enraged in under a second. He had been basking in the pleasant afterglow and she had had a lot more sex than he had that night. It was clear that Emma knew it too and was running scared.

“How hard is it, to be with someone because you care about them?”

Emma didn’t answer, but it was clear that it was far too difficult to attempt.

In the room behind Emily opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling, wishing she hadn’t heard what she just had.

That had been the beginning of the end. In six months the threesome was scattered along the east coast.

* * *


JJ glanced up at Emily’s excited hail, though it wasn’t directed at her.

“You came!”

A woman with bleached-blonde hair, in a calf-length white leather coat, Ray Bans, and high-heeled white lace-up boots, was standing next to a dark-haired man in a velvet and satin smoking jacket and an ascot tie. They looked like something out of a carnival, but Emily ran up to greet them like a puppy.

It was them. JJ stalked up behind Emily.

“Well, I had to be in town for a conference with my lobby, and Sebastian said he missed you, so here we are,” the woman was saying with an arch, aristocratic lilt in her voice.

JJ coughed pointedly, and Emily glanced back. “Um, did you need something?”

JJ glared.

“Oh.” Emily frowned. “This is Emma and Sebastian. I’ve told you about them.” She turned back to the carnival people and smiled shyly. “This is Jennifer.”

Emma lifted her sunglasses and peered at her appraisingly. “Your girlfriend?”

Emily wrinkled her nose and shifted from one foot to another. “Not really.”

JJ stiffened in shock.

“You know it doesn’t matter,” Emma said, giving Emily a sharp look.

“I know.” Emily ducked her head and pushed a lock of hair back over her ear. “But I only belong to one person.”

Emma smiled and slipped her arm through Emily’s. “She can come if she wants.”

Sebastian offered her his hand. JJ stared at it, and then she stared at Emily again. She didn’t know this woman, not someone who would completely forget her like that. Finally she took Sebastian’s arm and followed the two women to the limo.

On the ride Emily had already squirmed into the bitch’s lap and they were sucking face. In minutes the blonde had her hand down Emily’s pants and was bringing her off. JJ just gaped at the sight.

“So,” Sebastian said with a cheery grin that seemed to completely disregard the wanton fuckery that was happening on the seats across. “Are you an FBI agent as well?”

“Um, yes. But I do more PR work and logistics.”

“Not so much gun waving?”

Emily had dropped down and was unbuttoning Emma’s shirt with her mouth. JJ was very distracted. “Oh, well, I’ve always done some of that.”

The limo pulled up outside Emily’s condo and JJ nearly fell on her face as she got out trying to see if Emily really was being carried up the steps. She couldn’t exactly tell, but it looked like it. Sebastian steadied her and escorted her inside. The hallway was deserted and they walked down it towards Emily’s bedroom.

“Is the girl ready to play?” a haughty voice called out, and Sebastian gave JJ a smile.

“Well, are you?”

Emma, her white coat and shirt gone, was sitting on the grand chair across from the door. Emily, only in the dress shirt she had worn to work, was sprawled languidly across her lap, sucking on her fingers. It was a bit much.

Sebastian was unbuttoning his waistcoat, having shrugged out of his smoking jacket and unwound his Ascot. JJ glanced uncomfortably at his trousers. There was an incredible bulge there, but he seemed hardly to be in a rush.

“Jennifer, strip,” said Emily, with a pleasure in her tone that JJ had never heard directed at her. She doubted that this instance was for her either. “If you want to play you have to put on a show.”

She felt a little bit like an outflanked chaperone and awkwardly got out of her suit dress, standing exposed in her underwear. Sebastian, by that time, was only in silk boxers distended by his massive prick.

“Lie down,” Emma commanded him. He obeyed easily and adjusted his boxers until they hid nothing. His long thick cock jutted out of the slit and his balls settled on the background of peacock blue and purple. It was completely hairless and JJ stared in shock. Was she in a porn flick?

“New girl!” Emma caught JJ’s attention with the epithet. “Take off those scraps. Better to wear nothing than unattractive underwear. And suck him. I want to see how much of that you can get down your throat.”

Emily laughed, and JJ felt shocked and betrayed. She really wanted her to suck some stranger’s cock? But she had. She had taken it in her, having never even spoken to the man, and she didn’t even like cock. JJ felt the familiar burn of competition and quickly stripped out of her underwear. Her body was nothing to be ashamed of, and the fact was, she was almost looking forward to climbing on that massive prick and getting thoroughly fucked.

She knelt on the bed between Sebastian’s legs. “You’re very pretty,” he said, charmingly. “I do love the way pretty girls look with their mouths full.”

She heard a chuckle and glanced over. It was Emma. Emily wasn’t even paying attention! Her head was tipped back and it looked like she was about to come with Emma’s fingers moving easily inside her. She let out a deep heartfelt groan, thrashing slightly, when she did, and JJ almost forgot what she had been about to do. She had never seen Emily come like that! Not with that much noise or motion. She turned her head away swiftly, so they wouldn’t notice her watching, and the cock knocked her in the face.

Sebastian laughed. “If you aren’t comfortable with this…”

JJ lowered her head and pulled the dick into her mouth with her tongue. She let it slide in deep until it brushed against her velum, and then slid it out until her lips circled the neck, sucking steadily. It wasn’t even a third of the length. She bobbed up and down, working her tongue around the head. Sebastian was making low pleased noises, but she wasn’t getting very much of it down at all. She pressed in deep, forcing him against the back of her throat, but he was too thick and hard to bend down the tight channel.

“You’re not relaxing,” Emma snapped and then fingers were tightly wound in her hair, pulling it sharply, and she was being shoved down. With the pain in her scalp her jaw had dropped and her throat had widened and Sebastian’s cock slid down the passage, cutting off her air and choking her. Her eyes widened and she started to struggle, but Emma held her head in place with a firm grip. Her eyes teared up, but she couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything to make her let her go.

Emily didn’t do anything.

“Now swallow.”

Humiliated JJ did her best to obey. Sebastian let out a light groan and the hand was out of her hair. She jerked off the cock, hacking and gasping, trying to get her systems running again. She looked furiously over to Emily, who had moved to the bed, but was still in Emma’s lap. She just grinned back.

“That was hot.”

Emma was watching her with sharp eyes and laughed at her horrified expression. She moved Emily to lie on her front on the bed, and slid up her long shirt, exposing her ass. She selected a bottle from the side table and opened it, dipping her fingers inside and scooping out some of the contents. Then she handed it to JJ.

“Well, get on with it. Use your breasts. If God gave you them, you might as well put them to some purpose.” Then her fingers slid into Emily’s ass, and she keened.

JJ desperately wanted to watch and felt herself get wet at the sound. But she knew she couldn’t disobey. She spread the lube over her chest, and then leaned close, hovering over Sebastian’s cock until it slotted right into place. She cupped her breasts and closed them around the shaft. It was awkward to keep her balance like that, but Sebastian reached out and supported her shoulders so she could slide up and down on his pole.


JJ was on her stomach on top of Emily, legs spread, every orifice full, but somehow she felt like an afterthought. Sebastian was fucking her ass, humping at a frenzied rhythm, and Emily was thrusting a thick strap-on into her cunt, slow and easy. But she was lying back, her head tilted away, and kissing Emma. There was something about it that suggested that nothing could distract her. Not the girl she was drilling a hole in, not even an earthquake.

Bruised and aching and sated, JJ groaned as she leaned against the pillows. Sebastian flopped next to her.

“You’re done?” she asked him.

“I need recharging time. I can never keep up with them.” He rolled his eyes at the other women. Emily had gotten out her restraints again and she was crawling down Emma’s body, leaving a trail of bite marks and kisses like Hansel and Gretel with their bread crumbs. “And Emma says I miss her.”

“You don’t?”

“Of course I miss having her around. She was always good for a laugh. But I have plenty of girls to fuck. It’s Emma who needs this.”

“So they’re always like this? This… absorbed in each other?”

Sebastian glanced over and gave her a smile. “You really thought you were her girlfriend, didn’t you?”

“Why shouldn’t I have?” JJ spat.

“No reason at all.” He shook his head. “I really thought I was Emma’s boyfriend for a while. But we can’t hold their attention, not for long, not in the way they can hold each other’s.”


Emily was giving her mistress a particularly pet-like nuzzling sort of goodbye, and JJ stood awkwardly, trying to stay out of the way and put her shoes back on. Sebastian smiled at her and handed her a card.

“Thank you. Your company was very pleasant.”

“You’re welcome, I guess,” replied JJ, rather bemused. “Yours was as well.” She looked at the card,

“That’s my club. There’s a branch near the Mall. You should go.” He smiled again, broadly. “It’s my personal card. They’ll recognize it, and give you the special treatment.”

“Uh, thanks,” she said. The rather demonic image that was the logo was not encouraging. Neither was the name “Hellfire.”

He slapped her shoulder and chuckled. “Didn’t Emily tell you? You’re with the devil now.”

JJ cringed. “Actually, she did mention that.”

“Don’t worry. Emma’s retired from active participation in the club.”

Emma slid into the limo, the stiletto heel of her fuck-me boot the last thing to disappear and Sebastian hurried to follow.

Emily’s shoulders sank slightly as the car rounded the corner and disappeared. She tuned back to JJ with a sad smile on her face. “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Fun?” JJ’s voice rose into an embarrassing shriek at the end. “God! For a genius you really are an idiot aren’t you?” She had one of her shoes in her hand and was gesticulating wildly. “Just, go and tell that hell-bitch of a woman that you’re ready to marry her, for chrissake!”

Stomping like broken wind-up toy in one shoe, JJ stormed off down the sidewalk.
She had to slow down and hail a taxi after less than a block. She was a little too well-fucked to walk.


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