The Devil You Know

Nov 22, 2009 22:44

Title: The Devil You Know (1/3)

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: JJ/Emily, Emma/Sebastian, Emma/Emily, Emma/Emily/Sebastian, Emma/Emily/JJ/Sebastian
(Yes, there is sex involving all 4 combinations.)

Rating: NC-17 (It really deserves it! See prompts)

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls, or boy.

Word Count: 7401

Prompt: 033. Double-Penetration & 036. Threesome
This definitely counts as both as it is 14 pages and massive amounts of explicit sex. Including some that involves an actual male. Although I wouldn't go so far as to call it het. And a 4some! Prompt, I one up thee.

Apologies: I'm going to blame the CM kink meme for putting me on a bad train of thought this week, although the integral part has been written for some months. And at some point, some mysterious person made a kink prompt that was Emily and JJ, having sex for the first time, and finding out that one of them has an interesting piercing. Well, for whoever prompted that, this is my spin on it. It was a lovely prompt.

It had been a nice date. All the dates with Emily had been nice so far, but there was only so many times that JJ was prepared to kiss goodnight and go home. Honestly, if Emily wasn’t going to put out, she’d have to take her chances elsewhere, because she was getting tired of spending hours with a woman who oozed sex and then going home to her vibrator.

Sometimes JJ wondered if there were two Emilys, the one who was awkward and quirky and nerdy at work, and then the one she had seen, getting out of a taxi after a late night emergency call in, in a dress which winched her breasts up into almost alarming prominence, and towering, precarious, fuck-me heels. Her hair had been up, off her neck, her make-up exaggerated, but perfect, and JJ hadn’t been the only one who had choked on her coffee. Morgan nearly spat his across the room, and Reid stared at her as if his heart was breaking.

“You were on, a, um, date?” Morgan had finally managed to inquire, the first of them to recover.

Emily smiled, but not the one she usually used, something different, understated and slow, and JJ nearly wet her pants. Reid sat down hard and quickly dropped a book in his lap. “No, I was just meeting up with some old friends.”

She had disappeared into the locker room to change, and had returned as normal Emily, but it was clear that night that they hardly knew Emily at all. And JJ, for one, had decided that they were missing out.

JJ wasn’t usually bi-sexual. She liked cocks. She liked them big and hard. She liked men’s faces when she sucked them and didn’t have any issues with swallowing (unless it was going to interfere wither her daily calorie intake). But it wasn’t like she had never been with girls. She had been a varsity soccer player. Playing games on the weekends usually boiled down to two hours running around and kicking balls, and six hours getting plastered and having sex with her teammates. She didn’t usually date women, but every once in a while there was a girl just different enough to hold her attention. That night Emily had caught her attention and nailed it to the wall.

She was going to fuck that Emily if it was the last thing that she did.

JJ didn’t have any issues putting her balls on the line, and so, one Friday, after work, she sauntered up and perched on Emily’s desk and flashed her best smile. “You have plans tonight? Interested in getting drinks?”

Emily blinked. “You mean with the team? I didn’t hear anything-“

“With me,” JJ said point blank. “Do you want to go out with me?”

It wasn’t really a question, more of a challenge. And Emily cocked her head and her eyes changed as she looked at JJ differently. It was a reflection of that look she had seen that night, and JJ shivered slightly inside, completely thrilled by it, and trying not to show it.

“All right,” she said. “Sounds like fun.”

And that had been their first date. Emily had worn a tight black dress, cut just low enough to set off her pale skin and long neck, framing the sharp lines of her collarbones, but it had been the way she wore it that had knocked JJ over. JJ had always expected her to be uncomfortable in fancy clothes. When ever the boys had been joking about sex she had always given this awkward little smile and turned her head away, and JJ had been certain that she was completely repressed. Until that night, and again this night, where Emily moved so easily and so seductively that JJ wondered if she had been replaced by some alien construct.

But while they were drinking and talking it was still Emily, with her little nerdy jokes and her embarrassed grin. Just, every once in a while, she would smile differently, or move differently. Eventually JJ correlated it to her cues. If she were talking about work, Emily would be the Emily from work, not Agent Prentiss, who was different in her own way, but office Emily, and if she were flirting, then Emily would change, slip into a different mode, one that read clearly as sexually available and… somehow as permissive.

JJ started to flirt harder when she worked that one out, and at the end of the night Emily let her go with a kiss that shook her to her knees. The way she used her tongue, the way she held JJ’s jaw so firmly that she couldn’t move it at all, the easy power of it, nearly made JJ faint with lust. She absently wondered as she walked home, whether Emily had ever done a stint employed as a dominatrix.

In the end, she wasn’t too far off.

Fifth date, and Emily finally turned to her on her doorstep with that slow strange smile. “Do you want to come in?”

“Yes!” JJ nearly yelped, and then winced at how overeager she sounded. But Emily laughed and opened the door. The instant they were inside, JJ stopped caring about whether it seemed overeager. She had to kiss her, had to find the zipper to her dress, and hardly noticed that Emily was leading her easily into the bedroom as she obsessed herself with getting the woman undressed.

She had never been this into a woman before. She had never needed to taste her breasts, needed to strip off her underwear and push her roughly to the bed. She had never actually liked giving girls head, but she knew, viscerally, that she needed to take as much of this woman into her mouth as she possibly could.

But with Emily naked and spread before her, hardly able to notice anything at all, she saw something entirely unexpected and froze.

Emily hadn’t really struck her as the type to wax, but it was blatantly obvious that she did. JJ leaned closer, parting her with her thumbs, and just looked.

“You’re pierced.”

It wasn’t just one piercing either, not that any piercings down there could ever be considered ‘just’ in JJ’s book. But there were at least two bent barbells surrounding Emily’s clit like a crown. JJ couldn’t even think of what it meant. That kind of piercing she usually associated with a type of person she would never want to associate with. It was a dangerous, edge-walking lifestyle, usually mixed with tattoos, drugs, and unsafe sexual practices. But Emily was nothing like that. She couldn’t even imagine an Emily like that. But she couldn’t imagine how Emily had managed to get two genital piercings either.

“How-“ JJ stopped, unable to even form the words.

Emily chuckled in a low tone that JJ didn’t recognize. “Old girlfriend did them. But don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.”

JJ looked up, and Emily was watching her, as cool and as collected as could be. She was more relaxed naked with someone staring at her cunt than she was getting coffee at work. It didn’t make sense. JJ desperately wanted to understand why, but stopping for a conversation now might come across as rejection. And whatever secrets she had, it was still Emily, wasn't it? She lowered her head and slid her tongue around the crowned clit.

The taste and texture was strange, metal on her tongue, but she didn’t pull away, just kept moving in long strokes until she felt Emily come with a short sigh underneath her.

She thought she had a moment to wipe the odd expression off her face while Emily was recovering, but before she knew it, Emily was hovering over her, tracing fingers down her skin.

“Let me see,” she whispered teasingly. “I think I can guess what you like.”

And Emily had caught up her legs, spreading them and lifting them, then seemingly out of nowhere, she caught a velcro cuff and wrapped it around her ankle, fixing her in position. JJ pulled against it, but it was bound tightly to the headboard or something. “I think you enjoy it more when you feel helpless.” And quickly Emily bound both her wrists, and she was trapped, spread open and vulnerable for someone she really was starting to not trust anymore.

Emily ran her fingers over her clit, then her tongue, and suddenly three fingers sank deep into her without warning. JJ gasped, but loved the suddenness of it, and the force, and then they were gone, and Emily was getting off the bed.

“Hey! What…?”

“The best thing about the piercings,” she started, then paused and smiled. “Well, one of the best things, is that if it wear a strap-on, I can feel it so much more.”

JJ gulped, but when the head of it slid inside her, she realized she was going to be fucked just exactly how she liked it best, rough and thick and hard, and this one would never get soft.


“Oh my god, that was amazing.”

Emily leaned against the pillows, grinning lazily. “Don’t talk to god, you’re with the devil now,” she said, musingly.

JJ gave her an odd look. “What?”

She laughed. “It was something someone said to me once, right before I was fucked to oblivion.”

“Really?” JJ’s curiosity perked up, even through her exhaustion. “Anything to do with,” she glanced down.

Emily seemed to intuit that she meant the piercings and smiled. “Yeah, actually.”

“Can you… tell me about it?”

Emily looked at her. “You want to know?”

“I really really do.”

“Well, it was when I was in Minneapolis, and I was pretty lonely, and desperately needed to get laid.”

* * *

It was just sex. That was the point.

Emily slid into the seat at the bar and tried unsuccessfully to flag down the bartender. She was so worn down by this job, by this town. Minneapolis was beautiful, but she always felt like a tourist. She didn’t know anyone, and her colleagues weren’t friends.

She was lonely.

She was too tired to try and meet someone. It was too hard to put that sort of effort in, getting to know someone, working around their schedule, walking the fine line of how soon is too soon. She just needed someone to touch.

The warm spicy flavor of Jack Daniels slipped over her tongue and down her throat. There were too many men in this bar. She wasn’t picky, but old men with beer bellies and thinning hair was not her type. All the women were paired off, save for her.

There was a blonde in the corner, young (very young), filling out her white shirt admirably, high-heeled lace-up white leather boots. Emily licked the traces of whisky off her lips. The white was odd, but the style reminded her of her teenage years.

It was too bad that a dark-haired man with a ponytail and dramatic sideburns was with her. They were arguing. The woman said something that was shaped like a derisive, ‘Minneapolis,’ and Emily had to smile.

But she was taken. It was better to cut her losses and find somewhere else, with more women. She hadn’t gone out with the intent of picking up a woman in particular. That would have been too blatant, even for herself. She had never been to a gay bar, but she knew there was one, north of the new downtown. It was probably full of men, looking to hook up with other men, but maybe she should just look. Maybe she’d be lucky.

She was grabbing her jacket when someone crashed into her from behind and she stumbled back, hitting her head on the coat rack and letting out a yelp. A hand caught her arm and pulled her back onto her feet.

“Feeling klutzy today?”

Emily gaped at the blonde woman. She was the one who had run into her! Emily rubbed the bruise on her head, hardly aware of the odd way the woman was looking at her.

“Do you need ice?”

“No, I’m all right.”

The woman looked away, losing interest. “Fucking Minneapolis. Do you have any idea how to get to the Marquette Hotel?”

“Yeah, it’s a couple streets down.” Emily bit her lip. “I’m heading in that direction, I could show you.”

“If you want.”

“Where are you heading?” the woman asked after a few minutes of walking. She didn’t sound interested, just bored.

“Oh, there’s another bar that way. A little more lively maybe.”

The woman blinked. “Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet?”

Emily shook her head.

“Well, if you wanted a fucking, you should have asked Sebastian. He has no standards.”

“Your boyfriend?”

The woman snorted. “Something like that. If the asshole keeps dragging me to places like Minneapolis, he needs to watch out. He’s not a bad fuck, though. You could give it a ride.”

Emily cringed. “He’s not really my type.”

“But you were looking for a fucking?” The woman laughed. “Are you a dyke?”

“What?” Emily felt her face go red.

The woman rolled her eyes. “It was just a question.”

Emily shrugged awkwardly. “I’ve mostly been with men. But a couple times… Sometimes it’s easier with women.”

“Yeah, I’ve never had that experience. Women are cunts.” She gave Emily an appraising look. “I’d fuck you.”


“Did I not speak distinctly enough? I said I’ll fuck you.” She glanced up. “This is the hotel, right? Come up.”

Emily gaped. “I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to go.”

“Look.” The woman tossed her head and her sleek hair shivered right back into place. “I’m not interested in games. I’m offering what you want. The ball’s in your court. Take it or leave it.”


She raised her eyebrows. “I don’t think it will be a chore, darling. You’re not, like, Baba Yaga or anything. And seriously, Seb needs to figure out that even dragging me to this shithole, isn’t going to make me reliant on him, for anything.”

Emily hesitated for just a second longer. “All right.”

This wasn’t what she had expected. In some way she had thought she’d find someone like her, someone who needed it, not someone else’s girl, who wanted to get one up on her boyfriend. But this woman had a way of making her feel like a prude or a square, just by her complete lack of shame.

The woman smiled, broadly with an odd hint of danger. Then she turned and strode into the hotel, towards the bank of elevators. Emily hurried to catch up. “Wait! What’s your name?”

She turned, pressing the button. “I’m Emma,” she said, and hearing the door open, caught Emily’s arm and pulled her inside.

The doors shut and Emily was being backed up against the wall and kissed. Everything this woman did was a challenge, but Emily wasn’t about to lose without a fight. She kissed back, wet and open, letting her in, and let her hands slide down Emma’s back, cupping her ass in the tight bleached jeans and pulling her in, their hips flush and tight.

(She had needed this. She had needed this so much more than she thought. Her numb body, from her center to her fingertips, was hot and alive again.)

The door opened on floor thirty-seven to the shocked visages of an elderly couple. Emma glanced over at them. “We’re going up.” She turned back to Emily when the doors shut again, still pressed into her body, hips and breasts touching. She pressed a finger to her nose. “Not bad. But not good enough to get me dry-humping you in front of the senior citizens.” Emily snapped at her finger, and then kissed her.

(She should have been embarrassed. Her brain was screaming at her to be embarrassed. But she couldn’t think of anything but how there was nothing like kissing a woman and how she had been lying herself for too long, pretending she wanted something other than this.)

They nearly missed floor forty-eight. Emma’s room was right near the doors, and Emily felt like a teenage boy with the way her hands were groping for breasts while she was pressed up against Emma’s back as she fiddled with the key.

Maid service had been in, which was a relief. The threat of mussed sheets from a previous encounter had been hanging over Emily’s head. She paused for a little too long, and Emma pushed her down on the bed, stripping off her shirt and going straight for the catch of her bra.

“Hey!” Emily started, her lack of body-confidence coming back to smack her in the face.

Emma pinned her shoulders, hovering over her, her hair brushing over Emily’s neck and face. “I said I was going to fuck you, and with the way you were grinding against me in the hall, I doubt you need any more preparation.”

“I-“ Emily swallowed hard. “I want to fuck you too.”

Emma grinned and pulled her own shirt off over her head. In moments they were a tangled mess on the bed, struggling with buttons and hooks on trousers. Emma caught the seat of Emily’s pants and dragged her around until she was on her stomach, legs hanging off the bed. She jerked her slacks down, underwear with them, and pushed in from behind.

Emily gasped and spread enough to accept the firm thrust of two fingers. Emma leaned half on the bed, her mouth pressed to Emily’s ear. “I knew you were ready.”

“Yeah,” Emily mumbled.

“Oh no, you shouldn't be able to talk.” And Emma started to fuck her.

Emily hadn’t been taken from behind before, and she hadn’t been fucked in so long. It was almost humiliating how quickly she reached her peak, then Emma’s thumb pressed against her anus and she came.

“You’re fucking easy.” Emma laughed, kneading her ass with her hands. Emily rolled on her side, half-offended.

“Don’t think I’m done.” She squirmed to her knees and lunged at Emma as best she could with her feet still tangled in her slacks. Emma fought her and they wrestled. Emily wriggled out of her slacks and then threw her leg over Emma and pinned her to the mattress. “My turn.”

Emma lifted her legs and locked them around Emily’s shoulders. “Do your worst.”

Emily did.

Part 2

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