The Devil You Know

Nov 22, 2009 22:53

Title: The Devil You Know (2/3)

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: JJ/Emily, Emma/Sebastian, Emma/Emily, Emma/Emily/Sebastian, Emma/Emily/JJ/Sebastian
(Yes, there is sex involving all 4 combinations.)

Rating: NC-17 (It really deserves it! See prompts)

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls, or boy.

Word Count: 7401

Prompt: 033. Double-Penetration & 036. Threesome
This definitely counts as both as it is 14 pages and massive amounts of explicit sex. Including some that involves an actual male. Although I wouldn't go so far as to call it het. And a 4some! Prompt, I one up thee.

Apologies: I'm going to blame the CM kink meme for putting me on a bad train of thought this week, although the integral part has been written for some months. And at some point, some mysterious person made a kink prompt that was Emily and JJ, having sex for the first time, and finding out that one of them has an interesting piercing. Well, for whoever prompted that, this is my spin on it. It was a lovely prompt.

This is just insane, and getting worse.

Emily heard the click of the lock and glanced up to see the door open and the dark-haired man from the bar pause in the doorway. She felt detached from her body, waiting for his anger, for any reaction at all. But only his nostrils flared as he breathed in the heady scent of sex.

“You started without me?” it came in a sort of whine, and for a moment Emily wondered who was the one in charge in their relationship. But Sebastian’s hand was cupping his crotch, and then he eased down his trousers and let out his erection.

“You can put it in if you want, but you’re not going to make me come,” said Emma lazily as she lay between Emily’s legs. “I think I’ve hit my limit for this hour.”

“What about her?” Sebastian asked as he slipped a condom over his stiff cock. Emily looked at him sort of vaguely, not certain what he meant. Emma slipped a finger into her.

“Go for it,” Emma said. “She’s still tight.”

Emily choked, but couldn’t figure out how to respond (or what response she wanted to give).

Emma elbowed her in the side. “Roll over, darling, I want to finger your ass while he nails you.”

Emily repositioned herself half off the bed and Emma crawled onto her back. “Give me some of that,” and Emily felt soft fingers spreading cool gel over her lips; then they dipped into her ass, slickly coating her anus. She felt the probe of the cock tip pushing into her. It found her entrance and slid in (more easily than one ever had before. Apparently three orgasms, the last with four fingers, made her loose enough to take it). It was long and thick but stretched her painlessly. She gasped a little when it filled her, and then choked as the pad of a finger pressed into her anus.

Sebastian started fucking her, but the slick friction was almost secondary to the fingers swirling in her ass, opening her up. Emma seemed to know whenever it started to hurt and would add more lube.

“Seb,” she said, “I want her on top of you.”

Strong hands were picking her up. Sebastian slid under her, sitting on the bed and set her on her knees over him. He pushed the tip of his cock back into position and let her slide down it. Then he thrust upwards, jerking her forward so she fell on top of him, and kept her clasped to his chest.

“She almost ready?”

“Just a little more. Hold it, right?”

Sebastian lay still, Emily sprawled over his chest, still impaled on his prick, her legs dropping to either side of his. Emma’s hands slid over her open ass, and then Emily felt her hot wet tongue slide into her anus. Emily cried out and tried to fuck herself on Sebastian’s cock, but his hands clasped her waist and kept her still. Emma’s tongue was driving her insane.

“Oh, God.” Then two fingers pushed in easily.

“Don’t call for him,” murmured Sebastian in her ear. “You’re with the devil now.” It was clear he wasn’t referring to himself.

Something else was pushing into her asshole. It was stiff but not hard, and felt like a cock. It felt as big as Sebastian’s, but cool, and slicked with icy gel. It was cutting right through her, the widening base stretching her anus painfully, until she felt the shaft pressing against Sebastian’s cock deep inside of her, barely anything keeping them apart. Emma’s hips settled against her ass.

“I start,” said Emma roughly and began to fuck her, with short swift strokes. Her hips hardly lost contact with her ass, but Emily still felt like she was being torn apart. And then beneath her, Sebastian started moving his hips, thrusting into her.

She came, and came, and came again. She had never been full like this, never been pounded from both sides until she felt she was going to crumble into a boneless mess or be ripped apart. Sebastian finally came, making the condom stretch as it filled with hot liquid. He went limp inside her, and she groaned as he pulled out, leaving an empty wound behind. Emma’s strap-on was still deep inside her ass, and as Sebastian wriggled out from underneath her to go clean up, Emma drew out and turned her over.

She had a look on her face, like some sort of demon, and pushed Emily’s legs up and apart. The head of the dildo brushed against her anus, and Emily whimpered, not certain if she could take anymore.

Emma pushed in slowly, spreading her aching hole once more, and leaning forward, bending Emily nearly in half as she leaned in between her legs and kissed her. Then she started pistoning her hips, still kissing her, rubbing circled around her clit, and Emily came until she passed out.

She awoke to a cool cloth cleaning her up. It was morning. Emma was watching her, and passed the washcloth over her mouth, making it less sticky. Sebastian was asleep on the other side of the bed.


“Hey.” Emily stared at her. “Did that really…”

“Wait ‘till you try to walk, darling, or sit. We worked you over pretty good.”

The sore achiness was making itself known. Emily wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do here. She thought she ought to be embarrassed, but there was something about being fucked until you passed out that made embarrassment a little unnecessary.

“Oh, I,” she struggled to sit up, but gasped at the pain that shot through her and slipped back down.

“Yeah.” Emma nuzzled her shoulder. “I kinda forgot it was your first time and got a bit carried away. Nothing broken though, just a bit used.”

Yeah, this hadn’t been what Emily was expecting at all.

“Oh, Sebastian and I wanted to ask you something. We’re going back to Boston today, and we were wondering if you might want to be our pet.”

Emily gaped at her blankly.

“You were really good, and to be frank, sex with Sebastian has gotten really boring. I’d love to train you.”

There were no words for this. “I- I mean, my job, and stuff…”

“I mean, whatever. It’s up to you.” She sounded sort of stiff and offended, and Emily couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you,” she said, the words finally coming easily. “Thank you for last night and for the offer. I can’t leave Minneapolis right now, but otherwise, I would definitely want to know more.”

Emma gave her a half smile. “Here,” she leaned off the bed and tugged a card out of her purse. “This is the address for the Minneapolis branch of our club.” She scrawled a number on the other side. “And this is if you make it to Boston.”

Emma kissed her slowly and with a lot of tongue on her way out the door. She almost didn’t leave.

* * *

“It took me three days to walk normally again and last a day in my office chair. I couldn’t think about it without masturbating and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A month later I applied for a transfer, and the next month I showed up for work at the Boston FBI office.”

JJ stared at her. “You moved across the country for sex?”

Emily smiled in that same uninterperable way. “I moved across the country to change my life. And it changed.”

* * *

“Hi,” she asked, when Emma picked up the phone. “Does your offer still stand?”

There was a long frozen tense silence. “You want to be my pet?”

“Yes,” Emily said, forgetting her hesitance in the moment. “I do.”

“Good,” Emma murmured, her voice dropping half an octave. “Come over tonight.”

“I want you naked,” said Emma, blandly, as she opened the door. And Emily glanced around at the cold street, a few people walking by.


Emma laughed. “No, come inside.”

Emma dropped her robe. She was barely dressed in a slinky negligee, and turned to help Emily unbutton her shirt.

“How old are you?” Emily asked, without thinking.

Emma blinked. “How impertinent. I’m twenty four.”

Emily blushed hotly, her pants half down. She had been right when she had noted that the girl was young, young and sort of intense. Emma pushed down her underwear when she looked reticent. She examined Emily’s naked form critically.

“How do you feel about piercings?”


* * *

“I lived there, with her, for nearly five years.” Emily rolled over, exposing her back. “That’s her mark.”

It was a small tattoo, in a sharp black that traced something like a wrought iron E with leaves and spearheads molded on.

“But you broke up.”

Emily made a noncommittal noise. “I was accepted for profiler training, and she was moving to New York to teach. Sebastian was the only one who stayed in Boston.”

“She’s a teacher?” JJ was horrified. A woman like that?

Emily didn't seem to notice. She just smiled and leaned back. “An excellent one. She taught me everything I know.”

‘About sex’ was the clearly unstated part of this sentence. JJ considered this. She had found out the mystery. Emily had been some dominatrixy slut’s whore for five years. No wonder she was more comfortable with sex than with anything else. She felt… sorry for her. Emily needed to get over this woman, get past the blatant mess she had made of her psyche, and JJ was just the girl to do it.

* * *
Part 3

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