Revolution to get four-issue comic series from DC

Apr 16, 2015 05:59

We did it. Well, sort of. We won't be getting any new episodes, but thanks to the the #RelocateRevolution campaign we'll be getting closure to the story through a four-issue comic series from DC. Below is a letter from Kripke himself, plus a couple of pictures.

Kripke speaks )

(!): ben edlund, !post show: 2015, (!): tracy spiridakos, (!): rockne s. o’bannon, (!): eric kripke

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marciaelena April 16 2015, 03:02:57 UTC
While I *am* grateful that Kripke and the show's writing team are working to give us fans some closure, I'm not particularly overjoyed that it's going to be a comic book series. But I know a lot of people will be over the moon with this news. Those character sketches need a lot of improvement, though. Monroe in particular looks nothing like himself.


marciaelena April 16 2015, 04:33:06 UTC
I'm happy to have a reason to hurry up and gif what I haven't - maybe find a way to incorporate gifs and stills into sets...idk?

Mostly I'm happy to have ppl talk about things again. Maybe get that prompt table up like I said I would. Permanent hiatus makes me lazy.

My problem is Miles', you're ANIMATED FFS how is your hair still doing its own thing?

And I'm happy to see what I consider to be the core 3 up first...also yay Billy having a reason to tweet when he so rarely does.

This is Thursday beeteedubs I'm in transit and too lazy to login.

Thank you for posting this, I had to rush out of the house this morning, and nagging Mercy to do it obviously had no immediate effect :P


mustbethursday3 April 16 2015, 10:56:07 UTC
Another thing, I really love the sincerity of Kripke's letter. It just sort of sets a really good mood...or something.

He cares.

We might have to rewatch 2.22 (before the first release) to remember what happened a year ago or whatever. CRAP. How long has it been now? It feels like forever.

If I was really greedy I'd wish in addition to this we'd get like a 5 minute audio track released along with the first comic, with the actor's actual voices and sound effects (recycled from the show), of like the first few pages/frames or whatever. And that they'd also be releasing episode commentary on a fan voted favourites list so we could hear them giggling and nudging each other over expressions and things that happened on set...OH and you know an extra extended deleted scenes/blooper reel of S1 and S2.

But I'm not greedy, so nosireebob I'm not wishing for that....shhh


mercscilla April 16 2015, 15:27:25 UTC
It was morning when I read your tumblr message and by then I had no time to do it but when I wanted to do it after work, SOMEONE beat me to it. \o/


ivy_b April 16 2015, 09:58:08 UTC
I'm not sure how I feel about this, because the little I heard about the potential S3 didn't instill me with confidence and excitement. If it's good, I'll be happy, if not, I'll just ignore it.


mustbethursday3 April 17 2015, 09:03:39 UTC
This. This just became the motto of the Revo fandom.

It's good to see you btw. I miss your snarkiness. Sigh.


ivy_b April 17 2015, 11:04:25 UTC
*hugs* I missed you too and I'm glad my default snarkiness is appreciated, LOL


sasha_b April 18 2015, 13:39:41 UTC


mercscilla April 16 2015, 15:29:52 UTC
Well, if they want to do comic, I'd have loved to get an animated series but who am I to complain? We get at least something! *sighs*


mustbethursday3 April 17 2015, 09:01:42 UTC
I felt very 'Must be grateful. Must be GRATEFUL. We got cancelled. BE GRATEFUL.' initially, but now I'm warming more to it. Just because they can literally DO ANYTHING, GO ANYWHERE. DO FLASHBACKS AND FLASHFORWARDS. INVOLVE FREAKING BEN MATHESON IN THINGS.


I mean, yesssss if it moved that would be better. But we can make it move...right? We're like talented or whatever. We'll invent a way to make it move, M. I've seen your gifsets. You're awesome. Don't pretend.

*Throws shirtless Miles at you*


shortysc22 April 16 2015, 21:06:56 UTC
I'm not sure how to feel about this. I hope they don't go the route of Season 3 and instead just find a way to wrap the story up nicer than we got in the show. The characters don't really look much like the actors, but that's concept art so we'll see what the final product is.


mustbethursday3 April 17 2015, 09:11:24 UTC
I don't think they have room to do what they would have done in 20+ TV HOPEFULLY (and under Tracy's watchful eye) they spun out some storylines that:

1) Make sense.

2) Return some of the worse for wear Characters to their former glory (I'm looking at you Miles. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU).

3) Match the tone/expressions/subtleties of the actors who gave the show life.

4) Don't throw another murder shed/ratmaggedon/MYSTERY FOR MYSTERY'S SAKE s/l into the mix and over complicate what is already very complicated.

And lol, the comic characters...well, Charlie looks alright. Miles' hair bothers the crap out of me. And I thought Monroe was wearing a suit, but I think that's just his V-Neck under that coat. And his I hope the final art's a revised version.


shortysc22 April 18 2015, 02:12:42 UTC
I'm definitely hoping that all they do is use this to wrap up the story a bit better than what they did in the show. And I understand that they weren't really given notice that the show was canceled, please we all were waiting around to see would they/won't they renew, but let's not introduce anymore convulted storylines, they werne't even able to keep track of what they did introduce.

Sigh. I did miss this community the past few months, I loved everyone here!


mustbethursday3 April 19 2015, 05:59:47 UTC
It's probably good that they've had like a year to sit and mull over the would-have, could-have, beens. And obviously the writing staff are all on other show's now, so they haven't been in full mourning or anything - they get to just play it out...with us in mind.

This is for us and they better not forget that and do their own thing *laughs* when I heard they'd all come back I was like - Oh. You came back. That's...well, a thing that happened.

And I knooooooow. We spent so much time here. And now we don't and it's a bit sad.


sasha_b April 16 2015, 22:36:13 UTC
Just to be nitpicky, if you're going to give me a sort of season three, MAKE BASS LOOK LIKE BASS. KTHNX.

Other than that...I'll take it. It's better than nothing.

How are they going to release this? On the FB page?

And I'm a huge comic book nerd, so I'm down with this medium. :)))))

also hi errrrrrybody


mustbethursday3 April 17 2015, 08:56:47 UTC
Hiiiii Sasha.

I think it's being initially released on comicbook-or-something com (IDK I've only read the article a few times!) and then it goes to FB the next week. Possibly this explains the fortnightly release cycle?

And I know, I've never been a big comic person...but comic style is very dramatic and intense so I think it'll be interesting.


sasha_b April 18 2015, 13:38:21 UTC
Hiiiiii. :)

Will you be posting any kind of links when you find them? *bats eyelashes*

I love comics. I read them for yearssssssssss but stopped when it got too expensive. Now I just read collected editions as that's more economical.

Excited for this to have some kind of closure - I do hope they print it out too.



mustbethursday3 April 19 2015, 06:06:33 UTC
OMG. Do you even need to ask.

I'm going to glomp all over them.

And be all - look at the shiny. LOOK AT IT O_O

It'll be interesting to see where they go with Bradbury, the town with power. And did Rachel being stabbed in that deleted scene actually happen now? Is she recovering while CM2 struggle to fit into a rigid military-social structure (Texas) that NONE OF THEM are in charge of? (God, Miloe - and Charlie - with bosses and evaluations lol. Imagine.)

I have questions and my questions have questions. Firstly, I wanna know how long each issue/chapter will be. I want a GOOD LOOOOONG read thank you very much. Not - here's 20 pages, this basically outlines some stuffs...have at it.

And yessss I would totally buy a printed version. Like a bound - all 4 chapters in one thing with an intricate cover.


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