Buffy #7 - spoilery thoughts

Mar 15, 2012 14:50

In a nutshell:
Spike confesses his love to Buffy and they almost kiss. But - oops! - Buffy's a robot! Except she doesn't think she's a robot and she acts as real Buffy.

For a detailed synopsis, read Zianna's recap.

Spoilery thoughts:
I think that you can hardly apply formal logic to this kind of universe, but still.

First of all, I think that it's real Buffy's consciousness in a bot's body. All her reactions look and sound genuine. Besides, on the cover of #10 Buffy says "Only you could lose your own body". So, it should be her trapped in a bot's body.

Second, I think it happened recently and it was Andrew who, somehow, did it. Has he become a Rossum Corporation's spy? Anyway, according to the solicits, it happened because of his stupid plans. In #3 we saw him crafting a robot - apparently, a new Buffybot. It should be more or less similar to the Buffybot from season 5-6. It doesn't eat. It doesn't pee or throw up. It doesn't drink coffee as Buffy did in #6.

It means that the switch has happened between #6 and #7, most likely several hours before the events of #7, so that Buffy didn't have time to realize that she doesn't need to eat and drink.

Most likely, Andrew has created a robot and transferred Buffy's consciousness into it to preserve Buffy's body intact for the duration of the pregnancy. But, as solicits indicate, something happens to it, and, for a while, Buffy can't get it back.

Third, I think the most important question is what happens to Buffy's body right now? Buffy's pregnant body. I bet that by the time she gets her body back it won't be pregnant anymore. Her baby will already be born and taken away.

I think that, in order to tie up all the loose threads, Buffy should have twins - future Melaca and Harth. At least, that's what could be really interesting. Of course, I remember that Melaca has an older sister, Erin. But we know nothing about their parents, so Joss is free to invent whatever he wants.

Who's the daddy? My prime suspect is still the neighbor, Heinrich (2D). And the more the story develops the more I'm sure that Buffy's blackout at the party is part of a complex conspiracy with global consequences.

Spuffy tidbits:
I thoroughly enjoyed all Spuffy scenes. I know that many people are unhappy with them, but I don't share fandom's frustrations. Buffy and Spike are real, funny and snarky. And, as usual, they're both in denial and send each other mixed signals. But, eventually, Spike admits his feelings to Buffy. Buffy's defenses are crumbling. She is ready to kiss him. And then something crazy happens to interrupt them. Because, if it didn't happen, it would be the end of the show. A happily ever after is the biggest poison to effective storytelling.

Frankly, I was so afraid that this issue Buffy and Spike would get a closure - but it looks like Joss plans to tease us with Spuffy prospects at least till the end of the season.

Other tidbits:
When Dowling's partner, Det. Cheung called Spike "peroxide play date" I wondered if it could be a clue that Dowling is gay.

I like that bugs have the sense of humor (a bug messes with Dowling telling him that on his planet they step on bug-sized humans).

Spike's line "European use alien sockets" made me laugh out loud. We use alien sockets! We're aliens! But, seriously, after reading endless debates on Buffy's decision to make an abortion, I realized how different our mentalities are. I just don't see a problem there. At all. And it looks like all my European friends don't see it too. But, apparently, it's a huge issue in USA.

Looking forward to the next issue!

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