a show of intensely stupid characters. bless.

Mar 07, 2017 21:22

LOL, so the show giveth, and it taketh away (but not the way I feared) and giveth again! I don't care because THIS HAPPENED:

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ishi_chan March 7 2017, 19:32:07 UTC
" and a canon asexual Raphael who is a romantic, who has feelings for Isabelle, who wants a relationship. "

what did he say? I only saw the "I'm not interested in sex" part of the conversation in gifsets lol I'm still dragging out the actual watching XD


ladygawain March 7 2017, 19:37:09 UTC
He says explicitly (I think just before that moment) that he has feelings for her even after she's just questioned whether it's just the blood talking (and it's why Izzy tries to kiss him then he explains his orientation and they get interrupted) - I feel like fandom doesn't wanna gif that bit tho. And then in their last scene as well it's pretty clear he wants to make things right.


freckles929 March 7 2017, 22:38:44 UTC
I ADORE Simon/Clary! I'm not even spite-shipping it tbh they're adorable and precious and I just love bffs who fall in love. I still am kind of "hmm" about how Clary apparently just all of a sudden had feelings for him once he confessed? But it doesn't feel at all like a placeholder for Clary/Jace and the acting/chemistry makes me believe it. It KILLS ME that there's no way the show's ever gonna go for Jace/Clary/Simon because like...ALL the groundwork is there!! I'd be a way better way to resolve the love triangle than Simon and Clary somehow just deciding (?) they're actually better as friends. In any case, ngl I will still eat up ALL THE PINING JACE ( ... )


ladygawain March 8 2017, 09:31:39 UTC

The show has done a great job of making me love certain things in very short time so I could theoretically like Sizzy one day. Fingers crossed if they do end up doing it, they do it justice.

The "I love you" scene KILLED ME sfm, though the hugging might've been my favorite part of it?? That made me buy it more than anything else. That and Magnus's FACE here.

It was so beautiful. The hugging was especially beautiful - like more of that please show - these two clinging to each other like the only two survivors of a shipwreck.

I'm excited for 2B, tentatively. Like, the show is doing a pretty decent job with certain things and working them over time e.g., Alec's really measured development that might have been frustrating at points to watch but WOW does it just work when you look at it as a whole. So fingers crossed the increased Magnus POV will take us even deeper.


ever_neutral March 8 2017, 11:53:26 UTC

- THROWING A PARTY ABOUT ASEXUAL RAPHAEL. In denial that this tiff is the end of him and Izzy. I will believe. (Though, I appreciated how this rift was unrelated to the addiction and about their priorities as individuals.)

- Listen, every time you throw out "S*zzy" an angel dies.

- R.I.P. Alaric's bitchface. I'm also cranky about this massacre because it's heralded the arrival of the day-walking Simon book nonsense. Mess.

- Valentine was ludicrous in season 1 but I actually do think he became at least half a character this season?? At least, I totally believe that he totally believes that he loves Jace and Clary and that what he's doing is right, etc. etc. (as opposed to For The Evolz ( ... )


ladygawain March 8 2017, 15:10:52 UTC
- S//zzy, please don't visit this place until season four at the earliest ( ... )


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