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TW (Harry Potter Kids vs. Stranger Things Kids) jdnightghobhadi February 5 2020, 21:16:00 UTC
This doesn't exactly fit into the main theme of the post, so I guess I'll include this here:

So, I understand that it's quite common for people to draw comparisons between the Stranger Things Kids and Harry Potter Kids, particularly when it comes to critiquing Millie Bobby Brown and what her having a, by all accounts, toxic stage dad will do for her future (if Thora Birch's career teaches us anything - I hope this won't happen to her!). The fact that many of them are underage still and are signed with high fashion brands and have insane Instagram followings (scarily unfiltered and with no regards to boundaries by adults who worship these kids like literal Gods and have access to seemingly nearly every part of their public lives put on display) - all of this shares little in common with the HP Kids when they were around the ST Kids' ages. Back in the ancient days of the 2000s, social media was still quite young and designer fashion trends for kids on the red carpet was virtually non-existent. One only has to look as far as the red ... )


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