Art: Star Trek, On the Run [G]

May 23, 2011 23:52

Art created for round 2 of the trekreversebang challenge.

Title: On the Run
Rating: G
Fandom: Star Trek
Characters: Spock, Uhura, Kirk

I was lucky enough to get two wonderful authors claiming my story:
Story 1
Author: paleogymnast
Fic: In the Raptor's Grasp (Spock/Uhura/Kirk) [NC-17]

Story 2
Author: alaylith
Fic: The Possibility of Affinity (Gen) [PG-13]

Also a thank you to miss_porcupine, who may or may not recognize it, but provided the source image this was inspired by :)

trekreversebang, spock, kirk, star trek, art, uhura

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