In the Raptor's Grasp (STXI, Fic, NC-17)

May 23, 2011 20:57

Title: In the Raptor's Grasp
Artist: ileliberte
Author: paleogymnast
Beta: engel82
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G / Fic: NC-17
Genre/Pairing: AOS Kirk/Spock/Uhura, slash, angst, action-adventure, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 35,565
Warnings: graphic M/M/F sex with D/s tones, graphic violence, strong language, PTSD, attempted non-con, mentions of past physical/sexual/psychological abuse, torture, mentions of prostitution, attempted genocide
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it's not mine. Fair use, written for fun, not profit
A/N: Written for the trekreversebang 2011, many thanks to our wonderful mod, who is the artist in this collaboration. I tinkered with this lots after getting it back from my lovely beta, so all remaining mistakes are mine.

Fic Summary: When the Enterprise is unexpectedly recalled to Earth apparently for a celebratory occasion, Kirk, Spock, and Uhura, don't know what to expect. A line of super weapons designed by an alliance of the Romulans and the Orion Syndicate definitely wasn't on their list. Now the newly bonded trio must face their demons and find strength in each other as they tackle an impossible undercover assignment, devious intelligence agents, and a plot to bring the Federation to its knees.

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Link to Art: Art Master Post
Read the Fic: here on AO3.

uhura, angst, startrek, hurt/comfort, kirk, trekreversebang, nc-17, spock, bigbang

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